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International Handbook of Research on Teachers and Teaching

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: New Perspectives On Teachers And Teaching
Lawrence J. Saha, A. Gary Dworkin

2. Introduction to the Study of Teachers

2. Teachers in History
W. Robert Houston

3. Trends in Research on Teaching: an Historical and Critical Overview
Margaret D. LeCompte

4. Teacher Research and Teacher as Researcher
Cheryl J. Craig

5. The Dissemination of Knowledge about Research on Teachers, to the Teachers
Lawrence J. Saha

6. Social Science Theories on Teachers, Teaching, and Educational Systems
Jeanne H. Ballantine, Joan Z. Spade

7. Developments in Quantitative Methods in Research Into Teachers and Teaching
John P. Keeves, I Gusti Ngurah Darmawan

3. Becoming a Teacher

8. Teacher Preparation Programs
Kathryn M. Borman, Elaine Mueninghoff, Bridget A. Cotner, Phyllis Bach Frederick

9. Teacher Certification and Credentials: From a Focus On Qualification to a Commitment to Performance
Scott Imig, Stephen Koziol, Virginia Pilato, David Imig

10. The Continuing Education of Teachers: In-Service Training and Workshops
Robert V. Bullough

11. The Role of Mentors of Preservice and Inservice Teachers
Jo Blase

12. The Lifelong Learning Issue: The Knowledge Base Under Professional Development?
Bruce Joyce, Jim Wolf, Emily Calhoun

4. The Characteristics of Teachers

13. The Status and Prestige of Teachers and Teaching
Linda Hargreaves

14. The Political Orientations of Teachers
Mark B. Ginsburg, Sangeeta G. Kamat

15. Dimensions of Quality in Teacher Knowledge
Michael J. Lawson, Helen Askell-Williams, Rosalind Murray-Harvey

16. Teachers' Values in the Classroom
Clodie Tal, Yoel Yinon

17. Footnotes to Teacher Leadership
Mark A. Smylie, David Mayrowetz

18. Sex Segregation and Tokenism among Teachers
Barbara J. Bank

5. Teacher Behavior

19. The Classroom as an Arena of Teachers' Work
Margaret Freund

20. Teachers and Democratic Schooling
Thomas Kwan-Choi Tse

21. Teachers and Parents
Mavis G. Sanders

22. Teacher Commitment
Nordin Abd Razak, I Gusti Ngurah Darmawan, John P. Keeves

23. Teachers' Beliefs about Student Learning and Motivation
Julianne C. Turner, Andrea Christensen, Debra K. Meyer

24. Teachers and the Politics of History School Textbooks
Joseph Zajda

25. Teachers' Emotion Regulation
Rosemary E. Sutton, Elaine Harper

26. Principal and Teachers Relations: Trust at the Core of School Improvement
Pamela R. Hallam, Charles Hausman

27. Teacher Misbehaviour
Ramon (Rom) Lewis, Philip Riley

28. School Administrator Mistreatment of Teachers
Joseph Blase

6. Teacher Life-Cycles

29. Tracking Teachers
Sean Kelly

30. Teachers' Work, Power and Authority
Terri Seddon, Phoebe Palmieri

31. Teachers as Professionals: Salaries, Benefits and Unions
Nina Bascia

32. Teacher Burnout and Teacher Resilience: Assessing the Impacts of the School Accountability Movement
A. Gary Dworkin

33. Teachers and Promotion: Research Evidence on the Role of Gender, Career Intentions, Promotion Criteria and Teacher Satisfaction
Ping-Man Wong

7. Teachers and Teaching in Comparative Perspective

34. Teachers in Comparative Perspective
Anthony Clarke

35. Comparative Perspectives On Teachers, Teaching And Professionalism
Mark B. Ginsburg, Nagwa M. Megahed

36. Teachers and Teaching in Eastern and Western Schools: A Critical Review of Cross-Cultural Comparative Studies
Yanping Fang, S. Gopinathan

37. Teachers and Teaching in Africa
Lawrence Chi Awasom

38. Greek Cypriot Teachers and Classroom Diversity: Intercultural Education in Cyprus
Elena Papamichael

8. Dimensions of Teaching

39. Three Sides of Teaching: Styles, Models, and Diversity
Bruce Joyce, Emily Calhoun

40. Creating Productive Learning Environments in Culturally Pluralistic Classrooms
Revathy Kumar, Stuart A. Karabenick

41. Justice in Teaching
Nura Resh, Clara Sabbagh

42. Ethics and Teaching
Clara Sabbagh

43. Teacher Expectations and Labeling
Christine Rubie-Davies

9. Teaching in Classrooms

44. Teacher–Student Interaction
Joshua M. Englehart

45. Assessment and Examinations
Susan M. Brookhart

46. Classroom Management
Barbara Landau

47. Teachers as Role Models
Wayne Martino

48. Teaching in a Multicultural Classroom
Kerri Ullucci

49. Teaching in Large and Small Classes
Peter Blatchford, Anthony Russell, Penelope Brown

50. Teaching and Learning in the Ict Environment
Bronwen Cowie, Alister Jones

51. Effective Teaching: an Emerging Synthesis
Thomas L. Good, Caroline R. H. Wiley, Ida Rose Florez

52. Teaching and Nonverbal Behavior in the Classroom
Elisha Babad

10. Teaching Specific Student Populations

53. Teaching at the Secondary Level
Floyd M. Hammack, Dana M. Grayson

54. Teaching at Tertiary Level
Linda Hort

55. Teaching for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)
Hugh Guthrie, Roger Harris, Michele Simons, Tom Karmel

56. Teaching Students With Special Needs
Bruce Allen Knight

57. Teaching Gifted and Talented Children
Martina Endepohls-Ulpe

58. Teaching “at Risk” Students: Meeting Their Needs
Ramon Lewis, Tricia McCann

59. Teaching Indigenous Populations
Rodney A. Clifton

60. Single-Sex or Coeducational Classes
Peter W. Cookson

61. Teaching and the Boy Problem
Rob Gilbert

11. The Teaching of Individual Subjects

62. The Teaching of Reading
Barbara R. Foorman, Kristi L. Santi

63. Teaching History
Joseph Zajda, John A. Whitehouse

64. Teaching Mathematics
Michael L. Connell

65. Teaching Science
John P. Keeves, I Gusti Ngurah Darmawan

66. Teaching About Political and Social Values
Murray Print

67. Conditions for Promoting Moral and Prosocial Development in Schools
Alan J. Reiman

68. Teaching a Second Language
Sharon H. Ulanoff

69. Teaching in Arts Education
Peter Wright

70. Research on Teaching Health and Physical Education
John R. Todorovich

12. Great Debates about Teachers and Teaching

71. Keeping Track or Getting Offtrack: Issues in the Tracking Of Students
Lynn M. Mulkey, Sophia Catsambis, Lala Carr Steelman, Melanie Hanes-Ramos

72. High Stakes Testing and Teaching to the Test
Gary Natriello

73. Value-Added Models of Teacher Effects
Pamela F. Tobe

74. Teachers and Teaching During Educational Restructuring and Reforms
Patrick J. W. McGinty

75. Grade Retention Redux: A Dissenting Perspective
Jon Lorence

76. Teachers and Teaching in an Era Of Heightened School Accountability: A Forward Look
Lawrence J. Saha, A. Gary Dworkin

Keywords: Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Curriculum Studies

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