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International Handbook of Occupational Therapy Interventions

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Table of contents

2. The Genesis of the Handbook: Material and Methods
Ingrid Söderback

3. Occupational Therapy: Emphasis on Clinical Practice
Ingrid Söderback

4. Adaptive Interventions: Overview
Ingrid Söderback

5. Environmental Adaptations for Older Adults and Their Families in the Home and Community
Laura N. Gitlin

6. Housing Adaptations: Current Practices FutureChallenges
Susanne Iwarsson

7. Ergonomic Interventions for Computer Users with Cumulative Trauma Disorders
Glenn Goodman, Sharon Flinn, Susan M. Maloney

8. Optimal Positioning: Wheelchair Seating Comfort and Pressure Mapping
May Stinson, Shelley Crawford

9. Wheelchair Intervention:Principles and Practice
Åse Brandt, Kersti Samuelsson

10. Functional Electrical Stimulation Therapy: Individualized Neuroprosthesisfor Grasping and Reaching
Milos R. Popovic, B. Cathy Craven

11. Splints: Mobilization, Corrective Splintage, and Pressure Therapy for the Acutely Injured Hand
Josephine Man Wah Wong

12. Splinting: Positioning, Edema, and Scar Management Due to Burn Injury
Megan Simons

13. Assistive Devices for Children with Disabilities
Sigrid Østensjø

14. Low Vision Intervention: Decision-Making for Acquiring and Integrating Assistive Technology
Al Copolillo

15. Universal Design: Principles and Practice for People with Disabilities
Nancy Rickerson

16. The Design of Artisans’Hand Tools: Users’ Perceived Comfort and Discomfort
Lottie F.M. Kuijt-Evers

17. Temporal Adaptation for Individuals Living with Serious Mental Illnessin the Community
Terry Krupa, Megan Edgelow, Debbie Radloff-Gabriel

18. Teaching Interventions: Overview
Ingrid Söderback

19. Problem Solving: A Teaching and Therapeutic Tool for Older Adults and Their Families
Laura N. Gitlin

20. Teaching and Supporting Clients with Dementiaand Their Caregiversin Daily Functioning
Maud J.L. Graff

21. MetacognitiveOccupation-Based Training in Traumatic Brain Injury
Jennifer Fleming

22. Metacognitive Mental Imagery Strategies for Training of Daily Living Skills for People with Brain Damage: The Self-Regulation and Mental Imagery Program
Karen P.Y. Liu, Chetwyn C.H. Chan

23. Strategies to Compensate for Apraxia Among Stroke Clients
Caroline van Heugten, Chantal Geusgens

24. Delivering Energy ConservationEducation by Teleconference to People with Multiple Sclerosis
Marcia Finlayson

25. Psychoeducational Groups
Sandra Hale, Jocelyn Cowls

26. Illness ManagementTraining: Transforming Relapse and Instilling Prosperity in an Acute Psychiatric Ward
Sunny Ho-Wan Chan

27. Psychosocial Interventionin Schizophrenia
Adriana D.B. Vizzotto, Patricia C. Buchain, Jorge Henna Netto, Hélio Elkis

28. Behavioral Approach to Rehabilitation of Patients with Substance-Use Disorders
Natalia Punanova, Tatiana Petrova

29. Intervention in Panic and Anxiety Disorders Through Lifestyle Modification
Rodney A. Lambert

30. Trunk Restraint: Physical Intervention for Improvement of Upper-Limb Motor Impairment and Function
Mindy F. Levin

31. Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy for Restoration of Upper-Limb Function: Introduction
Mary H. Bowman, Victor W. Mark, Edward Taub

32. Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIT) for Restoration of Upper-limb Function. II: Hemipareses Application
Annette Sterr, Katherine Herron, Jennifer Sanders

33. Strategies for Cueing with Self Speech among People Living with Parkinson's Disease
Kinsuk Maitra

34. Joint Protection: Enabling Change in Musculoskeletal Conditions Multiple Sclerosis
Alison Hammond

35. Neurodevelopmental Therapy: Sensory Integration and Vestibular Stimulation Intervention in Mentally Retarded Children
Mine Uyanik, Hulya Kayihan, Gonca Bumin, Gul Sener

36. Upper-Limb Movement Training in Children Following Injection of Botulinum Toxin A Multiple Sclerosis
Brian Hoare, Remo N. Russo

37. Pain Management: Multidisciplinary Back Schools and Future E-Health Interventions for Chronic Pain Sufferers Multiple Sclerosis
Miriam M.R. Vollenbroek-Hutten, Hermine J. Hermens, Daniel Wever

38. Pain Management: Functional Restoration for Chronic Low-Back-Pain Clients
Laura Stana, Anne Bouchez, Serge Fanello, Isabelle Richard

39. Occupational Rehabilitation: The Principles and Practice of Work and Ergonomics
Barbara A. Larson, Melaine T. Ellexson

40. Reintegration to Work of People Suffering from Depression
Gabe Vries, Aart H. Schene

41. Supported Employment for Individuals with Severe Mental Illness
Cynthia Z. Burton, Lea Vella, Elizabeth W. Twamley

42. Individual Placement and Support:
Individual Placement and Support
Helping People with Severe Mental Illness
mental illness
Get Real Jobs
Multiple Sclerosis

Jonathan Garabette, Tom Burns

43. Conducting Transitional Strategies that Support Children with Special Needs in Assuming Adult Roles
Multiple Sclerosis

Leonora Nel, Colette van der Westhuyzen

44. Interventions: The Occupational Therapist Enables Recovery
Ingrid Söderback

45. Creating Opportunities for Participation Within and Beyond Mental Health Day Services
Wendy Bryant

46. Conducting an Intervention Program Mediated by Recreational Activities and Socialization in Groups for Clients with Alzheimer's Disease
Elisabetta Farina, Fabiana Villanelli

47. Horticultural Therapy Horticultural Therapy for the Cognitive Functioning of Elderly People Elderly People with Dementia
Midori Yasukawa

48. Medical Music Therapy: Evidence-Based Principles and Practices
Cheryl Dileo, Joke Bradt

49. Music as a Resource for Health and Well-Being
Norma Daykin, Leslie Bunt

50. Introduction
Ingrid Söderback

51. Preventive Interventions: Overview
Kirsten Avlund, Mikkel Vass

52. CT Preventing Falls in the Elderly Using “Stepping On”: A Group-Based Education Program
Lindy Clemson

53. Preventive Home Visits to the Elderly and Education of Home Visitors preventive home visits
Kirsten Avlund, Mikkel Vass

54. Issues Related to the Use of In-Vehicle Intelligent Transport Systems
Intelligent Transport Systems
by Drivers with Functional Impairments
Marilyn Stefano, Wendy Macdonald

55. Work-Related Health: Organizational Factors and Well-Being
Gudbjörg Linda Rafnsdottir, Thamar Melanie Heijstra

56. Functional Capacity Evaluation
Functional Capacity Evaluation
:An Integrated Approach to Assessing
Work Activity Limitations
Libby Gibson

57. Prevention of Workers’ Musculoskeletal Disorders Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Four-Stage Model
Navah Z. Ratzon, Tal Jarus

58. Motivational Interviewing: Enhancing Patient Motivation for Behavior Change
Robert J. Shannon

59. Basic Elements for Conducting Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy
Ingrid Söderback

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Rehabilitation, Health Psychology, Occupational Therapy

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