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Advances in Information Systems Development

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Table of contents

1. A Revised Perspective on Documentation Practices in the Modern Organisation
J. Coady, R. Pooley

2. Towards a Dialectic Understanding of Enterprise Systems – Vendor Challenges and Contradictory Rhetoric
Stig Nordheim

3. Understanding Strategic ISD Project in Practice – An ANT Account of Success and Failure
Rebecca Abrahall, Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic, Karlheinz Kautz

4. How Can Organizations Achieve Competitive Advantages Using ERP Systems Through Managerial Processes?
Carl Erik Moe, Erik Fosser, Ole Henrik Leister, Mike Newman

5. Novel Approach to BCG Analysis in the Context of ERP System Implementation
Neven Vrcek, Željko Dobrovic, Dragutin Kermek

6. Approach to Enterprise Knowledge Base Development
Saulius Gudas, Rasa Brundzaite

7. Co-designing Models for Enterprises and Information Systems – A Case for Language Integration
Peter Rittgen

8. The Integration of Functional Decomposition with UML Notation in Business Process Modelling
Adam Przybylek

9. The Framework for Adaptable Data Analysis System Design
Olegas Vasilecas, Aidas Smaizys

10. A Comparative Review of Approaches for Database Schema Integration
Aiste Aleksandraviciene, Rimantas Butleris

11. Strategic Use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Sports: The Rosenborg Case
Bjørn Furuholt, Nils Georg Skutle

12. Towards Knowledge Management Oriented Information System: Supporting Research Activities at the Technical University
Marite Kirikova, Janis Grundspenkis

13. An Architecture for Highly Available and Dynamically Upgradeable Web Services
Nearchos Paspallis, George A. Papadopoulos

14. Distributed Service Development in Personal Area Networks
Miklós Aurél Rónai, Kristóf Fodor, Gergely Biczók, Zoltán Turányi, András Valkó

15. Using a SOA Paradigm to Integrate with ERP Systems
António Martins, Pedro Carrilho, Miguel Mira da Silva, Carlos Alves

16. SOA-MDK: Towards a Method Development Kit for Service Oriented System Development
Balbir S. Barn, Hilary Dexter, Samia Oussena, Dan Sparks

17. An Analysis of the Internal Structure and its Development of Virtual Organizations in the Grid
William Song, Xiaoming Li

18. Mobile Systems Development: Exploring the Fit of XP
Ole Pedersen, Martin Lund Kristiansen, Marc Nyboe Kammersgaard, Jens Henrik Hosbond

19. Implementation of Server on Grid System: A Super Computer Approach
Md. Ahsan Arefin, Md. Shiblee Sadik

20. Customizing Groupware for Different Collaborative Needs
Igor Hawryszkiewycz

21. Proposal for a System Based on the Universal Design Approach for Providing Tourism Information by Linking RFID and GIS
Akihiro Abe, Nobuyuki Maita, Yasunori Ooshida, Toru Kano

22. Industrial Automated Fingerprint-Based Identification System
Paulius Zubavicius, Antanas Cenys, Lukas Radvilavicius

23. Database Architectures: Current Trends and their Relationships to Requirements of Practice
Jaroslav Pokorný

24. The IT Culture as an Obstacle to the Adoption of an ERP: Case of a High-Tech SME
R. Meissonier, E. Houzé, N. Belbaly

25. An Analysis of Communication Technologies for Distributed Embedded Systems in Industrial Process Automation
Pavel Rusakov, Dmitry Mikoyelov

26. How to Identify Objectives and Genres in E-Democracy Projects: Learning from an Action Case Study
Øystein Sæbø

27. Replacing a Human Agent by an Automatic Reverse Directory Service
Géza Németh, Csaba Zainkó, Géza Kiss, Gábor Olaszy, László Fekete, Domokos Tóth

28. Topic Identification by the Combination of Fuzzy Thesaurus and Complexity Pursuit
Sándor Szaszkó, László T. Kóczy

29. Long-term Preservation of Electronic Information – A study of Seven Swedish Governmental Organizations
Viveca Asproth

30. The Managing and Complex Querying of the Digital Medical Images Collections
Liana Stanescu, Dumitru Dan Burdescu, Marius Brezovan

31. Semantic Execution of BPEL Processes
Péter Martinek, Béla Szikora

32. MEO Ontology Infrastructure
István Szakadát, Miklós Szots, György Gyepesi

33. A Semantic-Based Web Service Composition Framework
H- M. Haav, T. Tammet, V. Kadarpik, K. Kindel, M. Kääramees

34. Community-Based Partnerships in the Design of Information Systems: The Case of the Knowledge Commons
Natalie Pang, Henry Linger, Don Schauder

35. ICT Solution and Network Capabilities Development: The Role of the Codification Process in the KMP Experience
Pierre-Jean Barlatier, Catherine Thomas

36. Ontology as an Information Base for a Family of Domain Oriented Portal Solutions
Michal Barla, Peter Bartalos, Peter Sivák, Kristián Szobi, Michal Tvarožek, Roman Filkorn

37. Business Rules in Clinical Trials
Olegas Vasilecas, Evaldas Lebedys

38. On Some Inferences Based on Stratified Forward Chaining: An Application to E-Government
El-Hassan Bezzazi

39. Requirements Determination for Knowledge Management Systems in Information Technology Outsourcing Relationships
Dolphy M. Abraham

40. Using Concept Maps in Adaptive Knowledge Assessment
Alla Anohina, Vita Graudina, Janis Grundspenkis

41. Term Clustering and Confidence Measurement in Document Clustering
Kristóf Csorba, István Vajk

42. Automation of the Ontology Axioms Transformation into Information Processing Rules Model
Olegas Vasilecas, Diana Bugaite

43. Using Common Process Patterns for Semantic Web Service Composition
Xiaofeng Du, William Song, Malcolm Munro

44. Categories Extraction for Reuse in Semantic Applications and Profile Based Recommendation Service
Vytautas Taujanskas, Rimantas Butleris

45. Knowledge and Decision-Making within Software Projects
Birinder Sandhawalia, Darren Dalcher


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