Finger, Stanley

Brain, Mind and Medicine: Essays in Eighteenth-Century Neuroscience

Finger, Stanley - Brain, Mind and Medicine: Essays in Eighteenth-Century Neuroscience, ebook


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Table of contents

Section A.Introduction

1. Chronology
C. U. M. Smith

Section B.Background

2. Brain and Mind in the ‘Long’ Eighteenth Century
C. U. M. Smith

3. Enlightening Neuroscience: Microscopes and Microscopy in the Eighteenth Century
Brian J. Ford

4. Corpus Curricula: Medical Education and the Voluntary Hospital Movement
Jonathan Reinarz

5. Some Thoughts on the Medical Milieu in the Last Quarter of the Eighteenth Century as Reflected in the Life and Activities of James Parkinson (1755–1824)
Christopher Gardner-Thorpe

Section C.The Nervous System

6. John Hunter's Contributions to Neuroscience
James L. Stone, James T. Goodrich, George R. Cybulski

7. William Cullen (1710–1790) and Robert Whytt (1714–1766) on the Nervous System
Julius Rocca

8. 1710: The Introduction of Experimental Nervous System Physiology and Anatomy by François Pourfour du Petit
Lawrence Kruger, Larry W. Swanson

9. Irritable Glue: The Haller–Whytt Controversy on the Mechanism of Muscle Contraction
Eugenio Frixione

10. The Taming of the Electric Ray: From a Wonderful and Dreadful “Art” to “Animal Electricity” and “Electric Battery”
Marco Piccolino

11. Luigi Galvani, Physician, Surgeon, Physicist: From Animal Electricity to Electro-Physiology
Miriam Focaccia, Raffaella Simili

Section D.Brain and Behaviour

12. The Vision of William Porterfield
Nicholas J. Wade

13. David Hartley's Neural Vibrations and Psychological Associations
Robert B. Glassman, Hugh W. Buckingham

14. Charles Bonnet's Neurophilosophy
Harry Whitaker, Yves Turgeon

15. Swedenborg and Localization Theory
Ulf Norrsell

Section E.Medical Theories and Applications

16. Neuroscience in the Work of Boerhaave and Haller
Peter J. Koehler

17. Apoplexy: Changing Concepts in the Eighteenth Century
Catherine E. Storey

18. Benjamin Franklin and the Electrical Cure for Disorders of the Nervous System
Stanley Finger

19. Gentleman's Magazine, the Advent of Medical Electricity, and Disorders of the Nervous System
Hannah Sypher Locke, Stanley Finger

20. Therapeutic Attractions: Early Applications of Electricity to the Art of Healing
Paola Bertucci

21. John Wesley on the Estimation and Cure of Nervous Disorders
James G. Donat

22. Franz Anton Mesmer and the Rise and Fall of Animal Magnetism: Dramatic Cures, Controversy, and Ultimately a Triumph for the Scientific Method
Douglas J. Lanska, Joseph T. Lanska

23. Hysteria in the Eighteenth Century
Diana Faber

Section F.Cultural Consequences

24. Technological Metaphors and the Anatomy of Representations in Eighteenth-Century French Materialism and Dualist Mechanism
Timo Kaitaro

25. Explorations of the Brain, Mind and Medicine in the Writings of Jonathan Swift
Marjorie Perlman Lorch

26. Temperament and the Long Shadow of Nerves in the Eighteenth Century
George Rousseau


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