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Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application XVII

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Table of contents

1. Role Of Atmospheric Models In Air Pollution Policy And Abatement Strategies

1. A Photochemical Screening Tool Based on a Scale Analysis of Ozone Photochemistry
B. Ainslie, D. G. Steyn

2. Modeling and Analysis of Ozone and Nitrogen Oxides in the Southeast United States National Parks
V. P. Aneja, Q. Tong, D. Kang, J. D. Ray

3. An Investigation of Local Anthropogenic Effects on Photochemical Air Pollution in Istanbul with Model Study
U. Anteplioglu, S. Incecik, S. Topcu

4. Forecasting Urban Meteorology, Air Pollution and Population Exposure (European FUMAPEX Project)
A. Baklanov, N. Bjergene, B. Fay, S. Finardi, A. Gross, M. Jantunen, J. Kukkonen, A. Rasmussen, A. Skouloudis, L. H. Slørdal, R. S. Sokhi

5. Models-3/CMAQ Simulations to Estimate Transboundary Influences on Ozone and Particulate Matter Concentrations Over Ontario in Spring – Summer 1998
An. Chtcherbakov, R. Bloxam, D. Yap, D. Fraser, N. Reid, S. Wong

6. Cost-Optimized Air Pollution Control Using High-Order Sensitivity Analysis
D. S. Cohan, A. G. Russell

7. Seasonal Evaluation of EU Road Traffic Emission Abatement Strategies on Photochemical Pollution in Northern Italy
G. Finzi, V. Gabusi, M. Volta

8. Risk Based Approaches to Assessing the Environmental Burden of Acid Gas Emissions
B. Fisher

9. Assessment of Different Land Use Development Scenarios in Terms of Traffic Flows and Associated Air Quality
F. Lefebre, K. De Ridder, S. Adriaensen, L. Janssen, L. Int Panis, S. Vermoote, J. Dufek, A. Wania, J. Hirsch, C. Weber, A. Thierry

10. Concentrations of Toxic Air Pollutants in the U.S. Simulated by an Air Quality Model
D. J. Luecken, W. T. Hutzell

11. A Numerical Study of Recirculation Processes in the Lower Fraser Valley (British Columbia, Canada)
A. Martilli, D. G. Steyn

12. A Preliminary Estimate of the Total Impact of Ozone and PM2.5 Air Pollution on Premature Mortalities in the United States
D. L. Mauzerall, Q. Tong

13. Application of a Comprehensive Acid Deposition Model in Support of Acid Rain Abatement in Canada
M. D. Moran

14. Modeling Source-Receptor Relationships and Health Impacts of Air Pollution in the United States
Q. Tong, D. Mauzerall, R. Mendelsohn

2. Integrated Regional Modeling

15. Evaluation of Local Ozone Production of Chamonix Valley (France) During a Regional Smog Episode
E. Chaxel, G. Brulfert, C. Chemel, J.-P. Chollet

16. Alternative Approaches to Diagnosing Ozone Production Regime
D. S. Cohan, Y. Hu, A. G. Russell

17. Analysis of Seasonal Changes of Atmospheric Aerosols on Different Scales in Europe Using Sequentially Nested Simulations
A. Ebel, M. Memmesheimer, E. Friese, H. J. Jakobs, H. Feldmann, C. Kessler, G. Piekorz

18. Interaction Between Meteorological and Dispersion Models at Different Scales
E. Genikhovich, M. Sofiev, I. Gracheva

19. Modeling Photochemical Pollution in the Northeastern Iberian Peninsula
P. Jiménez, O. Jorba, R. Parra, C. Pérez, J. M. Baldasano

20. Modeling the Weekend Effect in the Northeastern Iberian Peninsula
P. Jiménez, R. Parra, S. Gassó, J. M. Baldasano

21. Transport and Deposition Patterns of Ozone and Aerosols in the Mediterranean Region
G. Kallos, M. Astitha, F. Gofa, M. O'Connor, N. Mihalopoulos, Z. Zlatev

22. On the Formulation and Implementation of Urban Boundary Conditions for Regional Models
C. Mensink

23. Computational Model for Transient Pollutants Dispersion in City Intersection and Comparison with Measurements
J. Pospisil, M. Jicha

3. Effects Of Climate Change On Air Quality

24. Air Quality in Future Decades – Determining the Relative Impacts of Changes in Climate, Emissions, Global Atmospheric Composition, and Regional Land Use
C. Hogrefe, B. Lynn, B. Solecki, J. Cox, C. Small, K. Knowlton, J. Rosenthal, R. Goldberg, C. Rosenzweig, K. Civerolo, J.-Y. Ku, S. Gaffin, P. L. Kinney

