Folke, Carl

Principles of Ecosystem Stewardship

Folke, Carl - Principles of Ecosystem Stewardship, ebook


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Table of contents

2. A Framework for Understanding Change
F. Stuart Chapin, Carl Folke, Gary P. Kofinas

3. Managing Ecosystems Sustainably: The Key Role of Resilience
F. Stuart Chapin

4. Sustaining Livelihoods and Human Well-Being during Social–Ecological Change
Gary P. Kofinas, F. Stuart Chapin

5. Adaptive Co-management in Social–Ecological Governance
Gary P. Kofinas

6. Transformations in Ecosystem Stewardship
Carl Folke, F. Stuart Chapin, Per Olsson

7. Conservation, Community, and Livelihoods: Sustaining, Renewing, and Adapting Cultural Connections to the Land
Fikret Berkes, Gary P. Kofinas, F. Stuart Chapin

8. Forest Systems: Living with Long-Term Change
Frederick J. Swanson, F. Stuart Chapin

9. Drylands: Coping with Uncertainty, Thresholds, and Changes in State
D. Mark Stafford Smith, Nick Abel, Brian Walker, F. Stuart Chapin

10. Freshwaters: Managing Across Scales in Space and Time
Stephen R. Carpenter, Reinette Biggs

11. Oceans and Estuaries: Managing the Commons
Carl Walters, Robert Ahrens

12. Coastal Marine Systems: Conserving Fish and Sustaining Community Livelihoods with Co-management
Evelyn Pinkerton

13. Managing Food Production Systems for Resilience
Rosamond L. Naylor

14. Cities: Managing Densely Settled Social–Ecological Systems
J. Morgan Grove

15. The Earth System: Sustaining Planetary Life-Support Systems
Oran R. Young, Will Steffen

16. Resilience-Based Stewardship: Strategies for Navigating Sustainable Pathways in a Changing World
F. Stuart Chapin, Gary P. Kofinas, Carl Folke, Stephen R. Carpenter, Per Olsson, Nick Abel, Reinette Biggs, Rosamond L. Naylor, Evelyn Pinkerton, D. Mark Stafford, Will Steffen, Brian Walker, Oran R. Young

Keywords: Environment, Geoecology/Natural Processes, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice, Ecosystems, Ecotoxicology, Nature Conservation, Environmental Management

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10 pages
Natural Sciences

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