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Hormonal Carcinogenesis V

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Table of contents

1. Relevance of the Concept of Oncogene Addiction to Hormonal Carcinogenesis and Molecular Targeting in Cancer Prevention and Therapy
Bernard Weinstein

2. What Can We Learn about Breast Cancer from Stem Cells?
Michael F. Clarke

3. Ovarian Cancer: Linking Genomics to New Target Discovery and Molecular Markers — The Way Ahead
Bryan T. Hennessy, Mandi Murph, Meera Nanjundan, Mark Carey, Nelly Auersperg, Jonas Almeida, Kevin R. Coombes, Jinsong Liu, Yiling Lu, Joe W. Gray, Gordon B. Mills

4. Cdk1, Plks, Auroras, and Neks: The Mitotic Bodyguards
Patrick Salaun, Yoann Rannou, Prigent Claude

5. Women’s Health Research: Perspectives from the National Institutes of Health
Vivian W. Pinn

I.Celluar Origins of Endocrine-related Cancers

6. Stem Cells, Hormones, and Mammary Cancer
Gilbert H. Smith

7. The Origin of Estrogen Receptor a-Positive and a-Negative Breast Cancer
Robert B. Clarke, Andrew H. Sims, Anthony Howell

8. Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer: Lessons Learned from the PTEN Prostate Cancer Model
David J. Mulholland, Jing Jiao, Hong Wu

II.Mitotic Kinases, Centrosome Amplification, and Genomic Instability

9. Functional Significance of Aurora Kinase A in Centrosome Amplification and Genomic Instability
Subrata Sen, Hiroshi Katayama, Kaori Sasai

10. Centrosome-Mediated Chromosomal Instability and Steroid Hormones as Co factors in Human Papillomavirus-Associated Cervical Carcinogenesis: Small Viruses Help to Answer Big Questions
Anette Duensing, Stefan Duensing

III.New Developments in Steroid Receptor Interactions

11. Regulation of Hormone Signaling by Nuclear Receptor Interacting Proteins
Vanessa Duong, Patrick Augereau, Eric Badia, Stéphan Jalaguier, Vincent Cavailles

12. Dynamics of Estrogen Receptor-mediated Transcriptional Activation of Responsive Genes In Vivo: Apprehending Transcription in Four Dimensions
Raphaël Métivier, Guillaume Huet, Rozenn Gallais, Laurence Finot, Fabien Petit, Christophe Tiffoche, Yohann Mérot, Christine LePéron, George Reid, Graziella Penot, Florence Demay, Frank Gannon, Gilles Flouriot, Gilles Salbert

13. Expression of Estrogen Receptors a and ß in Early Steps of Human Breast Carcinogenesis
Pascal Roger, Majida Esslimani-Sahla, Christophe Delfour, Gwendal Lazennec, Henri Rochefort, Thierry Maudelonde

IV.Risk Assessment and Relevant Early Biomarkers

14. Women’s Health Initiative Studies of Postmenopausal Breast Cancer
Ross L. Prentice

15. Circulating Levels of Sex Steroids and Prolactin in Premenopausal Women and Risk of Breast Cancer
Susan E. Hankinson

16. Ovulation and Ovarian Cancer
Stephen G. Hillier, Michael T. Rae, Oliver Gubbay

17. Prostate Cancer Susceptibility Loci: Finding the Genes
Elanie A. Ostrander, Bo Johannesson

V.Novel Strategies for Preventing and Treatment of Endocrine-related Cancers

18. Strategy for the Application of Therapy in Prostate Cancer
Christopher J. Logothetis

19. Response and Resistance to the Endocrine Prevention of Breast Cancer
Anthony Howell, Nigel J. Bundred, Jack Cuzick, D. Craig Allred, Robert Clarke

20. Estrogen-Induced Breast Oncogenesis: Modulation by an Aurora Kinase Inhibitor
Sara Antonia Li, Luke K. T. Lam, Nayaz Ahmed, Adrianne E. Hontz, Jonathan J. Li

