Bruley, Duane F.

Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXVIII

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Table of contents

1. Anticoagulant Blood Factor Deficiencies (Protein C)
Duane F. Bruley

2. Hemorheological Aspects in The Microvasculature of Several Pathologies
Giuseppe Cicco, Sebastiano Cicco

3. Clonidine Elicits A Long-Term Depression in Mucosal Red Cell Flux
Artur Fournell, Olaf Picker, Ingo Schwartges, Thomas W.L. Scheeren, Lothar A. Schwarte

4. Real-Time, Automated, Fluorophore Mediated Multi-Cardiac Marker Biosensing System with Nano-Metallic Particle Reagent
Bin Hong, Liang Tang, Yongjie Ren, Kyung A. Kang

5. Pten and Ndufb8 Aberrations in Cervical Cancer Tissue
S.M. Hsieh, D.J. Maguire, N.A. Lintell, M. McCabe, L.R. Griffiths

6. Prediction Of Surgical Site Infections After Major Surgery Using Visible And Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Charlotte L. Ives, D.K. Harrison, G.S. Stansby

7. Application Of Novel Metal Nanoparticles As Optical/Thermal Agents In Optical Mammography And Hyperthermic Treatment For Breast Cancer
Hanzhu Jin, Kyung A. Kang

8. Possible Mechanisms Of Improved Radiation Response By Cytotoxic Rnase, Onconase®, On A549 Human Lung Cancer Xenografts Of Nude Mice
Dae Hong Kim, Eun Ju Kim, Anna Kalota, Alan M. Gewirtz, Jerry Glickson, Kuslima Shogen, Intae Lee

9. Effect Of Ph And Imidazole On Protein C Purification From Cohn Fraction Iv-1 By Imac
James J. Lee, Duane F. Bruley, Kyung A. Kang

10. Predicting Melanoma Metastatic Potential By Optical And Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Lin Z.J. Li, Rong Zhou, Tuoxiu Zhong, Lily Moon, Eun Ju Kim, Qiao Hui, Stephen Pickup, Mary J. Hendrix, Dennis Leeper, Britton Chance, Jerry D. Glickson

11. Analysis of Sdhd and Mmp12 in an Affected Solar Keratosis and Control Cohort
N.A. Lintell, D.J. Maguire, L.R. Griffiths, M. McCabe

12. Wyman’s Equation and Oxygen Flux Through The Red Cell
Michael McCabe, David J. Maguire

13. Simultaneous Measurement of pO2 and Perfusion in The Rabbit Kidney in Vivo
Paul M. O’Connor, Warwick P. Anderson, Michelle M. Kett, Roger G. Evans

14. Pseudogenes and The Electron Transport Chain
H.M. Oey, D.J. Maguire, M. McCabe

15. Intratumoral Vegf and Fgf1 Administration Alters Tumor Growth, Vascular Density, Oxygenation, and Expression of Mcp-1 and Interleukins
Paul Okunieff, Jianzhong Sun, Bruce Fenton, Weimin Liu, Ivan Ding

16. Nitric Oxide in The Kidney Direct measurements of bioavailable renal nitric oxide
Fredrik Palm, Lina Nordquist, Donald G. Buerk

17. Separation Of Protein C From Cohn Fraction Iv-1 By Mini-Antibody
Samin Rezania, Doh G. Ahn, Kyung A. Kang

18. The Role of ATP Sensitive Channels in Insulin Secretion and The Implications in Persistent Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycaemia of Infancy (PHHI)
J.H. Shah, D.J. Maguire, D. Brown, A. Cotterill

19. Triptolide Alters Mitochondrial Functions
Ying Su, Shanmin Yang, Zhenyu Xiao, Wei Wang, Paul Okunieff, Lurong Zhang

20. Immunohistochemical Identification And Localization Of Endogenous Endostatin And Its Related Peptides In Murine Tumors
Jianzhong Sun, Ivan Ding, Bruce Fenton, Won Sam Yi, Paul Okunieff

21. Impact Of Hypoxic And Acidic Extracellular Conditions On Cytotoxicity Of Chemotherapeutic Drugs
Oliver Thews, Birgit Gassner, Debra K Kelleher, Gerald Schwerdt, Michael Gekle

22. Brief Exposure To –2 G Z Reduces Cerebral Oxygenation In Response To Stand Test
Cong C.D. Tran, Muriel Berthelot, Xavier Etienne, Pascal Van Beers, Caroline Dussault, Jean-Claude Jouanin

23. Normal Cardiac Output, Oxygen Delivery And Oxygen Extraction
Christopher B Wolff

24. Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy And Arterial Oxygen Extraction At Altitude
Christopher B. Wolff, Neil Richardson, Oliver Kemp, Anya Kuttler, Roger McMorrow, Nigel Hart, Christopher HE Imray

25. Oxygen Delivery at Sea Level and Altitude (After Slow Ascent to 5000 Meters), at Rest and in Mild Exercise
Christopher B Wolff, C. Douglas Thake, Alexander Truesdell, Daniel Mattison, Lisa Handcock, David J Collier, James S Milledge

26. Increased Sensitivity to Transient Global Ischemia in Aging Rat Brain
Kui Xu, Xiaoyan Sun, Michelle A. Puchowicz, Joseph C. LaManna

27. Single Breath Tracing for Carbon Dioxide in Septic Patients with Tissue Hypoxia
Renzo Zatelli


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