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Symmetries and Overdetermined Systems of Partial Differential Equations

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Table of contents

Part I:. Expository Articles

1. Overdetermined Systems, Conformal Differential Geometry, and the BGG Complex
Andreas ?ap

2. Generalized Wilczynski Invariants for Non-Linear Ordinary Differential Equations
Boris Doubrov

3. Notes on Projective Differential Geometry
Michael Eastwood

4. Ambient Metric Construction of CR Invariant Differential Operators
Kengo Hirachi

5. Fine Structure for Second Order Superintegrable Systems
Ernie G. Kalnins, Jonathan M. Kress, Willard Miller

6. Differential Geometry of Submanifolds of Projective Space
Joseph M. Landsberg

7. Pseudo-Groups, Moving Frames, and Differential Invariants
Peter J. Olver, Juha Pohjanpelto

8. Geometry of Linear Differential Systems Towards Contact Geometry of Second Order
Keizo Yamaguchi

Part II:. Research Article

9. On Geometric Properties of Joint Invariants of Killing Tensors
Caroline M. Adlam, Raymond G. Mclenaghan, Roman G. Smirnov

10. Hamiltonian Curve Flows in lie Groups G ? U(N) and Vector Nls, mKdV, Sine-Gordon Soliton Equations
Stephen C. Anco

11. Conformal Killing Spinors and the Holonomy Problem in Lorentzian Geometry — A Survey of New Results —
Helga Baum

12. Projective-Type Differential Invariants for Curves and Their Associated Pdes of Kdv Type
Gloria Marí Beffa

13. Algebraic Construction of the Quadratic First Integrals for a Special Class of Orthogonal Separable Systems
Sergio Benenti

14. Geometry of Non-Regular Separation
Claudia Chanu

15. Higher Symmetries of the Square of the Laplacian
Michael Eastwood, Thomas Leistner

16. Metric Connections in Projective Differential Geometry
Michael Eastwood, Vladimir Matveev

17. Exterior Differential Systems with Symmetry
Mark E. Fels

18. Partially Invariant Solutions to Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics
Sergey V. Golovin

19. Invariant Prolongation and Detour Complexes
A. Rod Gover

20. Inhomogeneous Ambient Metrics
C. Robin Graham, Kengo Hirachi

21. Pfaffian Systems Of Frobenius Type And Solvability Of Generic Overdetermined Pde Systems
Chong-Kyu Han

22. Exact And Quasi — Exact Solvability of Second Order Superintegrable Quantum Systems
Ernie G. Kalnins, Willard Miller, George S. Pogosyan

23. A Remark On Unitary Conformal Holonomy
Felipe Leitner

24. Polynomial Associative Algebras for Quantum Superintegrable Systems with a Third Order Integral of Motion
Ian Marquette

25. Separation of Variables for Systems of First-Order Partial Differential Equations and the Dirac Equation in Two-Dimensional Manifolds
Raymond G. Mclenaghan, Giovanni Rastelli

26. Differential Systems Associated with Tableaux over Lie Algebras
Emilio Musso, Lorenzo Nicolodi

27. Conformal Structures with Explicit Ambient Metrics and Conformal G
2 Holonomy
Pawel Nurowski

28. Deformations of Quadratic Algebras, the Joseph Ideal for Classical Lie Algebras, and Special Tensors
Petr Somberg

29. Analogues of the Dolbeault Complex and the Separation of Variables
Vladimír Sou?ek

Keywords: Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, Applications of Mathematics

Publication year
The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications
Page amount
578 pages
Natural Sciences

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