VI.Hormone Dependency Versus Hormone Independency

21. Castration-Recurrent Prostate Cancer Is Not Androgen-Independent
James L. Mohler

22. Estrogen-Receptor-Related Receptors and Hormone-Dependent Cancers
Olivia Lanvin, Stéphanie Bianco, Jean-Marc Vanacker

23. Androgen Receptor Coactivators and Prostate Cancer
Irina U. Agoulnik, Nancy L. Weigel

VII.Emerging Fields: Hormones and Colorectal and Lung Cancers

24. Why Hormones Protect Against Large Bowel Cancer: Old Ideas, New Evidence
Polly A. Newcomb, Gaia Pocobelli, Victoria Chia

25. Vitamin D3 and Colorectal Cancer
M. J. Larriba, N. Valle, S. Álvarez, A. Muñoz

26. Estrogen-Signaling Pathways in Lung Cancer
D. C. Márquez-Garbán, R. J. Pietras

27. Noninvasive Measurement of the Electrical Properties of Breast Epithelium During the Menstrual Cycle: A Potential Biomarker for Breast Cancer Risk
Richard J. Davies, Mary K. Brumfield, Maribeth Pierce

28. Is the Mannose-6-Phosphate/Insulin-Like Growth Factor 2 Receptor Coded by a Breast Cancer Suppressor Gene?
Guy Joseph Lemamy, Majida Esslimani Sahla, Marie Laurence Berthe, Pascal Roger

29. Her-2/neu-induced “Cytokine Signature” in Breast Cancer
Alejandro Vazquez-Martin, Ramon Colomer, Javier A. Menendez

30. Involvement of a JAK/STAT Pathway Inhibitor: Cytokine Inducible SH2 Containing Protein in Breast Cancer
Sahra Borgés, Elara Moudilou, Cécile Vouyovitch, Jean Chiesa, Peter Lobie, Hichem Mertani, Mireille Raccurt

31. In Silico and In Vitro Analysis of Small Breast Epithelial Mucin as a Marker for Bone Marrow Micrometastasis in Breast Cancer
Manuel Valladares Ayerbes, Silvia Díaz-Prado, Daniel Ayude, Rosario G. Campelo, Pilar Iglesias, Mar Haz, Vanessa Medina, Isabel Gallegos, Maria Quindós, Luis Antón Aparicio

32. Estrogen-regulated Cut-off Values of pS2 and Cathepsin D Expression in Breast Carcinomas
Milan Markicevic, Aleksandra Petrovic, Ksenija Kanjer, Zora Neškovic-Konstantinovic, Dragica Nikolic-Vukosavljevic

33. Molecular Signatures of Estrogen Receptor-Associated Genes in Breast Cancer Predict Clinical Outcome
James L. Wittliff, Traci L. Kruer, Sarah A. Andres, Irina Smolenkova

34. Comparative Analysis of SNP in Estrogen-metabolizing Enzymes for Ovarian, Endometrial, and Breast Cancers in Novosibirsk, Russia
Lyudmila F. Gulyaeva, Olga N. Mikhailova, Vladimir O. PustyInyak, Inessa V. Kim, Alexei V. Gerasimov, Sergey E. Krasilnikov, Maxim L. Filipenko, Eugene V. Pechkovsky

35. IRF-1 Promotes Apoptosis in p53-damaged Basal-type Human Mammary Epithelial Cells: A Model for Early Basal-type Mammary Carcinogenesis
Michelle L. Bowie, Catherine Ibarra, Victoria L. Seewalt

36. Steroid Receptor and Growth Factor Receptor Expression in Human Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancers Using Cells Procured by Laser-capture Microdissection
Alan Kerr, James F. Eliason, James L. Wittliff

37. Blood Levels of Organochlorine Pesticide Residues and Risk of Reproductive Tract Cancer Among Women from Jaipur, India
Vibha Mathur, Placheril J. John, Inderpal Soni, Pradeep Bhatnagar

