Gunn, S. William A.

Concepts and Practice of Humanitarian Medicine

Gunn, S. William A. - Concepts and Practice of Humanitarian Medicine, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. The Fundamentals: Human Rights and Health

1. The Right to Health
S. W. A. Gunn

2. Health and Human Rights—A Public Health Perspective
Gudjón Magnússon

3. Health for All or Hell for All? The Role of Leadership in Health Equity
Halfdan Mahler

4. The Declaration of Alma-Ata on Primary Health Care
S. William A. Gunn, Michele Masellis

5. Health and Human Rights: In 25 Questions and Answers
Helena Nygren-Krug

6. Freedom from Fear for Human Well-being: The Need forHumanitarian Medicine in the Prevention of Torture and the Treatment of its Survivors
Jaap A. Walkate

Part II. Humanitarian Medicine

7. Humanitarian Medicine: A Vision and Action
M. Masellis, S.W.A. Gunn

8. Ethical Principles for Everyone in Health Care
C. Rollins Hanlon

9. Quality of Life and Medical Practice
Radana Königová

10. Medical Contributors to Social Progress: A Significant Aspect of Humanitarian Medicine
William C. Gibson

11. Humanitarian Medicine Applied in a Highly Specialized Field: Cardiovascular Surgery
Jan T. Christenson

12. Humanitarian Medicine for a Developing Country: Outreach to Cuba
Paddy Dewan

13. Humanitarian Basic Plastic Surgery
Bishara S. Atiyeh

Part III. International, UN and WHO Cooperation

14. Find New Unity
Kofi Annan

15. Health and Human Rights in International Legal Instruments
S. William A. Gunn, Michele Masellis

16. The United Nations Today: Changes in Policies and Structures—The World Summit and UN Reform
Yves Beigbeder

17. The Critical News Stories You Never Read
Shashi Tharoor

18. United Nations Humanitarian Action and the Role of Non-governmental Organizations
Hanifa Mezoui

19. The UN Founding Fathers and Dr Chisholm
Sir Robert Jackson

20. Brock Chisholm—Doctor to the World
S.W.A. Gunn

21. The Language of International Humanitarian Action: A Brief Terminology
S. W. A. Gunn

Part IV. Disasters and Conflicts

22. Humanitarian Action in Major Emergencies
Boutros Boutros-Ghali

23. The Humanitarian Postulate in Disaster Management
Jean Marie Fonrouge, S. W. A. Gunn

24. Health and Social Issues of Migrants and Refugees
Manuel Carballo

25. Man-Conceived Disasters
S.W.A. Gunn

26. The Nuclear Issue and Pugwash
Sir Joseph Rotblat

27. Quantifiable Effects of Nuclear Conflict on Health and Society
S. W. A. Gunn

28. Avoidable Tragedy Post-Chernobyl—A Critical Analysis
Rosalie Bertell

Part V. Science, Research and Perspectives

29. The Role of Science to Improve the Quality of Life: Reflections on the Post-Genomic Era
Anthony Piel

30. The Ethics of Research: The Responsibility of the Researcher
Ivan Wilhelm

31. The Cost of Not Doing Health Research
William C. Gibson

32. Reflections on the Past, Present and Future of Medicine
Radana Königová

33. Scientists, Doctors and the Nuclear Dilemma
Joseph Rotblat

34. Serving the Global Community Through eHealth: The Role of Academia
Kendall Ho

Part VI. Society, Health and Equity

35. The Humanization of Medicine—A Religious Viewpoint
F. Fabò

36. Urban Social Exclusion—The Samusocial Response
Xavier Emmanuelli

37. Social and Medical Progress Through Patient Education in Chronic Diseases
J.P. Assal

38. An Equitable Society Protects the Health of its Weakest Members: Women and Children
G. Masellis, D. Vezzani, G. Gargano

39. The Humanitarian Force of the UN Millennium Development Goals
Hanifa Mezoui

40. Science and the Health of the Poor
Jong-Wook Lee

41. Poverty and Disease—Health and Prosperity
S. William A. Gunn, Michele Masellis


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