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Advances in Molecular Oncology

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Table of contents

Section 1.Genome Instability, Checkpoints, and the Cell Cycle

1. Comparison of DNA Replication in Xenopus laevis and Simian Virus 40
Maren Oehlmann, Cathal Mahon, Heinz-Peter Nasheuer

2. A Genetic Screen Implicates miRNA-372 and miRNA-373 as Oncogenes in Testicular Germ Cell Tumors
P. Mathijs Voorhoeve, Carlos le Sage, Mariette Schrier, Ad J. M. Gillis, Hans Stoop, Remco Nagel, Ying-Poi Liu, Josyanne van Duijse, Jarno Drost, Alexander Griekspoor, Eitan Zlotorynski, Norikazu Yabuta, Gabriella De Vita, Hiroshi Nojima, Leendert H. J. Looijenga, Reuven Agami

3. An Investigation into 53BP1 Complex Formation
Kevin C. Roche, Noel F. Lowndes

4. Short Abstracts – Session I
Inder M. Verma

Section 2.Tumor and Microenvironment Interactions

5. Tumor Promotion by Tumor-Associated Macrophages
Chiara Porta, Biswas Subhra Kumar, Paola Larghi, Luca Rubino, Alessandra Mancino, Antonio Sica

6. The AP-2a Transcription Factor Regulates Tumor Cell Migration and Apoptosis
Francesca Orso, Michela Fassetta, Elisa Penna, Alessandra Solero, Katia De Filippo, Piero Sismondi, Michele De Bortoli, Daniela Taverna

7. Modulatory Actions of Neuropeptide Y on Prostate Cancer Growth: Role of MAP Kinase/ERK 1/2 Activatio
Massimiliano Ruscica, Elena Dozio, Marcella Motta, Paolo Magni

8. Short Abstracts – Session II
Thea D. Tlsty

Section 3.Animal Models

9. The Arf Tumor Suppressor in Acute Leukemias: Insights from Mouse Models of Bcr–Abl-Induced Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Richard T. Williams, Charles J. Sherr

10. Short Abstracts – Session III
Maria A. Blasco

Section 4.Transcription and Epigenetics

11. Short Abstracts – Session IV
Peter A. Jones

Section 5.High-Throughput Approaches and Imaging

12. Identification and Validation of the Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma Signature
Roberto Piva, Elisa Pellegrino, Giorgio Inghirami

13. Cell-Cycle Inhibitor Profiling by High-Content Analysis
Fabio Gasparri, Antonella Ciavolella, Arturo Galvani

14. Short Abstracts – Session V
GaetanoIvan Dellino

Section 6.Novel Pathways and Therapeutic Targets

15. Regulation for Nuclear Targeting of the Abl Tyrosine Kinase in Response to DNA Damage
Kiyotsugu Yoshida

16. Short Abstracts – Session VI
William C. Hahn

Section 7.Poster Abstracts

17. Poster Abstracts
P. P. DiFiore


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