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Recent Advances in Retinal Degeneration

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Table of contents

Part I.Keynote Lectures

1. Curing Blindness with Stem Cells: Hope, Reality, and Challenges
Ruben Adler

2. Retinal Degenerations: Planning for the Future
Eliot L. Berson

Part II.Neuroprotection

3. Neurotrophins Induce Neuroprotective Signaling in the Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cell by Activating the Synthesis of the Anti-inflammatory and Anti-apoptotic Neuroprotectin D1
Nicolas G. Bazan

4. On the Role of CNTF as a Potential Therapy for Retinal Degeneration: Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?
William A. Beltran

5. Nanoceria Particles Prevent ROI-Induced Blindness
Junping Chen, Swanand Patil, Sudipta Seal, James F. McGinnis

6. An in-vivo Assay to Identify Compounds Protective Against Light Induced Apoptosis
Yogita Kanan, Anne Kasus Jacobi, Kjell Sawyer, David S. Mannel, Joyce Tombran Tink, Muayyad R. Al-Ubaidi

7. Role of BCL-XL in Photoreceptor Survival
Yun-Zheng Le, Lixin Zheng, Yuwei Le, Edmund B. Rucker, Robert E. Anderson

8. The Hypoxic Transcriptome of the Retina: Identification of Factors with Potential Neuroprotective Activity
Markus Thiersch, Wolfgang Raffelsberger, Enrico Frigg, Marijana Samardzija, Patricia Blank, Olivier Poch, Christian Grimm

Part III.Gene Therapy and Neuroprotection

9. Lentiviral Gene Transfer-Mediated Cone Vision Restoration in RPE65 Knockout Mice
Alexis-Pierre Bemelmans, Corinne Kostic, Maité Cachafeiro, Sylvain V. Crippa, Dana Wanner, Meriem Tekaya, Andreas Wenzel, Yvan Arsenijevic

10. In vitro Analysis of Ribozyme-mediated Knockdown of an ADRP Associated Rhodopsin Mutation
Dibyendu Chakraborty, Patrick Whalen, Alfred S. Lewin, Muna I. Naash

11. Gene Therapy for Mouse Models of ADRP
Marina S. Gorbatyuk, William W. Hauswirth, Alfred S. Lewin

12. Development of Viral Vectors with Optimal Transgene Expression for Ocular Gene Therapies
Takao Hashimoto

13. Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors and the Retina
John J. Alexander, William W. Hauswirth

14. Genetic Supplementation of RDS Alleviates a Loss-of-function Phenotype in C214S Model of Retinitis Pigmentosa
May Nour, Steven J. Fliesler, Muna I. Naash

15. Morphological Aspects Related to Long-term Functional Improvement of the Retina in the 4 Years Following rAAV-mediated Gene Transfer in the RPE65 Null Mutation Dog
Kristina Narfström, Mathias Seeliger, Chooi-May Lai, Vaegan, Martin Katz, Elizabeth P. Rakoczy, Charlotte Remé

16. Virus-mediated Gene Delivery to Neuronal Progenitors
Tonia S. Rex

Part IV.Animal Models of Retinal Degeneration

17. Loss of Visual and Retinal Function in Light-stressed Mice
Drew Everhart, Ana Stachowiak, Yumiko Umino, Robert Barlow

18. ERG Responses and Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression in a Multifactorial Murine Model of Age-Related Retinal Degeneration
Goldis Malek, Jeffery A. Jamison, Brian Mace, Patrick Sullivan, Catherine Bowes Rickman

19. Oxygen Supply and Retinal Function: Insights from a Transgenic Animal Model
Edda Fahl, Max Gassmann, Christian Grimm, Mathias W. Seeliger

20. Characterization of Gene Expression Profiles of Normal Canine Retina and Brain Using a Retinal cDNA Microarray
Gerardo L. Paez, Barbara Zangerl, Kimberly Sellers, Gregory M. Acland, Gustavo D. Aguirre

21. Toward a Higher Fidelity Model of AMD
Brian J. Raisler, Miho Nozaki, Judit Baffi, William W. Hauswirth, Jayakrishna Ambati

22. The Potential of Ambient Light Restriction to Restore Function to the Degenerating P23H-3 Rat Retina
Krisztina Valter, Diana K. Kirk, Jonathan Stone

Part V.Molecular Genetics and Candidate Genes

23. Mutations in Known Genes Account for 58% of Autosomal Dominant Retinitis Pigmentosa (adRP)
Stephen P. Daiger, Lori S. Sullivan, Anisa I. Gire, David G. Birch, John R. Heckenlively, Sara J. Bowne

24. Genetics of Age-related Macular Degeneration
Albert O. Edwards

25. Retinal Phenotype of an X-Linked Pseudo-usher Syndrome in Association with the G173R Mutation in the RPGR Gene
Alessandro Iannaccone, Mohammad I. Othman, April D. Cantrell, Barbara J. Jennings, Kari Branham, Anand Swaroop

