Bragg, Arnold

Recent Advances in Modeling and Simulation Tools for Communication Networks and Services

Bragg, Arnold - Recent Advances in Modeling and Simulation Tools for Communication Networks and Services, ebook


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Table of contents

1. European Concerted Research Action COST 285 Action Objectives and the Symposium
A. Nejat Ince

2. A Review of High Performance Simulation Tools and Modeling Concepts
Chris Phillips

3. Using Visualization Techniques in Multilayer Traffic Modeling
Arnold Bragg

4. A Multilevel Approach for the Modelling of Large TCP/IP Networks
Eitan Altman, Konstantin Avrachenkov, Chadi Barakat, Kartikeya Chandrayana

5. Cross-Layer Interaction in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: A Practical Example
Vincent Gauthier, Michel Marot, Monique Becker

6. Multilayer Description of Large Scale Communication Networks
Sébastien Rumley, Christian Gaumier

7. Modelling and Simulation Study of TCP Performance with Link Layer Retransmission and Fragmentation for Satellite-UMTS Networks
Zongyang Luo, Zhili Sun, Haitham Cruickshank

8. The Design of a FPGA-Based Traffic Light Control System: From Theory to Implementation
Ramón Martínez Rodríguez-Osorio, Miguel Á. Fernández Otero, Miguel Calvo Ramón, Luis Cuéllar Navarrete, Leandro de Haro Ariet

9. Distributed Multihop Clustering Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks
Nauman Israr, Irfan Awan

10. Scenario Simulation for Network-Centric Technology Assessment
Osman Balci, William F. Ormsby

11. Verification and Validation of Simulation Models and Applications: A Methodological Approach
Zhongshi Wang, Axel Lehmann

12. Extending OPNET Modeler with External Pseudo Random Number Generators and Statistical Evaluation by the Limited Relative Error Algorithm
Markus Becker, Thushara Lanka Weerawardane, Xi Li, Carmelita Görg

13. Towards Flexible, Reliable, High Throughput Parallel Discrete Event Simulations
Richard Fujimoto, Alfred Park, Jen-Chih Huang

14. Design and Performance Evaluation of a Packet-Switching Satellite Emulator
Tomaso de Cola, Mario Marchese, Giancarlo Portomauro

15. Simulation Techniques for Peer-to-Peer Information Sharing Networks
Gergö Buchholcz, Tien Van Do

16. Repair Strategies on the Operation of MPLS Routing
Dénes Papp, Tien Van Do, Ram Chakka, Xuan Mai Thi Truong

17. Incorporating Uncertainties into Traffic Simulators
M. J. Bayarri, J. O. Berger, G. Molina

18. Effects of Bursty and Correlated Traffic on the Performance of Active Queue Management Schemes
Lan Wang, Geyong Min, Irfan Awan

19. Quality-of-Service Analysis of Priority Queueing Systems under Long-Range Dependent and Short-Range Dependent Traffic
Xiaolong Jin, Geyong Min

20. Redimensioning Network Resources Based on Users' Behavior
Emiliya Saranova

21. Internet Tomography in Support of Internet and Network Simulation and Emulation Modelling
A. Moloisane, I. Ganchev, M. O'Droma

22. Emerging Requirements for Telecommunication Product Design and System Modeling
Gerta Köster, Stoyan Poryazov

23. A Tool for Packaging and Exchanging Simulation Results
Dragan Savic, Francesco Potortì, Francesco Furfari, Matevž Pustišek, Janez Bešter, Sašo Tomažic


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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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