Stoinski, T. S.

Conservation in the 21st Century: Gorillas as a Case Study

Stoinski, T. S. - Conservation in the 21st Century: Gorillas as a Case Study, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Current Status of Gorillas

1. Current Status of Wild Gorilla Populations and Strategies for Their Conservation
Patrick T. Mehlman

II. Approaches—On the Ground

2. Conservation Medicine for Gorilla Conservation

3. Sanctuaries and Reintroduction: A Role in Gorilla Conservation?
Kay H. Farmer, Amos Courage

4. Responsible Tourism: A Conservation Tool or Conservation Threat?
Carla A. Litchfield

5. Chimpanzee Conservation and Theatre: A Case Study of an Awareness Project Around the Taï National Park, Côte d'Ivoire
Christophe Boesch, Claude Gnakouri, Luis Marques, Grégoire Nohon, Ilka Herbinger, Francis Lauginie, Hedwige Boesch, Séverin Kouamé, Moustapha Traoré, Francis Akindes

6. The Value of Long-Term Research: The Mountain Gorilla as a Case Study
Netzin Gerald Steklis, H. Dieter Steklis

7. The Art and Zen of Camera Trapping
Jim Sanderson

III. Approaches—Tools

8. An Experiment in Managing the Human Animal: The PHVA Process and Its Role in Conservation Decision-Making
Philip S. Miller, Frances R. Westley, Ann P. Byers, Robert C. Lacy

9. Approaches to Corridor Planning: Transitioning TAMARIN from Mata Atlantica to Madagascar
Karl Morrison, Charlotte Boyd, Keith Alger, Miroslav Honzák

10. Linking the Community Options Analysis and Investment Toolkit (COAIT), Consensys® and Payment for Environmental Services (PES): A Model to Promote Sustainability in African Gorilla Conservation
Michael Brown, Jean Martial Bonis-Charancle, Zephyrin Mogba, Rachna Sundararajan, Rees Warne

11. An Integrated Geomatics Research Program for Mountain Gorilla Behavior and Conservation
H. Dieter Steklis, Scott Madry, Nick Faust, Netzin Gerald Steklis, Eugene Kayijamahe

12. Biomaterials in Gorilla Research and Conservation
Cathi Lehn

IV. Approaches—Building Regional and International Alliances

13. Transboundary Conservation in the Virunga-Bwindi Region
Annette Lanjouw

14. The Great Ape World Heritage Species Project
Richard W. Wrangham, Gali Hagel, Mark Leighton, Andrew J. Marshall, Paul Waldau, Toshisada Nishida

15. Conservation Through Scientific Collaboration: Case Study—Western-gorilla.org
Emma J. Stokes

16. Zoos and Conservation: Moving Beyond a Piecemeal Approach
Tara S. Stoinski, Kristen E. Lukas, Michael Hutchins

17. The Bushmeat Crisis Task Force (BCTF)
Heather E. Eves, Michael Hutchins, Natalie D. Bailey

Keywords: Life Sciences, Evolutionary Biology, Zoology

Publication year
Developments in Primatology: Progress and Prospects
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377 pages
Natural Sciences

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