Carreiro, Margaret M.

Ecology, Planning, and Management of Urban Forests

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Table of contents

Part I. Perspectives and Approaches in Urban Forestry

1. Introduction: The Growth of Cities and Urban Forestry
Margaret M. Carreiro

2. Toward a Landscape Ecology of Cities: Beyond Buildings, Trees, and Urban Forests
Jianguo Wu

3. Principles for Guiding Eco-City Development
Rüdiger Wittig

4. A Multiple-Indicators Approach to Monitoring Urban Sustainable Development
Kunmin Zhang, Zongguo Wen, Bin Du, Guojun Song

5. Assessment and Valuation of the Ecosystem Services Provided by Urban Forests
Wendy Y. Chen, C. Y. Jim

6. Benefits of Urban Green Space for Improving Urban Climate
Volker Heidt, Marco Neef

7. Applying Ecosystem Management to Urban Forestry
Wayne C. Zipperer

8. Approaches to Urban Forestry in the United Kingdom
Nerys Jones

9. Opportunities and Alternatives for Enhancing Urban Forests in Compact Cities in Developing Countries
C. Y. Jim

10. Urban Ecology Studies in China, with an Emphasis on Shanghai
Yong-Chang Song, Jun Gao

11. Using the Urban–Rural Gradient Approach to Determine the Effects of Land Use on Forest Remnants
Margaret M. Carreiro

12. A Philosophical Basis for Restoring Ecologically Functioning Urban Forests: Current Methods and Results
Akira Miyawaki

Part II. Planning, Managing, and Restoring Urban Forests

13. Strategic Planning for Urban Woodlands in North West England
Keith Jones

14. Landscape Corridors in Shanghai and Their Importance in Urban Forest Planning
Junxiang Li, Yujie Wang, Yong-Chang Song

15. Management of Urban Forests in the United States
J. James Kielbaso

16. The Urban Forest of Nanjing City: Key Characteristics and Management Assessment
Sophia Shuang Chen, C. Y. Jim

17. Urban Forest Structure in Hefei, China
Zemin Wu, Chenglin Huang, Wenyou Wu, Shaoujie Zhang

18. Forests and Forestry in Hesse, Germany: Meeting the Challenge of Multipurpose Forestry
Rolf Schulzke, Sebastian Stoll

19. Experiences in the Management of Urban Recreational Forests in Germany
Michael Jestaedt

20. Modeling the Social Benefits of Urban Parks for Users
Giacomo Secco, Grazia Zulian

21. Potential Leaf Area Index Analyses for the City of Toronto’s Urban Forest
W. A. Kenney

22. Spatial and Temporal Change of Urban Vegetation Distribution in Beijing
Jun Yang, Peng Gong, Jinxing Zhou

23. Long-Term Observations of Secondary Forests Growing on Hard-Coal Mining Spoils in the Industrial Ruhr Region of Germany
Henning Haeupler

24. Selection of Pollution-Tolerant Trees for Restoration of Degraded Forests and Evaluation of the Experimental Restoration Practices at the Ulsan Industrial Complex, Korea
Chang Seok Lee, Yong Chan Cho

25. Restoration Planning for the Seoul Metropolitan Area, Korea
Chang Seok Lee, Yong Chan Cho, An Na Lee

26. The Construction of Near-Natural Forests in the Urban Areas of Shanghai
Liang-Jun Da, Yong-Chang Song

Part III. Synthesis and Directions for Future Research, Planning, and Implementation

27. Urban Forestry and the Eco-City: Today and Tomorrow
Margaret M. Carreiro, Wayne C. Zipperer

Keywords: Life Sciences, Urban Ecology, Applied Ecology, Forestry Management, Environmental Management, Ecosystems, Nature Conservation

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