Evans, Mark D.

Oxidative Damage to Nucleic Acids

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Table of contents

1. Oxidatively Generated Damage to Cellular DNA: Mechanistic Aspects
Jean Cadet, Thierry Douki, Carine Badouard, Alain Favier, Jean-Luc Ravanat

2. Chlorination and Nitration of DNA and Nucleic Acid Components
Clare L. Hawkins, David I. Pattison, Matthew Whiteman, Michael J. Davies

3. Prevention of the Mutagenicity and Cytotoxicity of Oxidized Purine Nucleotides
Yusaku Nakabeppu, Mehrdad Behmanesh, Hiroo Yamaguchi, Daisuke Yoshimura, Kunihiko Sakumi

4. Nucleotide Incision Repair: An Alternative and Ubiquitous Pathway to Handle Oxidative DNA Damage
Sophie Couvé-Privat, Alexander A. Ishchenko, Jacques Laval, Murat Saparbaev

5. OGG1: From Structural Analysis to the Knockout Mouse
Arne Klungland, Jon K. Laerdahl, Torbjørn Rognes

6. Processing of 3′-End Modified DNA Strand Breaks Induced by Oxidative Damage
Jason L. Parsons, Emma Boswell, Grigory L. Dianov

7. Oxidative Damage and Promoter Function
David Mitchell, Rita Ghosh

8. Oxidative DNA Damage and Telomere Shortening
Torsten Richter, Thomas Zglinicki

9. Oxidative Damage and Repair in the Mitochondrial Genome
Lene Juel Rasmussen, Keshav K. Singh

10. The Role of Oxidative Damage to Nucleic Acids in the Pathogenesis of Neurological Disease
V. Prakash Reddy, Ayse Beyaz, George Perry, Marcus S. Cooke, Lawrence M. Sayre, Mark A. Smith

11. Nucleic Acid Oxidation and the Pathogenesis of Cardiovascular Diseases
Maria Grazia Andreassi

12. Oxidative DNA Damage and Carcinogenesis
Ryszard Olinski, Marek Foksinski, Barbara Tudek

13. The Physiological and Pathological Roles of Oxidative Damage to DNA in Relation to Life Stage
Alberto Izzotti

14. Analysis of 8-Hydroxy-2′-Deoxyguanosine as a Marker of Oxidatively Damaged DNA in Relation to Carcinogenesis and Aging
H. Kasai, T. Hirano, K. Kawai, Y. Tsurudome, H. Itoh, D. Himeji, T. Horiuchi

15. Oxidatively Damaged DNA and Inflammation
Peter C. Dedon, Marita C. Barth

16. The Role of Antioxidants in the Prevention of Oxidative Damage to Nucleic Acids
Peter Møller, Steffen Loft

Keywords: Life Sciences, Biochemistry, general

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Molecular Biology Intelligence Unit
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245 pages
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