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Improving Oral Health for the Elderly

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Table of contents

Part I. Population Health and Well-Being

1. The Aging U.S. Population
Steven M. Albert

2. The Oral Disease Burden Faced by Older Adults
Ira B. Lamster, Natalie D. Crawford

3. Social Disparities in Oral Health and Health Care for Older Adults
Luisa N. Borrell

4. Access, Place of Residence and Interdisciplinary Opportunities
Janet A. Yellowitz

Part II. Health and Medical Considerations

5. Movement Disorders in Dental Practice
Nina M. Browner, Steven Frucht

6. Cognitive Impairment
James M. Noble, Nikolaos Scarmeas

7. Musculoskeletal Conditions
Jennifer L. Kelsey

8. Cardiovascular Cerebrovascular Diseases Diabetes Mellitus: Co-morbidities that Affect Dental Care for the Older Patient
Neerja Bhardwaj, Shelly Dubin, Huai Cheng, Mathew S. Maurer, Evelyn Granieri

9. Geriatric Pharmacology: Principles and Implications for Oral Health
Brian C. Scanlan

10. Management of Alcohol and Tobacco Dependence in Older Adults
David A. Albert

Part III. Oral Health and Dental Considerations

11. Normal Oral Mucosal, Dental, Periodontal, and Alveolar Bone Changes Associated with Aging
Stefanie L. Russell, Jonathan A. Ship

12. The Relationship Between Periodontal Disease and Systemic Disease in the Elderly
Dana L. Wolf, Panos N. Papapanou

13. Caries, Tooth Loss, and Conventional Tooth Replacement for Older Patients
Ejvind Budtz-Jørgensen, Frauke Müller

14. Implant Dentistry as an Approach to Tooth Replacement for Older Adults
Hans Peter Weber

15. Saliva and the Salivary Glands in the Elderly
Louis Mandel

16. Mastication, Nutrition, Oral Health and Health in Older Patients
Angus W.G.Walls

17. Orofacial Pain and Neurological Disorders Affecting the Head and Neck
Ali Makki, Susan Roche

18. Oral Pathology Affecting Older Adults
David J. Zegarelli, Victoria L. Woo, Angela J. Yoon

Part IV. Professional Recommendations and Future Needs

19. Educating the Dental Profession
Lynn M. Tepper

20. Dental Services Among Elderly Americans:Utilization, Expenditures,and Their Determinants
L. Jackson Brown

21. Conclusion: Interdisciplinary Planning to Meet the Oral Health Care Needs of Older Adults
Mary E. Northridge, Ira B. Lamster

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Dentistry, Geriatrics/Gerontology

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