26. Mutation in the PYK2-Binding Domain of PITPNM3 Causes Autosomal Dominant Cone Dystrophy (CORD5) in Two Swedish Families
Linda Köhn, Konstantin Kadzhaev, Marie S.I. Burstedt, Susann Haraldsson, Ola Sandgren, Irina Golovleva

27. Identification and Characterization of Genes Expressed in Cone Photoreceptors
Mehrnoosh Saghizadeh, Novrouz B. Akhmedov, Debora B. Farber

28. Clinical and Genetic Characterization of a Chinese Family with CSNB1
Ruifang Sui, Fengrong Li, Jialiang Zhao, Ruxin Jiang

29. 10q26 Is Associated with Increased Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration in the Utah Population
D. Joshua Cameron, Zhenglin Yang, Zhongzhong Tong, Yu Zhao, Alissa Praggastis, Eric Brinton, Jennifer Harmon, Yali Chen, Erik Pearson, Paul S. Bernstein, Gregory Brinton, Xi Li, Adam Jorgensen, Sara Schneider, Daniel Gibbs, Haoyu Chen, Changguan Wang, Kimberly Howes, Nicola J. Camp, Kang Zhang

Part VI.Diagnostic, Clinical, Cytopathological and Physiologic Aspects of Retinal Degeneration

30. Carboxyethylpyrrole Adducts, Age-related Macular Degeneration and Neovascularization
Kutralanathan Renganathan, Quteba Ebrahem, Amit Vasanji, Xiaorong Gu, Liang Lu, Jonathan Sears, Robert G. Salomon, Bela Anand-Apte, John W. Crabb

31. A Possible Impaired Signaling Mechanism in Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells from Patients with Macular Degeneration
Piyush C. Kothary, Monte A. Del Monte

32. Expression and Cell Compartmentalization of EFEMP1, a Protein Associated with Malattia Leventinese
Adam Kundzewicz, Francis Munier, Jean-Marc Matter

33. Role of ELOVL4 in Fatty Acid Metabolism
Vidyullatha Vasireddy, Majchrzak Sharon, Norman Salem, Radha Ayyagari

34. Organization and Molecular Interactions of Retinoschisin in Photoreceptors
Camasamudram Vijayasarathy, Yuichiro Takada, Yong Zeng, Ronald A. Bush, Paul A. Sieving

Part VII.Basic Science Underlying Retinal Degeneration

35. Proteomics Profiling of the Cone Photoreceptor Cell Line, 661W
Muayyad R. Al-Ubaidi, Hiroyuki Matsumoto, Sadamu Kurono, Anil Singh

36. ?-Secretase Regulates VEGFR-1 Signalling in Vascular Endothelium and RPE
Michael E. Boulton, Jun Cai, Maria B. Grant, Yadan Zhang

37. Analysis of the Rate of Disk Membrane Digestion by Cultured RPE Cells
Tanja Diemer, Daniel Gibbs, David S. Williams

38. Functional Expression of Cone Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated Channel in Cone Photoreceptor-Derived 661W Cells
J. Browning Fitzgerald, Anna P. Malykhina, Muayyad R. Al-Ubaidi, Xi-Qin Ding

39. Phosphorylation of Caveolin-1 in Bovine Rod Outer Segments in vitro by an Endogenous Tyrosine Kinase
Michael H. Elliott, Abboud J. Ghalayini

40. Regulation of Neurotrophin Expression and Activity in the Retina
Abigail S. Hackam

41. Involvement of Guanylate Cyclases in Transport of Photoreceptor Peripheral Membrane Proteins
Sukanya Karan, Jeanne M. Frederick, Wolfgang Baehr

42. Rod Progenitor Cells in the Mature Zebrafish Retina
Ann C. Morris, Tamera Scholz, James M. Fadool

43. avß5 Integrin Receptors at the Apical Surface of the RPE: One Receptor, Two Functions
Emeline F. Nandrot, Yongen Chang, Silvia C. Finnemann

44. Implantation of Mouse Eyes with a Subretinal Microphotodiode Array
Machelle T. Pardue, Tiffany A. Walker, Amanda E. Faulkner, Moon K. Kim, Christopher M. Bonner, George Y. McLean

45. Variation in the Electroretinogram of C57BL/6 Substrains of Mouse
Alison L. Reynolds, G. Jane Farrar, Pete Humphries, Paul F. Kenna

46. A2E, A Pigment of RPE Lipofuscin, is Generated from the Precursor, A2PE by a Lysosomal Enzyme Activity
Janet R. Sparrow, So Ra Kim, Ana M. Cuervo, Urmi Bandhyopadhyayand

47. Endothelin Receptors: Do They Have a Role in Retinal Degeneration?
Vanesa Torbidoni, María Iribarne, Angela M. Suburo

48. CNTF Negatively Regulates the Phototransduction Machinery in Rod Photoreceptors: Implication for Light-Induced Photostasis Plasticity
Rong Wen, Ying Song, Yun Liu, Yiwen Li, Lian Zhao, Alan M. Laties


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