Barbosa-Cánovas, Gustavo V.

Food Engineering: Integrated Approaches

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Table of contents

1. Scientific and Technological Cooperation in the Agri-Food Sector: The Case of the CYTED Program
J. L. Solleiro, Gustavo F. Gutiérrez-López

2. Food Sterilization by Combining High Pressure and Thermal Energy
Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas, P. Juliano

3. Nonlinear Kinetics: Principles and Potential Food Applications
M. G. Corradini, M. D. Normand, M. Peleg

4. Consequences of Matrix Structural Changes on Functional Stability of Enzymes as Affected by Electrolytes
M. F. Mazzobre, P. R. Santagapita, N. Gutiérrez, M. P. Buera

5. Air Impingement Cooling of Cylindrical Objects Using Slot Jets
S. K. Singh, R. Paul Singh

6. New Technologies to Preserve Quality of Fresh-Cut Produce
G. A. González-Aguilar, S. Ruiz-Cruz, R. Cruz-Valenzuela, J. F. Ayala-Zavala, L. A. Rosa, E. Alvarez-Parrilla

7. Advanced Food Products & Process Engineering (SAFES) I: Concepts & Methodology
P. Fito, M. Maguer, N. Betoret, P. J. Fito

8. Phase Transitions and Hygroscopicity in Chewing Gum Manufacture
Jorge Welti-Chanes, F. Vergara-Balderas, E. Pérez, D. Bermúdez, A. Valdez-Fragoso, H. Mújica-Paz

9. Exploring The Linear Viscoelastic Properties Structure Relationship in Processed Fruit Tissues
S. M. Alzamora, P. E. Viollaz, V. Y. Martínez, A. B. Nieto, D. Salvatori

10. Bubbles in Foods: Creating Structure out of Thin Air!
K. Niranjan, S. F. J. Silva

11. Films Based on Biopolymer from Conventional and Non-Conventional Sources
P. Sobral, J. D. Alvarado, N. E. Zaritzky, J. B. Laurindo, C. Gómez-Guillén, M. C. Añón, P. Montero, G. Denavi, S. Molina Ortíz, A. Mauri, A. Pinotti, M. García, M. N. Martino, R. Carvalho

12. Edible Coating as an Oil Barrier or Active System
M. García, V. Bifani, C. Campos, M. N. Martino, P. Sobral, S. Flores, C. Ferrero, N. Bertola, N. E. Zaritzky, L. Gerschenson, C. Ramírez, A. Silva, M. Ihl, F. Menegalli

13. From Powders End Use Properties to Process Engineering
E. Dumoulin

14. Towards an Integrated Approach to Food Engineering: Structure-Function Relationships And Convective Drying
Gustavo F. Gutiérrez-López, L. Alamilla-Beltrán, J. Chanona-Pérez, E. Parada-Arias, C. Ordorica-Vargas

15. Towards Food Product Design
J. M. Aguilera

16. Image Processing Methods and Fractal Analysis for Quantitative Evaluation of Size, Shape, Structure and Microstructure in Food Materials
J. Chanona-Pérez, R. Quevedo, A. R. Jiménez Aparicio, C. Gumeta Chávez, J. A. Mendoza Pérez, G. Calderón Domínguez, L. Alamilla-Beltrán, Gustavo F. Gutiérrez-López

17. Scanning Electron Microscopy of Thermo-Sonicated Listeria Innocua Cells
D. Bermúdez, Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas

18. Sorption Properties of Dehydrated Model Systems and Their Relationship to the Rate of Non-Enzymatic Browning
N. C. Acevedo, C. Schebor, M. P. Buera

19. Drying of Porous Materials: Experiments and Modelling at Pore Level
L. A. Segura

20. Rheological Description of the Disorder-Order Transition of Gellan Without Added Counter-Ions
B. E. Sánchez-Basurto, M. Ramírez-Gilly, A. Tecante

21. Advanced Food Products and Process Engineering (SAFES) II: Application to Apple Combined Drying
P. Fito, N. Betoret, P. J. Fito, A. Andrés

22. Simple, Practical and Efficient on-Line Correction of Process Deviations in Batch Retort Through Simulation
R. Simpson, I. Figueroa, A. Teixeira

23. Effect of Capsicum Extracts and Cinnamic Acid on the Growth of Some Important Bacteria in Dairy Products
L. Dorantes, J. Araujo, A. Carmona, H. Hernández-Sánchez

24. Predictive Equations to Assess the Effect of Lactic Acid and Temperature on Bacterial Growth in a Model Meat System
F. Coll Cárdenas, L. Giannuzzi, N. E. Zaritzky

25. Free-Choice Profiling of Passion Fruit Juice Processed by High Hydrostatic Pressure
R. Deliza, L. H. E. S. Laboissiere, A. Rosenthal, A. M. B. Marcellini, R. G. Junqueira

26. Effect of High Temperature on Shrinkage and Porosity of Crispy Dried Bananas
K. Hofsetz, C. Costa Lopes, M. Dupas Hubinger, L. Mayor, A. M. Sereno

27. Isolation, Purification and Partial Characterization of Laccase from Ustilago maydis
R. M. Desentis-Mendoza, H. Hernández-Sánchez, M. E. Jaramillo-Flores

28. Phase Behavior of Phospholipid-Cholesterol Liposomes Stabilized With Trehalose
S. Ohtake, C. Schebor, J. J. Pablo

29. Zeta-Potential as a Way to Determine Optimal Conditions During Fruit Juice Clarification
M. V. Filippi, D. B. Genovese, J. E. Lozano

30. Engineered Food/Protein Structure And Bioactive Proteins and Peptides From Whey
I. Recio, M. Ramos, A. M. R. Pilosof

31. Whey Proteins: Bioengineering and Health
M. García-Garibay, J. Jiménez-Guzmán, H. Hernández-Sánchez

32. Innovations in Starch-Based Film Technology
M. García, A. M. Rojas, J. B. Laurindo, C. A. Romero-Bastida, M. V. E. Grossmann, M. N. Martino, S. Flores, P. B. Zamudio-Flores, S. Mali, N. E. Zaritzky, P. Sobral, L. Famá, L. A. Bello-Pérez, F. Yamashita, A. P. Beleia

33. Programme Alßan: European Union Programme of High Level Scholarships for Latin America
A. M. Sereno

34. ISEKI-Food: Integrating Safety and Environmental Knowledge into Food Studies Towards European Sustainable Development
C. L. M. Silva


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