25. Calculated Feedback Effects of Climate Change Caused by Anthropogenic Aerosols
T. Iversen, J. E. Kristjánsson, A. Kirkevåg, Øyvind Seland

26. Dimethyl Sulphide (DMS) and its Oxidation to Sulphur Dioxide Downwind of an Ocean Iron Fertilization Study, SERIES: A Model for DMS Flux
A. L. Norman, M. A. Wadleigh

4. Aerosols As Atmospheric Contaminants

27. Aerosol Modelling with CAMX4 and PMCAMX: A Comparison Study
S. Andreani-Aksoyoglu, J. Keller, A. S. H. Prévôt

28. Source Apportionment of Primary Carbonaceous Aerosol Using the Community Multiscale Air Quality Model
P. V. Bhave, G. A. Pouliot, M. Zheng

29. Urban Population Exposure to Particulate Air Pollution Induced by Road Transport
C. Borrego, O. Tchepel, A. M. Costa, H. Martins, J. Ferreira

30. Numerical Simulation of Air Concentration and Deposition of Particulate Metals Emitted from a Copper Smelter and a Coal Fired Power Plant During the 2000 Field Experiments on Characterization of Anthropogenic Plumes
S. M. Daggupaty, C. M. Banic, P. Cheung

31. Aerosol Production in the Marine Boundary Layer Due to Emissions from DMS: Study Based on Theoretical Scenarios Guided by Field Campaign Data
A. Gross, A. Baklanov

32. Modelling the Atmospheric Transport and Environmental Fate of Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Northern Hemisphere using a 3-D Dynamical Model
K. M. Hansen, J. H. Christensen, J. Brandt, L. M. Frohn, C. Geels

33. PM-Measurement Campaign HOVERT: Transport Analysis of Aerosol Components by use of the CTM REM–CALGRID
A. Kerschbaumer, M. Beekmann, E. Reimer

34. Direct Radiative Forcing due to Anthropogenic Aerosols in East Asia During 21-25 April 2001
S.-U. Park, L.-S. Chang

35. Modelling Fine Aerosol and Black Carbon over Europe to Address Health and Climate Effects
M. Schaap, P. J. H. Builtjes

36. An Approach to Simulation of Long-Range Atmospheric Transport of Natural Allergens: An Example of Birch Pollen
P. Siljamo, M. Sofiev, H. Ranta

37. loud Chemistry Modeling: Parcel and 3D Simulations
A.-M. Sehili, R. Wolke, J. Helmert, M. Simmel, W. Schröder, E. Renner

38. A Test of Thermodynamic Equilibrium Models and 3-D Air Quality Models for Predictions of Aerosol NO3
S. Yu, R. Dennis, S. Roselle, A. Nenes, J. Walker, B. Eder, K. Schere, J. Swall, W. Robarge

5. New Developments

39. Comparison of Aggregated and Measured Turbulent Fluxes in an Urban Area
E. Batchvarova, S.-E. Gryning, M. W. Rotach, A. Christen

40. Ensemble Dispersion Modeling: “All for One, One for All!”
S. Galmarini

41. Linking the ETA Model with the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) Modeling System: Ozone Boundary Conditions
P. C. Lee, J. E. Pleim, R. Mathur, J. T. McQueen, M. Tsidulko, G. DiMego, M. Iredell, T. L. Otte, G. Pouliot, J. O. Young, D. Wong, D. Kang, M. Hart, K. L. Schere

42. Mixing in Very Stable Conditions
L. Mahrt, D. Vickers

43. Air Quality Ensemble Forecast Over the Lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia
L. Delle Monache, X. Deng, Y. Zhou, H. Modzelewski, G. Hicks, T. Cannon, R. B. Stull, C. di Cenzo

44. Developments and Results from a Global Multiscale Air Quality Model (GEM-AQ)
L. Neary, Jacek W. Kaminski, A. Lupu, J. C. McConnell

45. A Variable Time-Step Alogrithm for Air Quality Models
M. T. Odman, Yongtao Hu

46. Temporal Signatures of Observations and Model Outputs: Do Time Series Decomposition Methods Capture Relevant Time Scales?
P. S. Porter, J. Swall, R. Gillian, E. L. Gego, Christian Hogrefe, A. Gilliland, J. S. Irwin, T. Rao

