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Drug Courts

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Drug Courts
Glade F. Roper

2. The Disease of Addiction
S. Alex Stalcup

3. The Biologic Basis of Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Olga A. Katz, Nikita B. Katz, Steven Mandel

4. The Sociologic Basis of Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Noosha Niv

5. The Physical Consequences of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Hitoshi Nakaishi

6. Drugs and Alcohol in Pregnancy and the Affected Children
Ira J. Chasnoff

7. The Social Consequences of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Heather R. Hayes, Julie M. Queler

8. The Pharmacologic Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Addiction
Nikita B. Katz, Olga A. Katz, Steven Mandel

9. Co-Occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders
Edward L. Hendrickson, Bert Pepper

10. Counseling Strategies
Kathy R. Lay, Lucy J. King

11. Client Life Skills Training
Jerri E. Thompson, Rick A. Thompson, James E. Lessenger

12. Self-Help and Mutual Aid Organizations
Anne M. Herron, Dee S. Owens

13. Building Supportive Services in Drug Courts
Dennis A. Reilly

14. Drug Testing Methods
Karl Auerbach

15. The Drug and Alcohol Testing Process
Richard L. McIntire, James E. Lessenger, Glade F. Roper

16. Drug Testing Scams
Richard L. McIntire, James E. Lessenger

17. Analysis of Drug Testing Results
Olga A. Katz, Nikita B. Katz, Steven Mandel, James E. Lessenger

18. Juvenile Drug Courts
Cheryl L. Asmus, Denise E. Colombini

19. Drug Court Organization and Operations
Glade F. Roper, James E. Lessenger

20. The Legal Basis for Drug Courts
Glade F. Roper

21. Drug Court Funding Options
Glade F. Roper, Dennis A. Reilly, Dee S. Owens, James E. Lessenger

22. Strategies for Administering Rewards and Sanctions
Douglas B. Marlowe

23. Roadblocks to Success
Glade F. Roper

24. Probation Strategies
Helen Harberts

25. Relapse
Timothy J. Kelly, James M. Gaither, Lucy J. King

26. Law Enforcement and Drug Courts
Ronald R. Thrasher

27. Record Keeping and Statistics
Cary N. Heck, Aaron Roussell

28. Policy Options for the Future
James P. Gray

29. Case Study of Drug Court Intervention
Glade F. Roper


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