Atzori, Marco

Monoaminergic Modulation of Cortical Excitability

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Table of contents

1.Anatomical Studies of the Monoaminergic System

1. The Discovery of Multiple Serotonin Receptor Subtypes: A Lesson from Molecular Cloning to Functional Expression
Milt Teitler

2. Distribution of D1-Like and D2 Receptors in the Monkey Brain: Implications for Cognitive Function in Schizophrenia
Ladislav Mrzljak, William E. Fieles, Amy M. Medd, Brian L. Largent, Zafar U. Khan

3. Anatomical Characteristics of Norepinephrine Axons in the Prefrontal Cortex: Unexpected Findings That May Indicate Low Activity State in Naïve Animals
Lee Ann H. Miner, Susan R. Sesack

2.Monoaminergic Regulation of Cortical Function

4. Serotonin Modulation of Cortical Activity
Pau Celada, Francesc Artigas

5. Serotonergic Regulation of NMDA Receptor Trafficking and Function in Prefrontal Cortex
Eunice Y. Yuen, Zhen Yan

6. Cross-Modulation Between GABAB and 5-HT Receptors: A Link Between Anxiety and Depression?
Juan C. Pineda, José L. Góngora-Alfaro

7. Serotonin Involvement in Plasticity of the Visual Cortex
Qiang Gu

8. Cellular Mechanisms of Working Memory and its Modulation by Dopamine in the Prefrontal Cortex of Primates and Rats
Guillermo Gonzalez-Burgos, Sven Kröner, Jeremy K. Seamans

9. Dopamine D1 and Glutamate N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptors: An Essential Interplay in Prefrontal Cortex Synaptic Plasticity
María Sol Kruse, Thérèse M. Jay

10. Prefrontal Cortical Synaptic Plasticity: The Roles of Dopamine and Implication for Schizophrenia
Yukiori Goto, Satoru Otani

11. Acquiring the Excitatory and the Inhibitory Action of Dopamine in the Prefrontal Cortex During Postnatal Development
Kuei-Yuan Tseng

12. Dopamine and Noradrenaline Coupling in the Cerebral Cortex
Paola Devoto, Giovanna Flore

13. Regulation of Cortical Functions by the Central Noradrenergic System: Emerging Properties from an Old Friend
Marco Atzori, Humberto Salgado, Kuei-Yuan Tseng

14. Neuromodulation of Cortical Synaptic Plasticity
Alfredo Kirkwood

3.Computational Analyses of Cortical Monoaminergic Function

15. Dopaminergic Modulation of Prefrontal Cortex Network Dynamics
Daniel Durstewitz

16. Stable and Unstable Activation of the Prefrontal Cortex with Dopaminergic Modulation
Shoji Tanaka

17. Dopamine and Norepinephrine Modulation of Cortical and Subcortical Dynamics During Visuomotor Learning
Hernán G. Rey, Sergio E. Lew, B. Silvano Zanutto

4.Monoamines and Psychiatric Disorders

18. Basal Ganglia – Cortex Interactions: Regulation of Cortical Function by D1 Dopamine Receptors in the Striatum
Heinz Steiner

19. Interplay Between Dopamine and Acetylcholine in the Modulation of Attention
Marco Atzori, Rodrigo D. Paz

20. Monoamine-Based Treatments in Schizophrenia: Time to Change the Paradigm?
Rodrigo D. Paz, Kuei-Yuan Tseng

21. Prefrontal Cortical Circuits and Schizophrenia Pathophysiology
Patricio O'Donnell


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