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Devices for Cardiac Resynchronization

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Table of contents

Section I.Indications and Implantation for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

1. Do the Official Guidelines for Cardiac ResynchronizationTherapy Need to Be Changed?
Nadim G. Khan, Anne B. Curtis, Bengt Herweg, S. Serge Barold

2. Alternative Techniques for Left Ventricular Lead Placement
Shane Bailey, Bruce L. Wilkoff

3. Importance of the Right Ventricular Pacing Site in Cardiac Resynchronization
Gaöl Jauvert, Christine Alonso, Serge Cazeau, Arnaud Lazarus, Philippe Ritter

4. Alternative Means of Achieving Cardiac Resynchronization
Michael O. Sweeney

5. CRT-Pacing Only Versus CRT-Defibrillator
Arthur J. Moss

6. Upgrading Conventional Pacemakers to CRT: Indications and Technical Considerations
Safwat A. Gassis, Angel R. León

Section II.Cardiac Resynchronization for Heart Failure

7. Update of Cardiac Resynchronization Trials
S. Serge Barold, Bengt Herweg

8. Cardiac Resynchronization for Heart Failure: Do We Need More Trials?
Sunil T. Mathew, Christina M. Murray, Dwight W. Reynolds

9. Should Cardiac Resynchronization Be Considered for the Prevention of Heart Failure?
I. Eli Ovsyshcher, S. Serge Barold

10. Left Bundle Branch Block–Induced Cardiomyopathy: A New Concept of Mechanically Induced Cardiomyopathy
Jean Jacques Blanc, Marjaneh Fatemi, Philippe Castellant, Yves Etienne

11. Role of Echocardiography Before CRT Implantation: Can We Predict Nonresponders?
Gabe B. Bleeker, Nico van der Veire, Martin J. Schalij, Jeroen J. Bax

12. Role of Echocardiography After Implantation of a Cardiac Resynchronization System
Serge Cazeau, Stéphane Garrigue, Stéphane Laffitte, Philippe Ritter, S. Serge Barold

Section III.Advances in Technology

13. Recent Advances in the Technology of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
Carsten W. Israel, S. Serge Barold

14. Advances in Left Ventricular Pacing Leads
Luigi Padeletti

15. New Pacing Algorithms and Functions in CRT Devices
Roland X. Stroobandt, Alfons F. Sinnaeve, S. Serge Barold

16. Significance of Latency During Left Ventricular Pacing for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
Bengt Herweg, Arzu Ilercil, Chris Madramootoo, Nadim G. Khan, S. Serge Barold

17. Programmability of the Interventricular Interval During Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
S. Serge Barold, Arzu Ilercil, Bengt Herweg

18. Hemodynamic Sensors in Heart Failure Devices
Chu-Pak Lau, Hung-Fat Tse

19. Assessment of Single-Shock Defibrillation Testing of Biventricular ICDs
B. Judson Colley, Michael R Gold

Section IV.Follow-up

20. How to Program CRT Devices
Christophe Leclercq, Oliver Césari, Philippe Mabo, J. Claude Daubert

21. Programming and Follow-up of CRT and CRTD Devices
Michael O. Sweeney

22. The Standard Electrocardiogram During Cardiac Resynchronization
S. Serge Barold, Michael Giudici, Bengt Herweg

23. Cardiac Arrhythmias After Cardiac Resynchronization
S. Serge Barold, Bengt Herweg

24. Advances in CRT Device Diagnostics
Jeffrey Wing-Hong Fung, Cheuk-Man Yu

25. Complex Issues in the Follow-up of CRT Devices
Lieselot Erven, Claudia Ypenburg, Martin J. Schalij

26. Recurrent Heart Failure and Appropriate Evaluation After Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
Juan M. Aranda


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