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Androgen Action in Prostate Cancer

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Table of contents

2. Androgen Action and Modulation of Prostate and Prostate Cancer Growth: An Historical Perspective
Shutsung Liao, John M. Kokontis, Chih-Pin Chuu, Richard A. Hiipakka

3. Clinical Progression to Castration-Recurrent Prostate Cancer
Mark Pomerantz, Philip Kantoff

Differential Roles of Androgen Receptor in Prostate Development and Cancer Progression
Shuyuan Yeh, Yuanjie Niu, Hiroshi Miyamoto, Tamin Chang, Chawnshang Chang

5. Imaging Androgen Receptor Function In Vivo
Michael Carey, Lily Wu

6. Increased Expression of Genes Converting Adrenal Androgens to Testosterone in Castration-Recurrent Prostate Cancer
Steven P. Balk

7. Androgen-Metabolic Genes in Prostate Cancer Predisposition and Progression
Juergen K.V. Reichardt, Ann W. Hsing

8. Effect of Steroid 5?-Reductase Inhibitors on Markers of Tumor Regression and Proliferation in Prostate Cancer
Lynn N. Thomas, Roger S. Rittmaster

9. 5?-Reductase Isozymes in Castration-Recurrent Prostate Cancer
Mark A. Titus, James L. Mohler

10. Improving Intermittent Androgen-Deprivation Therapy: OFF Cycle and the Role of Steroid 5?-Reductase Inhibitors
Shubham Gupta, Daniel Shevrin, Zhou Wang

11. Insights from AR Gene Mutations
Grant Buchanan, Eleanor F. Need, Tina Bianco-Miotto, Norman M. Greenberg, Howard I. Scher, Margaret M. Centenera, Lisa M. Butler, Diane M. Robins, Wayne D. Tilley

12. Functional Motifs of the Androgen Receptor
Elizabeth M. Wilson

13. The Role of the Androgen Receptor Polyglutamine Tract in Prostate Cancer: In Mice and Men
Diane M. Robins

14. The Androgen Receptor Coactivator-Binding Interface
Eva Estébanez-Perpiñá, Robert J. Fletterick

15. Coregulators and the Regulation of Androgen Receptor Action in Prostate Cancer
Irina U. Agoulnik, Nancy L. Weigel

16. Androgen Receptor Coregulators and Their Role in Prostate Cancer
Latif A. Wafa, Robert Snoek, Paul S. Rennie

17. Interaction of the Androgen Receptor Ligand-Binding Domain with the N-Terminal Domain and with Coactivators
Jan Trapman

18. Multitasking and Interplay Between the Androgen Receptor Domains
F. Claessens, T. Tanner, A. Haelens

19. Chromatin Remodeling and Androgen Receptor-Mediated Transcription
Li Jia, Omar Khalid, Baruch Frenkel, Gerhard A. Coetzee

20. Ligand-Independent Androgen Receptor Activity
Scott M. Dehm, Donald J. Tindall

21. Role of IL-6 in Regulating the Androgen Receptor
Zoran Culig, Alfred Hobisch

22. The Role of Cyclic AMP in Regulating the Androgen Receptor
Marianne D. Sadar

23. Cellular and Molecular Signatures of Androgen Ablation of Prostate Cancer
Clifford G. Tepper, Hsing-Jien Kung

24. Tissue Levels of Androgens in Castration-Recurrent Prostate Cancer
James L. Mohler, Mark A. Titus

25. Unique Effects of Wnt Signaling on Prostate Cancer Cells: Modulation of the Androgen Signaling Pathway by Interactions of the Androgen Receptor Gene and Protein with Key Components of the Canonical Wnt Signaling Pathway
Matthew J. Tanner, Elina Levina, Michael Shtutman, Mengqian Chen, Patrice Ohouo, Ralph Buttyan

26. The Role of Foxa Proteins in the Regulation of Androgen Receptor Activity
David J. DeGraff, Xiuping Yu, Qian Sun, Janni Mirosevich, Ren Jie Jin, Yongqing Wang, Aparna Gupta, Srinivas Nandana, Thomas Case, Manik Paul, Hong-Ying Huang, Ellen Shapiro, Susan Logan, Kichiya Suzuki, Marie-Claire Orgebin-Crist, Robert J. Matusik

27. Androgen Receptor as a Licensing Factor for DNA Replication
Donald J. J. Vander Griend, John T. Isaacs

28. Androgen-Regulated Genes in the Prostate
Nigel Clegg, Peter S. Nelson

29. Mapping the Androgen Receptor Cistrome
Qianben Wang, Myles Brown

30. Differential Regulation of Clusterin Isoforms by the Androgen Receptor
Tanya K. Day, Colleen C. Nelson, Martin E. Gleave

31. Androgen Regulation of Prostate Cancer Gene Fusions
Rou Wang, Scott A. Tomlins, Arul M. Chinnaiyan

32. Androgens and the Lipogenic Switch in Prostate Cancer
Johannes V. Swinnen, Koen Brusselmans, Hannelore V. Heemers, Guido Verhoeven

33. Molecular Biology of Novel Targets Identified Through Study of Castration-Recurrent Prostate Cancer
Philip A. Watson, Charles L. Sawyers

34. Selenium and Androgen Receptor in Prostate Cancer
Nagalakshmi Nadiminty, Allen C. Gao

Keywords: Biomedicine, Virology, Immunology, Pharmacology/Toxicology, Medical Microbiology, Human Genetics, Cancer Research

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