47. Wind Tunnel Study of the Exchange Between a Street Canyon and the External Flow
Pietro Salizzoni, N. Grosjean, P. Méjean, R. J. Perkins, L. Soulhac, R. Vanliefferinge

48. An Example of Application of Data Assimilation Technique and Adjoint Modelling to an Inverse Dispersion Problem Based on the ETEX Experiment
Mikhail Sofiev, Evgeniy Atlaskin

49. Micro-Swift-Spray (MSS): A New Modelling System for the Simulation of Dispersion at Microscale. General Description and Validation
Gianni Tinarelli, G. Brusasca, O. Oldrini, Domenico Anfossi, Silvia Trini Castelli, J. Moussafir

50. New Developments on RAMS-Hg Model
Antigoni Voudouri, George Kallos

51. Adaptation of Analytic Diffusivity Formulations to Eulerian Grid Model Layers of Finite Thickness
Robert J. Yamartino, J. Flemming, R. M. Stern

52. Particulate Matter Source Apportionment Technology (PSAT) in the CAMx Photochemical Grid Model
Gregory Yarwood, Ralph E. Morris, Gary M. Wilson

6. Model Assessment And Verification

53. Testing Physics and Chemistry Sensitivities in the U.S. EPA Community Multiscale Air Quality Modeling System (CMAQ)
J. R. Arnold, Robin L. Dennis

54. Real-Time Regional Air Quality Modelling in Support of the ICARTT 2004 Campaign
Veronique S. Bouchet, Sylvain Ménard, Stéphane Gaudreault, Sophie Cousineau, Richard Moffet, Louis-Philippe Crevier, Wanmin Gong, Paul A. Makar, Michael D. Moran, Balbir Pabla

55. High Time-Resolved Comparisons for In-Depth Probing of CMAQ Fine-Particle and Gas Predictions
Robin L. Dennis, Shawn J. Roselle, Rob Gilliam, Jeff Arnold

56. Sensitivity Analysis of the EUROS Model for the 2003 Summer Smog Episode in Belgium
Felix Deutsch, Stefan Adriaensen, Filip Lefebre, Clemens Mensink

57. A Performance Evaluation of the 2004 Release of Models-3 CMAQ
Brian K. Eder, Shaocai Yu

58. Objective Reduction of the Space-Time Domain Dimensionality for Evaluating Model Performance
Edith Gégo, P. Steven Porter, Christian Hogrefe, R. Gilliam, A. Gilliland, J. Swall, J. Irwin, S. T. Rao

59. Cloud Processing of Gases and Aerosols in a Regional Air Quality Model (AURAMS): Evaluation Against Aircraft Data
Wanmin Gong, Veronique S. Bouchet, Paul A. Makar, Michael D. Moran, Sunling Gong, W. Richard Leaitch

60. Evaluation of an Annual Simulation of Ozone and Fine Particulate Matter over the Continental United States – Which Temporal Features are Captured?
Christian Hogrefe, J. M. Jones, A. Gilliland, P. Steven Porter, Edith Gégo, R. Gilliam, J. Swall, J. Irwin, S. T. Rao

61. Evaluation of CMAQ PM Results Using Size-resolved Field Measurement Data: The Particle Diameter Issue and Its Impact on Model Performance Assessment
Weimin Jiang, Éric Giroux, Helmut Roth, Dazhong Yin

62. The U.K. Met Office's Next-Generation Atmospheric Dispersion Model, NAME III
Andrew Jones, David Thomson, Matthew Hort, Ben Devenish

63. An Operational Evaluation of ETA-CMAQ Air Quality Forecast Model
Daiwen Kang, Brian K. Eder, Rohit Mathur, Shaocai Yu, Kenneth L. Schere

64. AURAMS/Pacific2001 Measurement Intensive Comparison
Paul A. Makar, Veronique S. Bouchet, Wanmin Gong, Michael D. Moran, Sunling Gong, A. P. Dastoor, K. Hayden, H. Boudries, J. Brook, K. Strawbridge, K. Anlauf, S. M. Li

65. Analyzing the Validity of Similarity Theories in Complex Topographies
Osvaldo L. L. Moraes, Otávio Acevedo, Cintya A. Martins, Vagner Anabor, Gervásio Degrazia, Rodrigo da Silva, Domenico Anfossi

66. Siting and Exposure of Meteorological Instruments at Urban Sites
Tim R. Oke

67. The Effect of the Street Canyon Length on the Street Scale Flow Field and Air Quality: A Numerical Study
I. Ossanlis, P. Barmpas, N. Moussiopoulos

