Brock-Utne, John G.

Clinical Anesthesia

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Table of contents

1. No Fiberoptic Intubation System: A Potential Problem

2. Is the Patient Extubated?

3. A Strange Computerized Electrocardiogram Interpretation

4. Fractured Neck of Femur in an Elderly Patient

5. Spinal Anesthetic That Wears Off Before Surgery Ends

6. Just a Simple Monitored Anesthesia Care Case

7. Smell of Burning in the Operating Room

8. Inguinal Hernia Repair in a Diabetic Patient

9. The Case of the “Hidden” IV

10. Postoperative Painful Eye

11. Awake Craniotomy with Language Mapping

12. Gum Elastic Bougie: Tips for Its Use

13. External Vaporizer Leak During Anesthesia

14. Manual Ventilation by a Single Operator: With Patient Turned 180 Degrees Away from the Anesthesia Machine

15. Life-Threatening Arrhythmia in an Infant

16. Tongue Ring: Anesthetic Risks and Potential Complications

17. Hasty C-Arm Positioning: A Recipe for Disaster

18. Inability to Remove a Nasogastric Tube

19. An Unusual Cause of Difficult Tracheal Intubation

20. Pulmonary Edema After Abdominal Laparoscopy

21. Difficult Laryngeal Mask Airway Placement: A Possible Solution

22. Postoperative Airway Complication After Sinus Surgery

23. An Unusual Capnograph Tracing

24. A Respiratory Dilemma During a Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt Procedure

25. A Tracheostomy Is Urgently Needed, but You Have Never Done One

26. General Anesthesia for a Patient with a Difficult Airway and a Full Stomach

27. Jehovah’s Witness and a Potentially Bloody Operation

28. Intraoperative Insufflation of the Stomach

29. Sudden Intraoperative Hypotension

30. Overestimation of Blood Pressure from an Arterial Pressure Line

31. Severe Decrease in Lung Compliance During a Code Blue

32. Shortening Postanesthesia Recovery Time After an Epidural: Is It Possible?

33. Difficult Airway in an Underequipped Setting

34. Delayed Cutaneous Fluid Leak After Removal of an Epidural Catheter

35. Traumatic Hemothorax and Same-Side Central Venous Access

36. Single Abdominal Knife Wound? Easy Case?

37. A Draw-Over Vaporizer with a Nonrebreathing Circuit

38. Unexpected Intraoperative “Oozing”

39. Central Venous Access and the Obese Patient

40. Taking Over for a Colleague: Always a Potential Concern

41. Intraoperative Epidural Catheter Malfunction

42. Breathing Difficulties After an Electroconvulsive Therapy

43. White “Clumps” in the Blood Sample from an Arterial Line: Are You Concerned?

44. Anesthesia for a Surgeon Who Has Previously Lost His Privileges

45. Airway Obstruction in a Prone Patient

46. A Question You Should Always Ask

47. Postoperative Vocal Cord Paralysis

48. A Serious Problem

49. A Leaking Endotracheal Tube in a Prone Patient

50. Lessons from the Field: Unusual Problems Require Unusual Solutions in Impossible Situations

51. An “Old Trick” but a Potential Problem

52. A Loud “Pop” Intraoperatively and Now You Cannot Ventilate

53. Postoperative Median Nerve Injury

54. A Patient in a Halo: Watch Out

55. Now or Never: Developing Professional Judgment

56. General Anesthesia in a Patient with Chronic Amphetamine Use

57. What Is Wrong with This Picture?

58. The One-Eyed Patient

59. A Near Tragedy

60. Robot-Assisted Surgery: A Word of Caution

61. An Airway Emergency in an Out of Hospital Surgical Office

62. Bonus Question: Is the Patient Paralyzed?


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