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Genetics and Genomics of Soybean

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Table of contents

Part I. Natural History and Genetic Diversity

1. Soybean: Market Driven Research Needs
Richard F. Wilson

2. Soybean Molecular Genetic Diversity
Perry B. Cregan

3. Legume Comparative Genomics
Steven Cannon

4. Phaseolus vulgaris: A Diploid Model for Soybean
Phillip E. McClean, Matt Lavin, Paul Gepts, Scott A. Jackson

Part II. Tools, Resources and Approaches

5. The Soybean Molecular Genetic Linkage Map
Perry B. Cregan

6. Soybean Genome Structure and Organization
Randy C. Shoemaker, Jessica A. Schlueter, Scott A. Jackson

7. Sequence and Assembly of the Soybean Genome
Jeremy Schmutz, Jarrod Chapman, Uffe Hellsten, Daniel Rokhsar

8. Advances in Soybean Breeding
M.S. Pathan, David A. Sleper

9. Forward and Reverse Genetics in Soybean
Kristin D. Bilyeu

10. Bioinformatic Resources for Soybean Genetic and Genomic Research
David Grant, Rex T. Nelson, Michelle A. Graham, Randy C. Shoemaker

Part III. Investigations of Soybean Biology

11. Genomics of Soybean Seed Development
Lila Vodkin, Sarah Jones, Delkin Orlando Gonzalez, Françoise Thibaud-Nissen, Gracia Zabala, Jigyasa Tuteja

12. Genomics of Soybean Oil Traits
David F. Hildebrand, Runzhi Li, Tomoko Hatanaka

13. Genomics of Secondary Metabolism in Soybean
Terry Graham, Madge Graham, Oliver Yu

14. Genomics of Fungal- and Oomycete-Soybean Interactions
Brett M. Tyler

15. Genomics of Insect-Soybean Interactions
Wayne Parrott, David Walker, Shuquan Zhu, H. Roger Boerma, John All

16. Genomics of Viral–Soybean Interactions
M.A. Saghai Maroof, Dominic M. Tucker, Sue A. Tolin

17. Genomics of the Soybean Cyst Nematode-Soybean Interaction
Melissa G. Mitchum, Thomas J. Baum

18. Genomics of Abiotic Stress in Soybean
Babu Valliyodan, Henry T. Nguyen

Part IV. Early Messages

19. The Global Economic Impacts of Roundup Ready Soybeans
Srinivasa Konduru, John Kruse, Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes


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