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Signal Processing for Image Enhancement and Multimedia Processing

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Table of contents

Part I. Image Restauration, Filtering and Compression

1. On PDE-based spectrogram image restoration. Application to wolf chorus noise reduction and comparison with other algorithms
Benjamín Dugnol, Carlos Fernández, Gonzalo Galiano, Julián Velasco

2. A Modified Mean Shift Algorithm For Efficient Document Image Restoration
Fadoua Drira, Frank Lebourgois, Hubert Emptoz

3. An Efficient Closed Form Approach to the Evaluation of the Probability of False Alarm of the ML-CFAR Detector in a Pulse-to-Pulse Correlated Clutter
Toufik Laroussi, Mourad Barkat

4. On-orbit Spatial Resolution Estimation of CBERS-2 Imaging System Using Ideal Edge Target
Kamel Bensebaa, Gerald J.F. Banon, Leila M.G. Fonseca, Guaraci J. Erthal

5. Distributed Pre-Processed CA-CFAR Detection Structure For Non Gaussian Clutter Reduction
Zoubeida Messali, Faouzi Soltani

6. Multispectral Satellite Images Processing through Dimensionality Reduction
Ludovic Journaux, Irène Foucherot, Pierre Gouton

7. SAR Image Compression based on Wedgelet-Wavelet
Ruchan Dong, Biao Hou, Shuang Wang, Licheng Jiao

Part II. Texture Analysis and Feature Extraction

8. New approach of higher order textural parameters for image classification using statistical methods
Narcisse Talla Tankam, Albert Dipanda, Emmanuel Tonye

9. Texture Discrimination Using Hierarchical
Complex Networks
Thomas Chalumeau, Luciano da F. Costa, Olivier Laligant, Fabrice Meriaudeau

10. Error analysis of subpixel edge localisation
Patrick Mikulastik, Raphael HÖver, Onay Urfalioglu

11. Edge Point Linking by Means of Global and Local Schemes
Angel D. Sappa, Boris X. Vintimilla

12. An Enhanced Detector of Blurred and Noisy Edges
M. Sarifuddin, Rokia Missaoui, Michel Paindavoine, Jean Vaillancourt

13. 3D Face Recognition using ICP and Geodesic Computation Coupled Approach
Boulbaba Ben Amor, Karima Ouji, Mohsen Ardabilian, Faouzi Ghorbel, Liming Chen

Part III. Face Recognition and Shape Analysis

14. A3FD: Accurate 3D Face Detection
Marco Anisetti, Valerio Bellandi, Ernesto Damiani, Luigi Arnone, Benoit Rat

15. Two dimensional discrete statistical shape models construction
Isameddine Boukhriss, Serge Miguet, Laure Tougne

16. A New Distorted Circle Estimator using an Active Contours Approach
Fabrice Mairesse, Tadeusz Sliwa, Yvon Voisin, St’ephane Binczak

17. Detection of Facial Feature Points Using Anthropometric Face Model
Abu Sayeed Md. Sohail, Prabir Bhattacharya

18. Intramodal Palmprint Authentication
Munaga. V.N.K. Prasad, P. Manoj, D. Sudhir Kumar, Atul Negi

Part IV. Multimedia Processing

19. An Implementation of multiple Region-Of-Interest Models in H.264/AVC
Sebastiaan Van Leuven, Kris Van Schevensteen, Tim Dams, Peter Schelkens

20. Rough Sets-Based Image Processing for Deinterlacing
Gwanggil Jeon, Jechang Jeong

21. Intersubband Reconstruction of Lost Low Frequency Coefficients in Wavelet Coded Images
Joost Rombaut, Aleksandra Pižurica, Wilfried Philips

22. Content-Based Watermarking by Geometric Warping and Feature-Based Image Segmentation
Dima Pröfrock, Mathias Schlauweg, Erika Müller

23. Hardware Based Steganalysis
Kang Sun, Xuezeng Pan, Jimin Wang, Lingdi Ping

24. Esophageal speech enhancement using source synthesis and formant patterns modification
Rym Haj Ali, Sofia Ben Jebara

25. Arbitrary Image Cloning
Xinyuan Fu, He Guo, Yuxin Wang, Tianyang Liu, Han Li

26. Iterative Joint Source-Channel Decoding with source statistics estimation: Application to image transmission
Haifa Belhadj, Sonia Zaibi, Ammar Bouallègue

27. AER Imaging
Mohamad Susli, Farid Boussaid, Chen Shoushun, Amine Bermak

28. 28
Mohamed Abadi, Enguerran Grandchamp

Keywords: Computer Science, Multimedia Information Systems, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Computer Communication Networks, Computer Graphics, Information Storage and Retrieval

Publication year
Multimedia Systems and Applications Series
Page amount
352 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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