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Geriatric Anesthesiology

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction to Clinical Geriatrics

1. The Practice of Geriatric Anesthesia
Jeffrey H. Silverstein

2. Demographics and Economics of Geriatric Patient Care
Maria F. Galati, Roger D. London

3. Theories of Aging
Stanley Muravchick

4. Ethical Management of the Elderly Patient
Paul J. Hoehner

5. Teaching Geriatric Anesthesiology to Practitioners, Residents, and Medical Students
Sheila J. Ellis

6. Research Priorities in Geriatric Anesthesiology
Christopher J. Jankowski, David J. Cook

Part II. Cardinal Manifestations of Aging and Disease in the Elderly

7. Alterations in Metabolic Functions and Electrolytes
Michael C. Lewis

8. Perioperative Thermoregulation
Daniel I. Sessler

9. Postoperative Central Nervous System Dysfunction
Deborah J. Culley, Terri G. Monk, Gregory Crosby

10. Alterations in Circulatory Function
Thomas J. Ebert, G. Alec Rooke

11. The Aging Respiratory System: Anesthetic Strategies to Minimize Perioperative Pulmonary Complications
Rodrigo Cartin-Ceba, Juraj Sprung, Ognjen Gajic, David O. Warner

12. Operative Debridements of Chronic Wounds
Andrew M. Hanflik, Michael S. Golinko, Melissa Doft, Charles Cain, Anna Flattau, Harold Brem

Part III. Anesthetic Management of the Aged Surgical Candidate

13. Preoperative Risk Stratification and Methods to Reduce Risk
Linda L. Liu, Jacqueline M. Leung

14. Anesthetic Implications of Chronic Medications
Tamas A. Szabo, R. David Warters

15. The Pharmacology of Opioids
Steven L. Shafer, Pamela Flood

16. Intravenous Hypnotic Anesthetics
Matthew D. McEvoy, J. G. Reves

17. Inhalational Anesthetics
Gary R. Haynes

18. Relaxants and Their Reversal Agents
Cynthia A. Lien, Takahiro Suzuki

19. Management of Regional Anesthesia
Bernadette Veering

20. Fluid Management
Jessica Miller, Lee A. Fleisher, Jeffrey L. Carson

21. Pain Management
Jack M. Berger

22. Anesthesia Considerations for Geriatric Outpatients
Kathryn E. McGoldrick

Part IV. Anesthesia for Common Surgical Procedures in the Aged

23. Sedation and Monitoring
Sheila R. Barnett

24. Total Hip Replacement, Joint Replacement, and Hip Fracture
Idit Matot, Shaul Beyth

25. Transurethral Prostatectomy Syndrome and Other Complications of Urologic Procedures
Daniel M. Gainsburg

26. Thoracic Procedures
Steven M. Neustein, James B. Eisenkraft

27. Cardiac Procedures
James H. Abernathy

28. Vascular Procedures
Leanne Groban, Sylvia Y. Dolinski

29. Abdominal Procedures
Jeffrey H. Silverstein


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