Pandey, Ashok

Current Developments in Solid-state Fermentation

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Table of contents

Part 1. General and Fundamentals Aspects of SSF

1. Introduction
Ashok Pandey, Carlos R Soccol, Christian Larroche

2. General Considerations about Solid-state Fermentation Processes
Ashok Pandey, Christian Larroche, Carlos R Soccol

3. Factors Affecting Solid-state Fermentation
Jose A Rodriguez-Leon, Carlos R Soccol, Ashok Pandey, Daniel E. Rodriguez

4. Kinetics of Solid-state Fermentation
Jose A Rodriguez-Leon, Carlos R Soccol, Ashok Pandey, Daniel E Rodriguez

5. Water Relations in Solid-state Fermentation
Patrick Gervais

6. Aspects of Design of Bioreactors in SSF
Giovanni Giovannozzi Sermanni, Nicola Tiso

7. Instrumentation and Control in SSF
Wilerson Sturm, Dario Eduardo Amaral Dergint, Carlos Ricardo Soccol

8. Informatics in Solid-state Fermentation
Wilerson Sturm, Carlos R Soccol, Dario Eduardo Amaral Dergint, Jose A Rodríguez-Leön, Deiva Canali Navarro Vieira Magalháes

Part 2. SSF for Bulk Chemicals and Products

9. Production of Enzymes by Solid-state Fermentation
Sudheer Kumar Singh, George Sczakas, Carlos Ricardo Soccol, Ashok Pandey

10. Production of Organic Acids by Solid-state Fermentation
Carlos R Soccol, Luciana P S Vandenberghe, Cristine Rodrigues, Adriane Bianchi Pedroni Medeiros, Christian Larroche, Ashok Pandey

11. Production of Spores
Sumitra Ramachandran, Christian Larroche, Ashok Pandey

12. Mushroom Production
Leifa Fan, Carlos Ricardo Soccol, Ashok Pandey

Part 3. SSF for Specialty Chemicals

13. Gibberellic Acid Production
Cristina Maria, Monteiro Machado, Carlos Ricardo Soccol

14. Production of Antibiotics and other Commercially Valuable Secondary Metabolites
Javier Barrios-González, Armando Mejýa

15. Production of Pigments
Júlio Cesar Carvalho, Carlos Ricardo Soccol, Sumathy Babitha, Ashok Pandey, Adenise Lorenci Wojciechowski

16. Production of Aroma Compounds
Carlos R Soccol, Adriane B P Medeiros, Luciana P S Vandenberghe, Marlene Soares, Ashok Pandey

Part 4. SSF for Miscellaneous Applications

17. Solid-state Fermentation for Food and Feed Application
María A Longo, Francisco J. Deive, Alberto Domínguez, MaÁngeles Sanromán

18. Application of Tropical Agro-industrial Residues as Substrate for Solid-state Fermentation Processes
Reeta Rani Singhania, Carlos Ricardo Soccol, Ashok Pandey

19. Preservation of Forage Crops by Solid-state Lactic Acid Fermentation-Ensiling
Zwi G Weinberg

20. Potential of Vermicomposting Technology in Solid Waste Management
Garg Vinod Kumar, Gupta Renuka, Yadav Anoop

Keywords: Chemistry, Food Science, Chemistry/Food Science, general, Microbiology

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Natural Sciences

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