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Adjuvant Therapy for Breast Cancer

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Table of contents

2. History of Adjuvant Therapy
Pinuccia Valagussa

3. Prognostic and Predictive Factors
Laura Biganzoli

4. New Perspectives for Therapy Choice
Anne- Catherine Andres

5. Pathology Role in Adjuvant Setting
Angelika Reiner-Concin

6. Guidelines, Consensus Conferences and Overviews (Meta-analysis)
Kathleen I. Pritchard

7. Statistical Issues and Challenges
Meredith M. Regan

8. Multidisciplinary Care: Optimising Team Performance
Frances M. Boyle

9. Preoperative Chemo- and Endocrine Therapy
Rosalba Torrisi

10. Adjuvant Chemotherapy
M. Tubiana-Hulin, M. Gardner

11. Postoperative Endocrine Therapy for Invasive Breast Cancer
Leisha A. Emens, Nancy E. Davidson

12. Adjuvant Therapy of Breast Cancer – Bisphosphonates
Tiina Saarto

13. Trastuzumab
Edith A. Perez, Frances M. Palmieri, Shelly M. Brock

14. Lapatinib: New Directions in HER2 Directed Therapy for Early Stage Breast Cancer
A. Jo Chien, Hope S. Rugo

15. Supportive Care During Adjuvant Treatment
Annabel Pollard

16. Dose in (Adjuvant) Chemotherapy of Breast Cancer
Ulrike. Nitz

17. Timing of Adjuvant Therapy
O. Pagani

18. Sequencing of Systemic Treatment and Radiotherapy
Pia Ursula Huguenin†

19. Young Patients with Breast Cancer
P. A. Francis

20. Special Populations: Elderly Patients
Diana Crivellari, Lucia Fratino

21. Adjuvant Therapy in Patients with Breast Cancer During Pregnancy
Sibylle Loibl

22. Investigations After Adjuvant Therapy
Silvia Dellapasqua

23. Quality of Life Issues During Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy
Lesley Fallowfield, Valerie Jenkins

24. Fertility
K. J. Ruddy, A. H. Partridge

25. Cognitive Function in Breast Cancer Survivors
Janette Vardy

26. Costs of Adjuvant Breast Cancer Treatments
Nina Oestreicher

27. Social Issues: Marital Support
Louise Picard

28. The View and Role of Breast Cancer Advocacy
Stella Kyriakydes

29. The Voice of a Special Patient
Stefan Aebi

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Cancer Treatment and Research
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13 pages
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