Baum, Carl E.

Ultra-Wideband Short-Pulse Electromagnetics 8

Baum, Carl E. - Ultra-Wideband Short-Pulse Electromagnetics 8, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Antennas

1. Development of the Impulse Slot Antenna
W. Scott Bigelow, Everett G. Farr, Leland H. Bowen, William D. Prather, Tyrone C. Tran

2. A High-Voltage Cable-Fed Impulse Radiating Antenna
Everett G. Farr, Leland H. Bowen, William D. Prather

3. Broadband Self-Complementary Antenna Arrays
Mats Gustafsson

4. A Quasi-Planar Wide Band Conical Antenna
Mingyu Lu, Jonathan W. Bredow, Sungyong Jung, Saibun Tjuatja

5. Planar Tapered Loop Antennas for Ultra-Wideband Radio Systems
Shau-Gang Mao, Shiou-Li Chen

6. An Omnidirectional and Low-VSWR Ultra Wideband Antenna for a Frequency Band of 6 to 40 GHz
Akihide Maeda, Takehiko Kobayashi

7. Ultrawideband Band-Notched U-Shape Folded Monopole Antenna and its Radiation Characteristics
Tzyh-Ghuang Ma, Sung-Jung Wu

8. Comparison of UWB Antennas Considering Pattern Variation With Frequency
Tharaka Dissanayake, Karu P. Esselle

9. Dispersive Properties of Terminal-Loaded Dipole Antennas in UWB Link
Anatoliy O. Boryssenko, Daniel H. Schaubert

10. An Approach to the Determination of the Phase Center of Vivaldi-Based UWB Antenna
Bo-shi Jin, Qun Wu, Yu-ming Wu, Li Bian, Le-Wei Li

11. Application of UWB Antenna Descriptors to Antenna Performance Assessment
Pavel Miškovský, José M. González-Arbesú, J. Romeu

12. Broadband Tuning Limits on UWB Antennas Based on Fano's Formulation
M. C. Villalobos, H. D. Foltz, J. S. McLean, I. Sen Gupta

13. Electromagnetic Lens Design and Generalized E and H Modes
Alexander P. Stone, Carl E. Baum

14. Producing Large Transient Electromagnetic Fields in a Small Region: An Electromagnetic Implosion
Carl E. Baum

2. Communication

15. Optimum Wireless Communication Through Unknown Obscuring Environments Using The Time-Reversal Principle:Theory And Experiments
Sermsak Jaruwatanadilok, Akira Ishimaru, Yasuo Kuga

3. Data processing

16. Correction of Time-Domain Data in Special Cases Where the Inverse Transfer Functions are Analytic Time Domain Operators
Carl E. Baum

17. Second Time Integral of the Impulse Response for Enhancing the Late-Time Target Response for Target Identification
Carl E. Baum

18. Blind Source Separation for Extraction of Target Scattering Centers
Ismail Jouny

19. Extended Approaches for Integrated M-Sequence Based UWB Sensors
Martin Kmec, Ralf Herrmann, Jürgen Sachs, Peter Peyerl, Peter Rauschenbach

20. Antenna Array Processing for Radar Applications with Support Vector Machines
Manel Martínez-Ramón, Nan Xu, Christos G. Christodoulou

4. Radar Systems

21. Portable Imaging UWB Radar System With Two-Element Receiving Array
Anatoliy O. Boryssenko, Dmitriy L. Sostanovsky, Elen S. Boryssenko

22. On the Development of a Low-Cost Compact Planar Integrated-Circuit Sampling Receiver for UWB Sytems
Jeongwoo Han, Rui Xu, Cam Nguyen

23. Time Reversal with Single Antenna Systems in Indoor Multipath Environments
Zhengqing Yun, Magdy F. Iskander

24. Further Developments in High Voltage UWB Directional Couplers
Lanney M. Atchley, Everett G. Farr, Leland H. Bowen, William D. Prather

5. Scattering

25. Resonance Behavior of a Dielectric Target in a Half-Space Using the CNR (Complex Natural Resonance) Method
S. K. Padhi, N. V. Shuley

26. Analysis of the Late-Time Transient Field Scattered by a Line Source Above a Grounded Dielectric Slab
Gary D. Dester, Edward J. Rothwell

27. An Analysis of Time-Domain Dort Method for Ultrawideband Probing of Embedded Objects in Dispersive and Random Media
Mehmet E. Yavuz, Fernando L. Teixeira

28. Application of the Method of Subregions to Measurement of Layered Materials
Bradley Perry, Steven Cossmann, Leo Kempel, Edward J. Rothwell

29. A Numerical Study on the Sensitivity of Time-Reversal Imaging Methods Against Clutter, Noise and Model Perturbations
Mehmet E. Yavuz, Fernando L. Teixeira

30. Modelling of Reflection of UWB Pulses from Trapped Human Beings
Amer Nezirovic, Mingying Liu, Alexander G. Yarovoy

6. Sources

31. Global Limitation on Fast Switching by Semiconductor Devices
Alexei F. Kardo-Sysoev

32. A Low-Cost, Compact Planar Integrated-Circuit Tunable Multi-Pulse Transmitter for UWB Radar and Communication Systems
Jeongwoo Han, Rui Xu, Cam Nguyen

33. UWB Antenna Surrogate Design
Paul Robert Hayes, Luis Hernandez, Andrew Austin


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