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Genetics and Genomics of Cotton

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Table of contents

1. Natural History and Genetic Diversity

1. Evolution and Natural History of the Cotton Genus
Jonathan F. Wendel, Curt Brubaker, Ines Alvarez, Richard Cronn, James McD. Stewart

2. The Worldwide Gene Pool of G. hirsutum and its Improvement
Edward L. Lubbers, Peng W. Chee

3. The Worldwide Gene Pool of Gossypium barbadense L. and Its Improvement
Richard G. Percy

4. The Worldwide Gene Pools of Gossypium arboreum L. and G. herbaceum L., and Their Improvement
Venkatesh N. Kulkarni, Basavaraj M. Khadi, Manjula S. Maralappanavar, Lalitadas A. Deshapande, S. S. Narayanan

2. Genomic Tools, Resources and Approaches

Gossypium DNA Markers: Types, Numbers, and Uses
Mehboob-ur-Rahman, Yusuf Zafar, Andrew H. Paterson

6. Physical Composition and Organization of the Gossypium Genomes
Lifeng Lin, Andrew H. Paterson

7. The Gossypium Transcriptome
Joshua A. Udall

8. Genetic Engineering of Cotton
Norma L. Trolinder

9. Mutagenesis Systems for Genetic Analysis of Gossypium

Dick Auld, Ginger G. Light, Mohamed Fokar, Efrem Bechere, Randy D. Allen

Gossypium Bioinformatics Resources
Alan R. Gingle

3. Bridging Classical and Genomic Investigations of Cotton Biology

11. Bridging Classical and Molecular Cytogenetics of Gossypium

N’Guessan Olivier Konan, Jean-Pierre Baudoin, Angélique D’Hont, Guy Mergeai

12. Bridging Classical and Molecular Genetics of Cotton Fiber Quality and Development
Peng W. Chee, B. Todd Campbell

13. Bridging Classical and Molecular Genetics of Cotton Disease Resistance
Robert J. Wright, Chen Niu, Bay Nguyen

14. Bridging Classical and Molecular Genetics of Abiotic Stress Resistance in Cotton
Yehoshua Saranga, Andrew H. Paterson, Avishag Levi

15. Bridging Traditional and Molecular Genetics in Modifying Cottonseed Oil
Qing Liu, Surinder Singh, Kent Chapman, Allan Green

4. Early Messages

16. Genomics of Cotton Fiber Secondary Wall Deposition and Cellulose Biogenesis
Candace H. Haigler, Bir Singh, Guirong Wang, Deshui Zhang

17. Responses of the Cotton Genome to Polyploidy
Keith L. Adams, Lex Flagel, Jonathan F. Wendel

18. Comparative Genomics of Cotton and Arabidopsis

Junkang Rong, Andrew H. Paterson

19. Impacts on Agroecosystems of Transgenic Insect and Herbicide Resistance in Cotton
Lawrence C. Davis

5. Synthesis

20. Toward Characterizing the Spectrum of Diversity in the Gossypium Genus
Andrew H. Paterson

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Genetics & Genomics, Plant Pathology, Plant Biochemistry, Food Science

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Plant Genetics and Genomics: Crops and Models
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523 pages
Natural Sciences

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