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Anesthesia Informatics

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Table of contents

A. The Anesthesia Information Management System

1. Rationale for Purchasing an AIMS
Jerry Stonemetz, Robert Lagasse

2. The Vendor–Customer Relationship
Stanley Muravchick

3. Request for Information/Request for Proposals
Richard H. Epstein

4. Implementation of an AIMS
Gilbert Ritchie, Stephen T. Robinson

5. Ensuring Usability through Human Factors Engineering
Jonathan Kendler, Michael Wiklund

6. Data Standards
Martin Hurrell, Andrew Norton, Terri Monk

7. Device Interfaces
Melvin I. Reynolds

8. Architecture
Sachin Kheterpal

9. Preoperative Systems
David Young, Gordon Gibby

10. Intraoperative Charting Requirements
Nirav Shah, Michael O'Reilly

11. Medication Management
R. Lebron Cooper, Alan Merrys

12. Legal Aspects of AIMS
Philip Lane, Jeffrey M. Feldman

13. Case Study: Implementation of an AIMS at an Academic Medical Center
David B. Wax, David L. Reich

14. Automated Charge Capture
Christopher Reeves, Jerry Stonemetz

15. Decision Support
Michael M. Vigoda, Michael O'Reilly, Frank J. Gencorelli, David A. Lubarsky

16. Perioperative Process Improvement
Paul st. Jacques, Michael Higgins

17. Components of an ORMS
Marisa L. Wilson

B. Operating Room Management System

18. Integration of ORMS and AIMS
Marisa L. Wilson, Christine Doyle

19. Operating Room Scheduling and Capacity Planning
Luis G. Vargas, Jerrold H. May, William Spangler, Alia Stanciu, David P. Strum

C. Mobile Computing, Education, and Simulation

20. Information Technology in Anesthesia Education
Viji Kurup, Keith J. Ruskin

21. Handheld Devices
Ravindra Prasad

22. Wireless Technologies
William D. Ankerstjerne, Mohamed Rehman

23. Security of Health Information
Gordon Gibby, Keith J. Ruskin

24. Simulation-Based Learning as an Educational Tool
Ruth Fanning, David Gaba

25. Future Implications of Simulation in Anesthesia
Laurence C. Torsher

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Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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