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Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 11

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Table of contents

Part I. New Directions in Semiochemistry

1. Volatile Mammalian Chemosignals: Structural and Quantitative Aspects
Milos V. Novotny, Helena A. Soini

2. Use of Automated Solid Phase Dynamic Extraction (SPDE)/GC-MS and Novel Macros in the Search for African Elephant Pheromones
Thomas E. Goodwin, Patrick A. Brown, Mindy S. Eggert, Maria G. Evola, Sam J. House, R. Grant Morshedi, Margaret E. Weddell, C. Joi Chen, Stephen R. Jackson, Yves Aubut, Jeff Eggert, Bruce A. Schulte, L.E.L. Rasmussen

3. Urinary Lipocalins in Rodenta:is there a Generic Model?
Robert J. Beynon, Jane L. Hurst, Michael J. Turton, Duncan H. L. Robertson, Stuart D. Armstrong, Sarah A. Cheetham, Deborah Simpson, Alan MacNicoll, Richard E. Humphries

4. The Biological Function of Cauxin, a Major Urinary Protein of the Domestic Cat (Felis catus)
Masao Miyazaki, Tetsuro Yamashita, Hideharu Taira, Akemi Suzuki

5. Putative Pheromones of Lion Mane and Its Ultrastructure
M. Poddar-Sarkar, A. Chakroborty, R. Bhar, R.L. Brahmachary

Part II. Olfactory Response and Function

6. Using Ethologically Relevant Tasks to Study Olfactory Discrimination in Rodents
Heather M. Schellinck, Stephen R. Price, Michael J. Wong

7. Comparisons of State and Likelihood of Performing Chemosensory Event Behaviors in Two Populations of African Elephants (Loxodonta africana)
Bruce A. Schulte, Kathryn R. Bagley, Matthew Groover, Helen Loizi, Christen Merte, Jordana M. Meyer, Erek Napora, Lauren Stanley, Dhaval K. Vyas, Kimberly Wollett, Thomas E. Goodwin, L.E.L. Rasmussen

8. Olfactory Communication in the Ringtailed Lemur (Lemur catta): Form and Function of Multimodal Signals
Christine M. Drea, Elizabeth S. Scordato

9. Olfaction in the Gorilla
Peter Hepper, Deborah Wells, Patrick McArdle, Dwyer Coleman, Mark Challis

10. Ecological Validity in the Study of Human Pheromones
Tamsin K. Saxton, Anthony C. Little, S. Craig Roberts

11. The Influence of Sexual Orientation on Human Olfactory Function
Mark J.T. Sergeant, Jennifer Louie, Charles J. Wysocki

Part III. Recognition within Species: Individual, Sex, Group

12. MHC-Associated Chemosignals and Individual Identity
Peter A. Brennan

13. Pregnancy Block from a Female Perspective
Stuart D. Becker, Jane L. Hurst

14. The Wing-Sac Odour of Male Greater Sac-Winged Bats Saccopteryx bilineata (Emballonuridae) as a Composite Trait: Seasonal and Individual Differences
Barbara Caspers, Stephan Franke, Christian C. Voigt

15. Gender Specific Expression of Volatiles in Captive Fossas (Cryptoprocta ferox) During the Mating Season
Barbara Renate Vogler, Frank Goeritz, Thomas Bernd Hildebrandt, Martin Dehnhard

16. Do Spotted Hyena Scent Marks Code for Clan Membership?
Nicole Burgener, Marion L East, Heribert Hofer, Martin Dehnhard

17. The Ontogeny of Pasting Behavior in Free-living Spotted Hyenas, Crocuta crocuta
Kevin R. Theis, Anna L. Heckla, Joseph R. Verge, Kay E. Holekamp

