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Advances in Information Processing and Protection

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Table of contents

Part I. Artificial Intelligence

1. Humatronics and RT-Middleware
Toru Yamaguchi, Eri Sato

2. A Fuzzy Way to Measure Quality of Work in a Multidimensional Perspective
Tindara Addabbo, Gisella Facchinetti, Giovanni Mastroleo, Giovanni Solinas

3. Application of the Peano Curve for the Robot Trajectory Generating
Marcin Pluci?ski, Marcin Korze?

4. On Some Properties of the B-Cell Algorithm in Non-Stationary Environments
Krzysztof Trojanowski, S?awomir T. Wierzcho?

5. The Grouping of Valuations in Probabilistic Algorithms
Anna Borowska

6. Inverted Lists Compression Using Contextual Information
Dariusz Czerski, Krzysztof Ciesielski, Micha? Drami?ski, Mieczys?aw A. K?opotek, S?awomir T. Wierzcho?

7. Hybrid Intelligent Diagnosis Approaches: Analysis and Comparison under a Biomedicine Application
Amine Chohra, Nadia Kanaoui, Kurosh Madani

8. Predicting Incomplete Data on the Basis of Non Symmetric Similarity Relation
Ewa Adamus, Andrzej Piegat

9. Methods of Designing and System Analysis of Fast Neural Networks and Linear Tunable Transformations
A. Yu. Dorogov

10. Minimal Coverage of Investigated Object when Seeking for its Fractal Dimension
Adam Szustalewicz

11. Networked Robots Personal Tastes Acquisition and Sharing
Yoshiharu Yoshida, Toru Yamaguchi, Eri Sato, Toshihiro Shibano

12. Reduction of Rules of a Fuzzy Model with a Chain Model
Izabela Rejer

13. Singleton Representation of Fuzzy Set for Computing Fuzzy Model Response for Fuzzy Inputs
Karina Murawko-Wi?niewska, Andrzej Piegat

14. Tuning of Parameters Backstepping Ship Course Controller by Genetic Algorithm
Anna Witkowska, Roman Smierzchalski

15. Visualization of Five Erosion Risk Classes using Kernel Discriminants
Anna Bartkowiak, Niki Evelpidou, Andreas Vasilopoulos

Part II. Computer Security and Safety

16. Multiple Error Detection in Substitution Blocks for Block Ciphers
Krzysztof Bucholc, Ewa Idzikowska

17. Parallelization Method of Encryption Algorithms
W?odzimierz Bielecki, Dariusz Burak

18. When a Family of Iris Flower is Normal, Then are Others Abnormal?
Akira Imada

19. Strong Boolean Functions with Compact ANF Representation
Anna Grocholewska Czurylo

20. Visual Cryptography Methods as a Source of Trustworthiness for the Signature Creation and Verification Systems
Jerzy Peja?, Micha? Zawalich

21. Neural Network as a Programmable Block Cipher
Piotr Kotlarz, Zbigniew Kotulski

22. On Intermediate Evaluation of Block Ciphers
Krzysztof Chmiel

23. Development of Concealing the Purpose of Processing for Programs in a Distributed Computing Environment
Yuji Kinoshita, Koichi Kashiwagi, Yoshinobu Higami, Shin-Ya Kobayashi

24. Covert Channel for Improving VoIP Security
Wojciech Mazurczyk, Zbigniew Kotulski

25. Cryptanalysis of Chaotic Product Cipher
Adrian Skrobek, Pawe? Sukiennik

26. Embedding of Stego–Messages in Monochrome Images on the Base of Rank Filtering
Larisa Dobryakova, Orest Popov

Part III. Image Analysis, Graphics and Biometrics

27. JPEG 2000 Image Coding Standard - A Review and Applications
Ryszard S. Chora?

28. New Experiments on Word Recognition Without Segmentation
Khalid Saeed, Marek Tabedzki

29. Signature Verification by View-Based Feature Extractor and DTW Classifier
Khalid Saeed, Marcin Adamski

30. Increasing Performance of Fingerprint Recognition Systems Using Reconstruction of Ridge Lines Methods
Georgy Kukharev, Edward Pò?rolniczak

31. Design and Prototyping of an Industrial Fault Clustering System Combining Image Processing and Artificial Neural Network Based Approaches
Matthieu Voiry, Véronique Amarger, Kurosh Madani, François Houbre

32. Image Pre-classification for Biometrics Identification Systems
Micha? Chora?

33. Application of Improved Projection Method to Binary Images
Dariusz Frejlichowski, Alji Maow

Part IV. Computer Simulation and Data Analysis

34. A Consideration of Processor Utilization on Multi-Processor System
Koichi Kashiwagi, Yoshinobu Higami, Shin-Ya Kobayashi

35. Reliability of Node Information on Autonomous Load Distribution Method
Michihiko Kudo, Koichi Kashiwagi, Yoshinobu Higami, Shin-Ya Kobayashi

36. Methodology of Developing Computer-Based Training Systems for Operators of Dynamic Objects
Orest Popov, Tatiana Tretyakova, Anna Barcz, Piotr Piela

37. Algorithms of Identification of Multi-connected Boundary
Geometry and Material Parameters in Problems Described by Navier-Lame Equation Using the PIES
Eugeniusz Zieniuk, Agnieszka Bo?tu?, Andrzej Ku?elewski

38. Analysis of an Open Linked Series Three-station Network with Blocking
Walenty Oniszczuk

39. Hyperplane Method Implementation for Loops Parallelization in the .NET Environment
W?odzimierz Bielecki, Maciej Poliwoda

40. On a Nonlinear Production-Inventory Problem
Stanislaw Bylka, Ryszarda Rempala

Keywords: Computer Science, Coding and Information Theory, Data Structures, Cryptology and Information Theory, Systems and Data Security

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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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