Papajorgji, Petraq J.

Advances in Modeling Agricultural Systems

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Table of contents

2. The Model Driven ArchitectureModel Driven Architecture

Approach: A Framework for Developing Complex Agricultural Systems
Petraq Papajorgji, Ryan Clark, Eric Jallas

3. A New Methodology to Automate the Transformation of GISGIS
Models in an Iterative
Development Process
André Miralles, Thérèse Libourel

4. Application of a Model Transformation

Paradigm in Agriculture: A Simple Environmental


System Case Study
André Miralles, Thérèse Libourel

5. Constraints Modeling in Agricultural Databases
François Pinet, Magali Duboisset, Birgit Demuth, Michel Schneider, Vincent Soulignac, François Barnabé

6. Design of a Model


-Driven Web Decision Support System

decision support system

in Agriculture


: From Scientific Models to the Final Software
Loudovic Tambour, Vianney Houlès, Laurence Cohen-Jonathan, Valerie Auffray, Pierre Escande, Eric Jallas

7. How2QnD: Design and Construction of a Game-Style, Environmental Simulation Engine and Interface Using UML, XML, and Java
Gregory A. Kiker, Rohit Thummalapalli

8. The Use of UML as a Tool for the Formalisation of Standards and the Design of Ontologies in Agriculture
François Pinet, Catherine Roussey, Thomas Brun, Frédéric Vigier

9. Modeling External Information Needs of Food Business Networks
Melanie Fritz

10. Enterprise Business Modelling Languages Applied to Farm Enterprise: A Case Study for IDEF0, GRAI Grid, and AMS Languages
Vincent Abt, Frédéric Vigier, Michel Schneider

11. A UML-Based Plug&Play Version of RothC
Petraq Papajorgji, Osvaldo Gargiulo, James W. Jones, Sibiri Traore

12. Ontology-Based Simulation Applied to Soil, Water, and Nutrient Management
Howard Beck, Kelly Morgan, Yunchul Jung, Jin Wu, Sabine Grunwald, Ho-young Kwon

13. Precision Farming, Myth or Reality: Selected Case Studies from Mississippi Cotton Fields
Jeffrey L. Willers, Eric Jallas, James M. McKinion, Michael R. Seal, Sam Turner

14. Rural Development Through Input–Output Modeling
Konstadinos Mattas, Efstratios Loizou, Vangelis Tzouvelekas

15. Modeling in Nutrient Sensing for Agricultural and Environmental Applications
Won Suk Lee, Ismail Bogrekci, Min Min

16. Estimation of Land Surface Parameters Through Modeling Inversion of Earth Observation Optical Data
Guido D’Urso, Susana Gomez, Francesco Vuolo, Luigi Dini

17. A Stochastic Dynamic Programming Model for Valuing a Eucalyptus Investment
M. Ricardo Cunha, Dalila B. M. M. Fontes

18. Modelling Water Flow
water flow
and Solute Transport in Heterogeneous Unsaturated Porous Media
Gerardo Severino, Alessandro Santini, Valeria Marina Monetti

19. Genome Analysis of Species of Agricultural Interest
Maria Luisa Chiusano, Nunzio D’Agostino, Amalia Barone, Domenico Carputo, Luigi Frusciante

20. Modeling and Solving Real-Life Global Optimization Problems with Meta-heuristic Methods
Antonio Mucherino, Onur Seref

21. Modeling and Device Development for Chlorophyll Estimation in Vegetation
Vitaliy Yatsenko, Claudio Cifarelli, Nikita Boyko, Panos M. Pardalos

22. Clustering and Classification Algorithms in Food and Agricultural Applications: A Survey
Radnaabazar Chinchuluun, Won Suk Lee, Jevin Bhorania, Panos M. Pardalos

23. Mathematical Modelling of Modified Atmosphere Package: An Engineering Approach to Design Packaging Systems for Fresh-Cut Produce
Elena Torrieri, Pramod V. Mahajan, Silvana Cavella, Maria Sousa Gallagher, Fernanda A.R. Oliveira, Paolo Masi

Keywords: Mathematics, Software Engineering, Business Information Systems, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Simulation and Modeling, Agriculture, Computational Science and Engineering

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Springer Optimization and Its Applications
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