38. AKT Regulates Androgen Receptor-dependent Growth and PSA Expression in Prostate Cancer
Margarita Mikhailova, Yu Wang, Roble Bedolla, Xiao-Hua Lu, Jeffrey I. Kreisberg, Paramita M. Ghosh

39. Expression of Selected Aurora A Kinase Substrates in Solely Estrogen-induced Ectopic Uterine Stem Cell Tumors in the Syrian Hamster Kidney
Adrianne E. Hontz, Sara A. Li, Jeffrey L. Salisbury, Wilma L. Lingle, Jonathan J. Li

40. Global Quantitative Analysis of Protein Phosphorylation Status in Fish Exposed to Microcystin
Karim Mezhoud, Daniele Praseuth, Jean-Christophe Francois, Cecile Bernard, Marc Edery

41. ERK/MAPK Regulation of the Androgen Responsiveness of Breast Cancer Cells
Diana G. Azzam, Jasmine W. T. Tay, Melissa A. Greeve, Jennet M. Harvey, Jacqueline M. Bentel

42. Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Is a Target Gene for Estrogen Receptor and Contributes to Breast Cancer Progression
Martine Perrot Applanat, Helene Buteau-Lozano, Marie Astrid Herve, Armelle Corpet

43. Identification of Downstream Targets of Estrogen and c-myc in Breast Cancer Cells
Elizabeth A. Musgrove, C. Marcelo Sergio, Luke R. Anderson, Claire K. Inman, Catriona M. McNeil, M. Chehani Alles, Margaret Gardiner-Garden, Christopher J. Ormandy, Alison J. Butt, Robert L. Sutherland

44. Cathepsin D Overexpressed by Cancer Cells Can Enhance Apoptosis-dependent Chemo-sensitivity Independently of Its Catalytic Activity
Melanie Beaujouin, Emmanuelle Liaudet-Coopman

45. A Synthetic Peptide Derived from Alpha-fetoprotein Inhibits the Estradiol-induced Proliferation of Mammary Tumor Cells in Culture through the Modulation of p21
Walter D. Sierralta, María J. Epuñan, José M. Reyes, Luis E. Valladares, Ana M. Pino

46. Hormonal Prevention of Breast Cancer: Significance of Promotional Environment
Rajkumar Lakshmanaswamy, Raphael C. Guzman, Satyabrata Nandi

47. Hormones of Pregnancy, a-Feto Protein, and Reduction of Breast Cancer Risk
Herbert I. Jacobson, Nicole Lemanski, Amithi Narendran, Anu Agarwal, James A. Bennett, Thomas T. Andersen

48. Role of Estrogens and Their Receptors in Adhesion and Invasiveness of Breast Cancer Cells
Marie Maynadier, Philippe Nirdé, Jean-Marie Ramirez, Anne Marie Cathiard, Nadine Platet, Monique Chambon, Marcel Garcia

49. Proteomic Analysis of Autocrine/Paracrine Effects of Human Growth Hormone in Human Mammary Carcinoma Cells
Cécile M. Vouyovitch, Laurent Vidal, Sahra Borges, Mireille Raccurt, Cécile Arnould, Jean Chiesa, Peter E. Lobie, Joël Lachuer, Hichem-Claude Mertani

50. Expression Analysis of Human Endometrial Adenocarcinoma in an Inbred Rat Model
Sandra Karlsson, Karin Klinga-Levan

51. Amplification Studies of MET and Cdk6 in a Rat Endometrial Tumor Model and Their Correlation to Human Type I Endometrial Carcinoma Tumors
Emma Samuelson, Carola Nordlander, Göran Levan, Afrouz Behboudi

52. Recurrent Chromosome 10 Aberrations and Tp53 Mutations in Rat Endometrial Adenocarcinomas
Carola Nordlander, Emma Samuelson, Karin Klinga-Levan, Afrouz Behboudi

