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Ovarian Cancer

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Table of contents

I.Ovarian Cancer Detection and Pathogenesis

1. Potential and Limitations in Early Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer
Nicole Urban, Charles Drescher

2. SMRP and HE4 as Biomarkers for Ovarian Carcinoma When Used Alone and in Combination with CA125 and/or Each Other
Ingegerd Hellstrom, Karl Erik Hellstrom

3. Classification of Ovarian Cancer: A Genomic Analysis
Michael P. Stany, Tomas Bonome, Fred Wamunyokoli, Kristen Zorn, Laurent Ozbun, Dong-Choon Park, Ke Hao, Jeff Boyd, Anil K. Sood, David M. Gershenson, Ross S. Berkowitz, Samuel C. Mok, Michael J. Birrer

4. Epigenetic Markers of Ovarian Cancer
Caroline A. Barton, Susan J. Clark, Neville F. Hacker, Philippa M. O’Brien

5. Role of Genetic Polymorphisms in Ovarian Cancer Susceptibility: Development of an International Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium
Andrew Berchuck, Joellen M. Schildkraut, C. Leigh Pearce, Georgia Chenevix-Trench, Paul D. Pharoah

6. MicroRNA in Human Cancer: One Step Forward in Diagnosis and Treatment
Lin Zhang, Nuo Yang, George Coukos

7. Ovarian Carcinogenesis: An Alternative Hypothesis
Jurgen M. J. Piek, Paul J. Diest, René H. M. Verheijen

8. BRCA1-Induced Ovarian Oncogenesis
Louis Dubeau

9. Role of p53 and Rb in Ovarian Cancer
David C. Corney, Andrea Flesken-Nikitin, Jinhyang Choi, Alexander Yu. Nikitin

10. Ovulatory Factor in Ovarian Carcinogenesis
William J. Murdoch

II.Ovarian Cancer Therapeutics

11. Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG-USA) Trials in Ovarian Cancer
Robert F. Ozols

12. Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer
Mark A. Morgan

13. Ovarian Cancer: Can We Reverse Drug Resistance?
David S. P. Tan, Joo Ern Ang, Stan B. Kaye

14. Syngeneic Mouse Model of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: Effects of Nanoparticulate Paclitaxel, Nanotax®
Katherine F. Roby, Fenghui Niu, Roger A. Rajewski, Charles Decedue, Bala Subramaniam, Paul F. Terranova

15. Individualized Molecular Medicine: Linking Functional Proteomics to Select Therapeutics Targeting the PI3K Pathway for Specific Patients
Mandi M. Murph, Debra L. Smith, Bryan Hennessy, Yiling Lu, Corwin Joy, Kevin R. Coombes, Gordon B. Mills

16. Defective Apoptosis Underlies Chemoresistance in Ovarian Cancer
Karen M. Hajra, Lijun Tan, J. Rebecca Liu

17. Nanoparticle Delivery of Suicide DNA for Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Therapy
Janet A. Sawicki, Daniel G. Anderson, Robert Langer

18. Biological Therapy with Oncolytic Herpesvirus
Fabian Benencia, George Coukos

19. Cancer Immunotherapy: Perspectives and Prospects
Sonia A. Perez, Michael Papamichail

20. Regulatory T Cells: A New Frontier in Cancer Immunotherapy
Brian G. Barnett, Jens Rüter, Ilona Kryczek, Michael J. Brumlik, Pui Joan Cheng, Benjamin J. Daniel, George Coukos, Weiping Zou, Tyler J. Curiel

21. Inhibitory B7 Family Members in Human Ovarian Carcinoma
Shuang Wei, Tyler Curiel, George Coukos, Rebecca Liu, Weiping Zou

22. Role of Vascular Leukocytes in Ovarian Cancer Neovascularization
Klara Balint, Jose R. Conejo-Garcia, Ron Buckanovich, George Coukos

23. Heparin-Binding Epidermal Growth Factor-Like Growth Factor as a New Target Molecule for Cancer Therapy
Shingo Miyamoto, Hiroshi Yagi, Fusanori Yotsumoto, Tatsuhiko Kawarabayashi, Eisuke Mekada


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