Jäncke, Lutz

Spatial Processing in Navigation, Imagery and Perception

Jäncke, Lutz - Spatial Processing in Navigation, Imagery and Perception, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Spatial Processing during Mental Imagery: A Neurofunctional Theory
Stephen M. Kosslyn, Jennifer M. Shephard, William L. Thompson

2. The Role of Imagery in Navigation: Neuropsychological Evidence
Cecilia Guariglia, Luigi Pizzamiglio

3. Functional Equivalence of Spatial Images Produced by Perception and Spatial Language
Jack M. Loomis, Roberta L. Klatzky, Marios Avraamides, Yvonne Lippa, Reginald G. Golledge

4. Spatial Processing and View-Dependent Representations
Ranxiao Frances Wang

5. Modeling Mental Spatial Knowledge Processing
Thomas Barkowsky

6. Optic Ataxia: A Gateway to the Human Visual Action System
Marc Himmelbach, Hans-Otto Karnath

7. Interactions Between Cognitive Space and Motor Activity
Bruce Bridgeman, Brian Lathrop

8. Cross-modal Involvement of Visual Cortex in Tactile Perception
K. Sathian, Simon Lacey

9. Neuroanatomy of the Parietal Cortex
Lutz Jäncke

10. Spatial Maps, Feature Integration and Parietal Function: Implications from the Study of Spatial Deficits
Lynn C. Robertson

11. Pigs in Space1: How We Recognize Rotated Objects
Michael Corballis, Branka Milivojevic, Irina Harris

12. Functional Neuroanatomy of Mental Rotation Performance
Lutz Jäncke, Kirsten Jordan

13. Spatial Orientation and Navigation in Microgravity
Charles Oman

14. Spatial Representations in the Rat: Case Study or Perspective on Episodic Memory?
Françoise Schenk, Delphine Preissmann, Chiara Sautter

15. Sensorimotor Transformations in Spatial Orientation Relative to Gravity
Bernhard Hess

16. Sensorimotor Control of Human Dynamic Behavior in Space Implemented into a Hominoid Robot
Thomas Mergner, Christoph Maurer, Georg Schweigart

17. The Ventro-dorsal Stream: Parieto-premotor Neural Circuits and Their Role in Primate Cognition
Vittorio Gallese

18. Mind over Matter? Imagined Body Movements and Their Neuronal Correlates
Fred W. Mast, Laura Bamert, Nathaniel Newby

19. Bottom-up Effects of Sensory Conflict and Adaptation on Mental Imagery: Sensorimotor Grounds for High Level Cognition?
Gilles Rode, Sophie Jacquin-Courtois, Patrice Revol, Laure Pisella, Anne Sylvie Sacri, Dominique Boisson, Yves Rossetti

20. Cortical Processing Of Auditory Space: Pathways And Plasticity
Josef P. Rauschecker

21. Networks for Attentional Control and Selection in SpatialVision
George R. Mangun, Sean P. Fannon


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