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Advances in Information Systems Development

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Table of contents

1. Preserving Semantics of the Whole-Part Relationships in the Object-Relational Databases
Erki Eessaar

2. Directing and Enacting the Information System
Björn Abelli

3. Several Outlines of Graph Theory in Framework of MDA
Natalja Pavlova

4. Designing Software Components for Database Consistency – An Enterprise Modeling Approach
Lars Jakobsson, Peter Bellström

5. Trust-Related Requirements: A Taxonomy
Guttorm Sindre

6. Design of a Peer-to-Peer Information Sharing MAS Using MOBMAS (Ontology-Centric Agent Oriented Methodology)
N. Tran, G. Beydoun, G. Low

7. Recognition and Resolution of Linguistic Conflicts: The Core to a Successful View and Schema Integration
Peter Bellström, Jürgen Vöhringer, Alexander Salbrechter

8. Contextual Method Integration
Mauri Leppänen

9. A Framework for Situational and Evolutionary Language Adaptation in Information Systems Development
Jörg Becker, Christian Janiesch, Stefan Seidel, Christian Brelage

10. Towards Estimating Quality of Experience with Passive Bottleneck Detection Metrics
Pál Varga, Gergely Kún, Gábor Sey

11. Socio-Technical Perspectives on Design Science in IS Research
Jörg Becker, Björn Niehaves, Christian Janiesch

12. Modeling Objects Dynamics in Conceptual Models
Vaclav Repa

13. An Interoperability Classification Framework for Method Chunk Repositories
Per Backlund, Jolita Ralyté, Manfred A. Jeusfeld, Harald Kühn, Nicolas Arni-Bloch, Jan B. M. Goossenaerts, Frank Lillehagen

14. Configurable Satisfiability Propagation for Goal Models Using Dynamic Compilation Techniques
Elena Navarro, Patricio Letelier, David Reolid, Isidro Ramos

15. Cookie-Chain Based Discovery of Relation between Internet Users and Real Persons
Csaba Legány, Attila Babos, Sándor Juhász

16. Requirements Modeling and MDA – Proposal for a Combined Approach
Christian Kop, Heinrich C. Mayr, Nataliya Yevdoshenko

17. Moral Problems in Industry-Academia Partnership – The Viewpoint of Clients on a Project Course
Tero Vartiainen

18. Outlining “Data Track”: Privacy-friendly Data Maintenance for End-users
John Sören Pettersson, Simone Fischer-Hübner, Mike Bergmann

19. Improving Trust in E-Government Through Paralingual Web Design
Roy Segovia, Murray E. Jennex

20. A Study of E-mail Marketing: Why Do People Read and Forward E-mail?
Hsi-Pen Lu, Hsin-Chiau Fu, Chia-Hui Yen

21. Key Issues in Information Systems Management in Companies in Slovenia
Stanislav Sotlar, Jože Zupancic

22. Enterprise Information Systems – Eight Significant Conditions
Anders G. Nilsson

23. Success Factors Across ERP Implementation Phases: Learning from Practice
Piotr Soja

24. Building the Enterprise Architecture: A Bottom-Up Evolution?
Hakan P. Sundberg

25. Contract Type and Pricing Structure and the Practice of Information Systems Development – An Economical Perspective
Karlheinz Kautz, Bjarke Nielsen

26. An Approach of the Knowledge Management for the Development of the Organisational Commitment
Adriana Schiopoiu Burlea

27. Educational Management Information Systems: An Example for Developing Countries
John Traxler

28. Management Support Systems Design: A Competing Values Approach
Sven A. Carlsson, Jonas Hedman

29. Activity Based Costing System for a Medium-sized Trade Company
Arkadiusz Januszewski

30. Managing a Software Development Organization with a TQM Approach for Balance in a Period of Rapid Growth
Mirja Pulkkinen, Marko Forsell

31. Knowledge Management in Higher Education: A Case Study in a Large Modern UK University
Anne Slater, Robert Moreton

32. Creating Value-Adding IT Solutions for SMEs. A Field Study from Poland
Przemyslaw Lech

33. How is Project Success Affected by Replacing the Project Manager?
Tero Vartiainen, Maritta Pirhonen

34. Virtual Organisation Governance by Example of Virtual University
Malgorzata Pankowska

35. Practical Experiences in Web Engineering
M. J. Escalona, J. J. Gutierrez, D. Villadiego, A. León, J. Torres

36. Derivation of Test Objectives Automatically
J. J. Gutierrez, M. J. Escalona, M. Mejías, J. Torres

37. Examining OSS Sucess: Information Technology Acceptance by FireFox Users
Andrzej Sllomka, Tomasz Przechlewski, Stanisllaw Wrycza

38. Ontology-based User Modeling for Web-based Information Systems
Anton Andrejko, Michal Barla, Mária Bieliková

39. IT-Supported Inter-Organizational Services – The Case of a Swedish E-business Portal for Electronic Invoicing for Regional SMEs
Odd Fredriksson

40. What Makes a Good Diagram? Improving the Cognitive Effectiveness of Diagrams in IS Development
Daniel Moody

41. Searching The Deep Web: The WOW project
Domonkos Tikk, Zsolt T. Kardkovács, Gabor Magyar

42. Formal Grammars for Conformance Testing
Csaba V. Rotter


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