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International Handbook of Historical Archaeology

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Table of contents

2. A North American Perspective on Race and Class in Historical Archaeology
Jamie C. Brandon

3. Ethical Issues in Historical Archaeology
Mary C. Beaudry

4. Colonies, Colonialism, and Cultural Entanglement: The Archaeology of Postcolumbian Intercultural Relations
Kurt A. Jordan

5. Landscape Approaches in Historical Archaeology: The Archaeology of Places
Nicole Branton

6. Historical Archaeology and the Environment: A North American Perspective
Donald L. Hardesty

7. An Update on Zooarchaeology and Historical Archaeology: Progress and Prospects
David B. Landon

8. Going, Going, Gone: Underwater Cultural Resources in Decline
Donald H. Keith, Toni L. Carrell

9. Preparing for an Afterlife on Earth: The Transformation of Mortuary Behavior in Nineteenth-Century North America
Charles H. LeeDecker

10. Making Historical Archaeology Postcolonial
Mark P. Leone

11. The Current State and Future Prospects of Theory in European Post-Medieval Archaeology
Paul Courtney

12. Beyond Consumption: Toward an Archaeology of Consumerism
Teresita Majewski, Michael Brian Schiffer

13. Artifacts and Personal Identity
Carolyn L. White, Mary C. Beaudry

14. Darwinism and Historical Archaeology
Michael J. O’Brien, R. Lee Lyman

15. World-Systems Theory, Networks, and Modern-World Archaeology
Charles E. Orser

16. Wholes, Halves, and Vacant Quarters: Ethnohistory and the Historical Method
Paul R. Picha

17. Industrial Archaeology
Patrick E. Martin

18. Studying the Archaeology of War: A Model Based on the Investigation of Frontier Military Sites in the American Trans-Mississippi West
Douglas D. Scott

19. Men–Women and Children: Gender and the Structuring of Historical Archaeology
Andrea C. Vermeer

20. Interpretive Historical Archaeologies
Laurie A. Wilkie

21. Asian American Studies in Historical Archaeology
Edward Staski

22. Family Resemblances: A Brief Overview of History, Anthropology, and Historical Archaeology in the United States
Barbara J. Little

23. The Archaeology of La Florida
Charles R. Ewen

24. Historical Archaeology in South America
Pedro Funari, Andrés Zarankin, Melisa A. Salerno

25. Historical Archaeology in Central and Northern Mesoamerica: Development and Current Status
Thomas H. Charlton, Patricia Fournier, Cynthia L. Otis Charlton

26. Historical Archaeology in Yucatan and Central America
William R. Fowler

27. Archaeologies of the African Diaspora: Brazil, Cuba, and the United States
Theresa Singleton, Marcos André Torres Souza

28. On the Fringes of New Spain: The Northern Borderlands and the Pacific
Russell K. Skowronek

29. Exploration, Exploitation, Expansion, and Settlement: Historical Archaeology in Canada
Dena Doroszenko

30. An Embarrassment of Riches? Post-Medieval Archaeology in Northern and Central Europe
David Gaimster

31. The Development of Post-Medieval Archaeology in Britain: A Historical Perspective
Geoff Egan

32. The Practice and Substance of Historical Archaeology in Sub-Saharan Africa
Natalie Swanepoel

33. A Sea of Diversity: Historical Archaeology in the Caribbean
Douglas V. Armstrong, Mark W. Hauser

34. French Colonial Archaeology
Gregory A. Waselkov

35. Natives and Newcomers in the Antipodes: Historical Archaeology in Australia and New Zealand
Susan Lawrence, Peter Davies

36. Above and Beyond Ancient Mounds: The Archaeology of the Modern Periods in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean
Uzi Baram

Keywords: Social Sciences, general, Cultural Heritage, Archaeology

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