18. Human Body Odour Individuality
Pavlina Lenochova, Jan Havlicek

19. Environmental Effects on Human Body Odour
Jan Havlicek, Pavlina Lenochova

Part IV. Sexual Communication

20. A Candidate Vertebrate Pheromone, SPF, Increases Female Receptivity in a Salamander
Lynne D. Houck, Richard A. Watts, Louise M. Mead, Catherine A. Palmer, Stevan J. Arnold, Pamela W. Feldhoff, Richard C. Feldhoff

21. Cross-dressing in Chemical Cues: Exploring ‘She-maleness’ in Newly-emerged Male Garter Snakes
Michael P. LeMaster, Amber Stefani, Richard Shine, Robert T. Mason

22. The Neurobiology of Sexual Solicitation: Vaginal Marking in Female Syrian Hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus)
Laura Been, Aras Petrulis

23. Olfactory Control of Sex-Recognition and Sexual Behavior in Mice
Matthieu Keller, Michael J. Baum, Julie Bakker

24. The Role of Early Olfactory Experience in the Development of Adult Odor Preferences in Rodents
Pamela M Maras, Aras Petrulis

25. Have Sexual Pheromones Their Own Reward System in the Brain of Female Mice?
Fernando Martínez-García, Carmen Agustín-Pavón, Jose Martínez-Hernández, Joana Martínez-Ricós, Jose Moncho-Bogani, Amparo Novejarque, Enrique Lanuza

26. The Effect of Familiarity on Mate Choice
Sarah A. Cheetham, Michael D. Thom, Robert J. Beynon, Jane L. Hurst

27. Age of the Subject and Scent Donor Affects the Amount of Time that Voles Self-Groom When They are Exposed to Odors of Opposite-sex Conspecifics
Michael H. Ferkin, Stuart T. Leonard

28. Scent, Mate Choice and Genetic Heterozygosity
Michael D. Thom, Paula Stockley, Robert J. Beynon, Jane L. Hurst

Part V. Maternal - Offspring Communication

29. Psychobiological functions of the mammary pheromone in newborn rabbits
Gérard Coureaud, Benoist Schaal

30. Rabbit Nipple-Search Pheromone Versus Rabbit Mammary Pheromone Revisited
Robyn Hudson, Carolina Rojas, Lourdes Arteaga, Margarita Martínez-Gómez, Hans Distel

31. The Human Breast as a Scent Organ: Exocrine structures, Secretions, Volatile Components, and Possible Functions in Breastfeeding Interactions
Benoist Schaal, Sébastien Doucet, Robert Soussignan, Matthias Rietdorf, Gunnar Weibchen, Wittko Francke

32. Responses of Pre-term Infants to the Odour of Mother’s Milk
Richard H. Porter, Chantal Raimbault, Anne Henrot, Elie Saliba

Part VI. Communication between Species, Predators and Prey

33. Patterns of Tongue-Flicking by Garter Snakes (Thamnophis sirtalis) during Presentation of Chemicals under Varying Conditions
Takisha G. Schulterbrandt, John Kubie, Hans Gizycki, Ido Zuri, Mimi Halpern

34. Multi-Contextual use of Chemosignals by Liolaemus Lizards
Antonieta Labra

35. Selective Response of Medial Amygdala Subregions to Reproductive and Defensive Chemosignals from Conspecific and Heterospecific Species
Michael Meredith, Chad Samuelsen, Camille Blake, Jenne Westberry

36. Seasonal Responses to Predator Faecal Odours in Australian Native Rodents Vary Between Species
R. Andrew Hayes

Part VII. Applications

37. A Critical Review of Zoo-based Olfactory Enrichment
Fay Clark, Andrew J. King

38. Pig Semiochemicals and Their Potential for Feral Pig Control in NE Australia
Sigrid R. Heise-Pavlov, James G. Logan, John A. Pickett

39. Use of Chemical Ecology for Control of the Cane Toad?
R. Andrew Hayes, Alexis Barrett, Paul F. Alewood, Gordon C. Grigg, Robert J. Capon


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