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Zander, Dani S.

Molecular Pathology of Lung Diseases

Zander, Dani S. - Molecular Pathology <Emphasis Type="Italic">of</Emphasis> Lung Diseases, ebook


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Table of contents

Section 1. Basic Concepts of Molecular Pathology

1. Genes, Gene Products, and Transcription Factors
Philip T. Cagle

2. Receptors, Signaling Pathways, Cell Cycle, and DNA Damage Repair
Philip T. Cagle

3. Cell Adhesion Molecules
Timothy Craig Allen, Philip T. Cagle

4. Apoptosis and Cell Death: Relevance to Lung
Pothana Saikumar, Rekha Kar

5. Roles of Mutation and Epimutation in the Development of Lung Disease
William B. Coleman

Section 2. Techniques and Experimental Systems in Molecular Pathology

6. Bioinformatics and Omics
Timothy Craig Allen, Philip T. Cagle

7. General Approach to Molecular Pathology
Gregory L. Blakey, Daniel H. Farkas

8. Applications of Molecular Tests in Anatomic Pathology
Jennifer L. Hunt, Sanja Dacic

9. Polymerase Chain Reaction and Reverse Transcription&##x2014;Polymerase Chain Reaction
Dwight Oliver

10. Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization in Pathology
Reinhard Ullmann

11. Loss of Heterozygosity in Lung Diseases
Sharon C. Presnell

12. In Situ Hybridization: Principles and Applications for Pulmonary Medicine
Kevin C. Halling, Amy J. Wendel

13. Proteomics
Larry Fowler, Wieslaw Furmaga

14. Animal Models of Lung Disease
Roberto Barrios

15. Tissue Culture Models
Roger A. Vertrees, Thomas Goodwin, Jeffrey M. Jordan, Joseph B. Zwischenberger

Section 3. Molecular Pathology of Pulmonary and Pleural Neoplasms: General Principles

16. Molecular Oncogenesis of Lung Cancer
Arwen A. Stelter, Jingwu Xie

17. Genetic Susceptibility
Philip T. Cagle, Timothy Craig Allen

18. Prognostic Markers
Anna Sienko, Timothy Craig Allen, Philip T. Cagle

19. Pulmonary Angiogenesis in Neoplastic and Nonneoplastic Disorders
Michael P. Keane, Robert M. Strieter

20. Lung Cancer Stem Cells
Timothy Craig Allen, Philip T. Cagle

21. Gene Therapy Approaches for Lung Cancer
Jack A. Roth

22. Response to Conventional Therapy and Targeted Molecular Therapy
Timothy Craig Allen, Anna Sienko, Philip T. Cagle

23. Environmental Agents in Lung and Pleural Neoplasms
Steven R. Blumen, Brooke T. Mossman

24. Viral Oncogenesis
Cindy Noel Berthelot, Stephen K. Tyring

Section 4. Molecular Pathology of Pulmonary and Pleural Neoplasms: Specific Histologic Types

25. Adenocarcinoma and Its Precursor Lesions
Helmut H. Popper

26. Molecular Pathology of Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Its Precursors
Soon-Hee Jung, Bihong Zhao, Li Mao, Jae Y. Ro

27. Molecular Pathology of Large Cell Carcinoma and Its Precursors
Jennifer A. Eleazar, Alain C. Borczuk

28. Small Cell Carcinoma
Elisabeth Brambilla

29. Neuroendocrine Carcinomas and Precursors
Elisabeth Brambilla

30. Pulmonary Lymphomas
Candice C. Black, Norman B. Levy, Gregory J. Tsongalis

31. Posttransplantation Lymphoproliferative Disorder
Aamir Ehsan, Jennifer L. Herrick

32. Unusual Benign and Malignant Neoplasms of Lung: Molecular Pathology
Dongfeng Tan, Guoping Wang, Sadir Alrawi

33. Primary Versus Metastatic Cancer: Gene Expression Profiling
Jaishree Jagirdar, Philip T. Cagle

34. Diffuse Malignant Mesothelioma: Genetic Pathways and Mechanisms of Oncogenesis of Asbestos and Other Agents That Cause Mesotheliomas
Françoise Galateau-Sallé, Jean Michel Vignaud

35. Molecular Pathology of Pediatric Tumors of the Lung
Josefine M. Heim-Hall

Section 5. Molecular Pathology of Pulmonary Infections

36. Basis of Susceptibility to Lung Infection
Frank C. Schmalstieg, Armond S. Goldman

37. Molecular Pathology of Viral Respiratory Diseases
Geoffrey A. Land

38. Molecular Pathology of Rickettsial Lung Infections
J. Stephen Dumler

39. Bacteria
Nabin K. Shrestha, Gary W. Procop

40. Immunopathology of Tuberculosis
Jeffrey K. Actor, Robert L. Hunter, Chinnaswamy Jagannath

41. Molecular Pathology of Fungal Lung Infection
Michael R. McGinnis, Michael B. Smith, Abida K. Haque

42. Parasites
Juan P. Olano

Section 6. Molecular Pathology of Other Nonneoplastic Pulmonary Diseases: General Principles

43. Inflammation
Armando E. Fraire

44. Oxidants and Antioxidants
Hanzhong Liu, Gary A. Visner

45. Epithelial Repair and Regeneration
Steven L. Brody, Jeffrey J. Atkinson

46. Fibrogenesis
John S. Munger, William N. Rom

47. Stem Cells in Nonneoplastic Lung Disorders
Dani S. Zander

48. Gene Therapy in Nonneoplastic Lung Disease
Timothy Craig Allen, Philip T. Cagle

Section 7. Molecular Pathology of Other Nonneoplastic Pulmonary Diseases: Specific Entities

49. Smoking-Related Lung Diseases
Manuel G. Cosio, Helmut H. Popper

50. Heritable α1-Antitrypsin Deficiency
Richard N. Sifers

51. Asthma
David B. Corry, Farrah Kheradmand

52. Cystic Fibrosis
Annick Clement, Harriet Corvol, Brigitte Fauroux

53. Pulmonary Organogenesis and Developmental Abnormalities
Timothy Craig Allen, Philip T. Cagle

54. Genetic Abnormalities of Surfactant Metabolism
Lawrence M. Nogee, Susan E. Wert

55. Usual Interstitial Pneumonia
Marco Chilosi, Bruno Murer, Venerino Poletti

56. Sarcoidosis: Are There Sarcoidosis Genes?
Helmut H. Popper

57. Histiocytic Diseases of the Lung
Carol Farver, Tracey L. Bonfield

58. Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Wim Timens

59. Immunopathology of Pulmonary Vasculitides
Steven N. Emancipator, Philip T. Cagle, Abida K. Haque

60. Asbestosis and Silicosis
Philip T. Cagle, Timothy Craig Allen

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Pathology, Pneumology/Respiratory System

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