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Acute Care Surgery

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Table of contents

Part I. General Principles

1. Initial Assessment and Early Resuscitation
Louis H. Alarcon, Andrew B. Peitzman

2. The Operating Theater for Acute Care Surgery
Kenneth L. Mattox

3. Anesthesia and Acute Care Surgery
Omid Moayed, Richard P. Dutton

4. Fundamental Operative Approaches in Acute Care Surgery
David J. Ciesla, Ernest E. Moore

5. The Perioperative Management of the Acute Care Surgical Patient
Craig M. Coopersmith, Timothy G. Buchman

6. The Hemodynamically Labile Patient: Cardiovascular Adjuncts and Assist Devices
Edward E. Cornwell, Preeti R. John

7. Principles and Practice of Nutritional Support for Surgical Patients
Maheswari Senthil, Bobby Rupani, Jondavid H. Jabush, Edwin A. Deitch

8. The Intensive Care Unit: The Next-Generation Operating Room
Philip S. Barie, Soumitra R. Eachempati, Jian Shou

9. Burns
Basil A. Pruitt, Richard L. Gamelli

10. Electrical and Lightning Injuries
Raphael C. Lee

11. Soft Tissue Infections
Anthony A. Meyer, Jeffrey E. Abrams, Thomas L. Bosshardt, Claude H. Organ

12. The Open Abdomen: Management from Initial Laparotomy to Definitive Closure
Fred A. Luchette, Stathis J. Poulakidas, Thomas J. Esposito

13. Acute Care Surgery and the Elderly
Patrick K. Kim, Donald R. Kauder, C. William Schwab

14. Acute Care Surgery in the Rural Setting
Dana Christian Lynge, Nicholas W. Morris, John G. Hunter

15. Prehospital Care in the Acute Setting
Norman E. McSwain

16. Disaster and Mass Casualty Management
Eric R. Frykberg

17. Principles of Injury Prevention and Control
M. Margaret Knudson, Larisa S. Speetzen

18. Education: Surgical Simulation in Acute Care Surgery
Lenworth M. Jacobs, Karyl J. Burns

Part II. Organ-Based Approach

19. Pharynx and Larynx
Ernest M. Myers

20. Head and Neck: Pediatrics
Reza Rahbar, Gerald B. Healy

21. Esophagus
George C. Velmahos, Nahid Hamoui, Peter F. Crookes, Demetrios Demetriades

22. Central Nervous System
Peter B. Letarte

23. Chest Wall
John C. Mayberry, Donald D. Trunkey

24. Lungs and Pleura
Riyad Karmy-Jones, J. Wayne Meredith

25. Heart
Matthew S. Slater

26. Thoracic Aorta
Peter I. Ellman, Irving L. Kron

27. Diaphragm
Michel B. Aboutanos, Therèse M. Duane, Ajai K. Malhotra, Rao R. Ivatury

28. Abdominal Wall
Jeffrey A. Claridge, Martin A. Croce

29. Foregut
Philip E. Donahue

30. Small Intestine
Juliet Lee, Todd Ponsky, Jeffrey L. Ponsky

31. Liver and Biliary Tract
Spiros P. Hiotis, Hersch L. Pachter

32. Pancreas
Juan A. Asensio, Patrizio Petrone, L. D. Britt

33. Spleen
L. D. Britt

34. Intraabdominal Vasculature
George H. Meier, Hosam F. Sayed

35. Colon and Rectum
Herand Abcarian

36. Urogenital Tract
Nejd F. Alsikafi, Sean P. Elliott, Maurice M. Garcia, Jack W. McAninch

37. Pelvis
Craig M. Rodner, Bruce D. Browner

38. Lower Extremities
Tina A. Maxian, Michael J. Bosse

39. Hand and Upper Extremities
David T. Netscher, Idris Gharbaoui

40. Peripheral Vasculature
David V. Feliciano

Part III. Administration, Ethics, and Law

41. Understanding the Latest Changes in EMTALA: Our Country’s Emergency Care Safety Net
Thomas R. Russell

42. Informed Surgical Consent
Linda S. Laibstain, Robert C. Nusbaum

43. Advance Directives
David G. Jacobs

44. The Nonviable Patient and Organ Procurement
Frederic J. Cole, Jay N. Collins, Leonard J. Weireter

45. Ethical Dilemmas and the Law
Ira J. Kodner, Daniel M. Freeman, Robb R. Whinney, Douglas J. E. Schuerer

Part IV. System and Curriculum Development

46. Development of a Regional System for Surgical Emergencies (RSSE)
A. Brent Eastman, David B. Hoyt, J. Wayne Meredith

47. Acute Care Surgery: A Proposed Curriculum
L. D. Britt, Michael F. Rotondo

48. Emergency General Surgery: The Vanderbilt Model
José J. Diaz, Oscar D. Guillamondegui, John A. Morris

Part V. The International Communities

49. Acute Care Surgery: United Kingdom
Bernard F. Ribeiro, Simon Paterson-Brown, Murat Akyol, Michael Walsh, Andrew Sim, Christopher Aylwin

50. Acute Care Surgery: Australia
Thomas Kossmann, Ilan S. Freedman

51. Acute Care Surgery: Japan
Kyoichi Takaori, Nobuhiko Tanigawa

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, General Surgery, Emergency Services, Traumatic Surgery, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine, Emergency Medicine

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