53. Specific Properties of a C-terminal Truncated Androgen Receptor Detected in Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer
Gaëlle Lapouge, Gemma Marcias, Eva Erdmann, Pascal Kessler, Marion Cruchant, Sebastian Serra, Jean-Pierre Bergerat, Jocelyn Céraline

54. The Role of the Transcriptional Coactivator p300 in Prostate Cancer Progression
Hannelore V. Heemers, Jose D. Debes, Donald J. Tindall

55. Characterization of Androgen Regulation of ZEB-1 and PSA in 22RV1 Prostate Cancer Cells
Bynthia M. Anose, Lisa LaGoo, Jamie Schwendinger

56. Mcl-1 is Regulated by IL-6 and Mediates the Survival Activity of the Cytokine in a Model of Late Stage Prostate Carcinoma
Ilaria Teresa Cavarretta, Hannes Neuwirt, Mohamed H. Zaki, Hannes Steiner, Alfred Hobisch, Jeffrey A. Nemeth, Zoran Culig

57. Sex Hormone-binding Globulin Influences Gene Expression of LNCaP and MCF-7 Cells in Response to Androgen and Estrogen Treatment
Scott M. Kahn, Yu-Hua Li, Daniel J. Hryb, Atif M. Nakhla, Nicholas A. Romas, Janice Cheong, William Rosner

58. Inactivation of ID-1 Gene Induces Sensitivity of Prostate Cancer Cells to Chemotherapeutic Drugs
Yong-Chuan Wong, Xiao-Meng Zhang, Ming-Tak Ling, Xiang-Hong Wang

59. Membrane Initiated Signaling by 1,25a-dihydroxyvitamin D3 in LNCaP Prostate Cancer Cells
Dennis Larsson, Malin Hagberg, Nahren Malek, Charlotte Kjellberg, Edina Senneberg, Neda Tahmasebifar, Viktoria Johansson

60. Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone-Based Vaccine, an Effective Candidate for Prostate Cancer and Other Hormone-sensitive Neoplasms
Jesús A. Junco, Roberto Basalto, Franklin Fuentes, Eddy Bover, Osvaldo Reyes, Eulogio Pimentel, Lesvia Calzada, Maria D. Castro, Niurka Arteaga, Yovisleidis López, Héctor Hernández, Ricardo Bringas, Hilda Garay, Peter Peschke, José Bertot, Gerardo Guillén

61. Pigment Epithelium-derived Factor is an Angiogenesis and Lipid Regulator that Activates Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor a
Chuhan Chung, Jennifer A. Doll, Veronica M. Stellmach, John Gonzales, Sailesh Surapureddi, Mona Cornwell, Janardan K. Reddy, Susan E. Crawford

62. Estrogenic Activity of the Equine Estrogen Metabolite, 4-Methoxyequilenin
Minsun Chang, Cassia R. Overk, Irida Kastrati, Kuan-wei Peng, Ping Yao, Zhi-Hui Qin, Pavel Petukhov, Judy L. Bolton, Gregory R. J. Thatcher

63. Dynamics of Oxidative Damage at Early Stages of Estrogen-dependant Carcinogenesis
Jarek Kobiela, Tomasz Stefaniak, Jacek Krajewski, Beata Kalinska-Blach, Dorota Zuawa-Janicka, Andrzej Lachinski, Daniel Gackowski, Ryszard Olinski, Jerzy Nowak, Narcyz Knap, Barbara Lipinska, Zbigniew Sledzinski, Michal Wozniak

64. Gene Expression of 17ß-Estradiol-metabolizing Isozymes: Comparison of Normal Human Mammary Gland to Normal Human Liver and to Cultured Human Breast Adenocarcinoma Cells
Leane Lehmann, Jörg Wagner

65. Phytoestrogens Modulate the Expression of 17a-Estradiol Metabolizing Enzymes in Cultured MCF-7 Cells
Jörg Wagner, Ling Jiang, Leane Lehmann


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