Kusumoto, Fred M.

Cardiac Pacing for the Clinician

Kusumoto, Fred M. - Cardiac Pacing for the Clinician, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Pacing Leads and Modes of Function

1. Pacing Leads
Harry G. Mond

2. The Pulse Generator
Richard S. Sanders

3. Modes of Pacemaker Function
Paul J. Wang, Amin Al-Ahmad, Henry H. Hsia, Paul C. Zei

2. Device Implantation (Pacing Lead Implant Techniques)

4. Implant Techniques
Peter H. Belott

5. Transvenous Left Ventricular Lead Implantation
Westby G. Fisher

6. Endocardial Lead Extraction
Peter H. Belott

7. Techniques for Temporary Pacing
Ejigayehu Abate, Fred M. Kusumoto, Nora F. Goldschlager

8. Defibrillator Function and Implantation
Robert E. Eckart, Jane Chen, Laurence M. Epstein

3. Pacing and Implantable Device Therapy for Specific Clinical Conditions

9. Sinus Node Dysfunction
Irene H. Stevenson, Paul B. Sparks, Jonathan M. Kalman

10. Acquired Atrioventricular Block
S. Serge Barold, Bengt Herweg

11. Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy for Congestive Heart Failure
Nitish Badhwar, Byron K. Lee

12. Pacing Therapies for Atrial Fibrillation
Michael A. Platonov, Anne M. Hare

13. Pacemakers and Syncope
Ehab A. Eltahawy, Blair P. Grubb

14. Indications for Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators
Salam Sbaity, Brian Olshansky

15. Cardiac Device Therapy in Children
George F. Hare

16. Cardiac Pacing in the Critical Care Setting
Richard H. Hongo, Nora F. Goldschlager

4. Evaluation and Follow-up of Implantable Devices

17. Environmental Effects on Cardiac Pacing Systems
Louise Cohan, Fred M. Kusumoto, Nora F. Goldschlager

18. Radiography of Implantable Arrhythmia Management Devices
David L. Hayes

19. Follow-up Management of the Paced Patient
Paul A. Levine, Dale M. Isaeff

20. Follow-Up of the Patient with an Implanted Cardiac Defibrillator
Ejigayehu Abate, Fred M. Kusumoto

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Cardiology

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759 pages
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