68. Limitations of Air Pollution Episodes Forecast due to Boundary-Layer Parameterisations Implemented in Mesoscale Meteorological Models
Leiv H. Slørdal, Sandro Finardi, Ekaterina Batchvarova, Ranjeet S. Sokhi, Evangelia Fragkou, Alessio D'Allura

7. Posters Role Of Atmospheric Models In Air Pollution Policy And Abatement Strategies

69. Use of Lagrangian Particle Model Instead of Gaussian Model for Radioactive Risk Assessment in Complex Terrain
Marija Zlata Božnar, Primož Mlakar

70. Study of Air Pollutant Transport in Northern and Western Turkey
Tayfun Kindap, Alper Unal, Shu-Hua Chen, Yongtao Hu, M. Talat Odman, Mehmet Karaca

71. Source Term Assessment from Off-Site Gamma Radiation Measurements
Bent Lauritzen, Martin Drews

72. Determination of the Impact of Different Emission Sources in the Air Quality Concentrations: The Teap Tool
Roberto San José, J. L. Pérez, R. M. González

73. Advanced Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling and Probabilistic Consequence Analysis for Radiation Protection Purposes in Germany
Harald Thielen, Wenzel Brücher, Reinhard Martens, Martin Sogalla

8. Integrated Regional Modeling

74. Comparison of Different Turbulence Models Applied to Modelling of Airflow in Urban Street Canyon and Comparison with Measurements
Miroslav Jicha, Jiri Pospisil

75. Pollutant Dispersion in a Heavily Industrialized Region: Comparison of Different Models
Maria Rosa Soler, Sara Ortega, Cecilia Soriano, David Pino, Marta Alarcón

76. Study of Odor Episodes Using Analytical and Modeling Approaches
Cecilia Soriano, F. Xavier Roca, Marta Alarcón

77. Application of Back-Trajectory Techniques to the Characterization of the Regional Transport of Pollutants to Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ana Graciela Ulke

9. Effects Of Climate Change On Air Quality

78. Application of Source-Receptor Techniques to the Assessment of Potential Source Areas in Western Mediterranean
Marta Alarcón, Anna Avila, Xavier Querol, Maria Rosa Soler, Marta Alarcón, Anna Avila, Xavier Querol, Maria Rosa Soler, Marta Alarcón, Anna Avila, Xavier Querol, Maria Rosa Soler

10. New Developments

79. Influence of the Autocorrelation Function in the Derivation of Fundamental Relationship e 8 sv 2/C0TLv
G. A. Degrazia, O. C. Acevedo, J. C. Carvalho, A. G. Goulart, Osvaldo L. L. Moraes, Haroldo F. Campos Velho, D. M. Moreira

80. A Model for Describing the Evolution of the Energy Density Spectrum in the Convective Boundary Layer Growth
Antonio Goulart, Haroldo F. Campos Velho, Gervásio Annes Degrazia, Domenico Anfossi, Otávio Acevedo, Osvaldo L. L. Moraes, D. M. Moreira, Jonas da Costa Carvalho

81. Simulation of the Dispersion of Pollutants Considering Nonlocal Effects in the Solution of the Advection-Diffusion Equation
D. M. Moreira, Camila Costa, Marco Túllio Vilhena, Jonas da Costa Carvalho, Gervásio Annes Degrazia, Antonio Goulart

82. Concentration Fluctuations in Turbulent Flow
Luca Mortarini, E. Ferrero

11. Model Assessment And Verification

83. Skill's Comparison of Three Canadian Regional Air Quality Models Over Eastern North America for the Summer 2003
David Dégardin, Veronique S. Bouchet, Lori Neary

84. Region-Based Method for the Verification of Air Quality Forecasts
Stéphane Gaudreault, Louis-Philippe Crevier, Michel Jean

85. On the Comparison of Nesting of Lagrangian Air-Pollution Model Smog to Numerical Weather Prediction Model ETA and Eulerian CTM CAMX to NWP Model MM5: Ozone Episode Simulation
Tomas Halenka, Krystof Eben, Josef Brechler, Jan Bednar, Pavel Jurus, Michal Belda, Emil Pelikan

86. High Resolution Air Quality Simulations with MC2-AQ and GEM-AQ
Jacek W. Kaminski, Lori Neary, Alexandru Lupu, John C. McConnell, Joanna Struzewska, Malgorzata Zdunek, Lech Lobocki

87. Nonlinear Models to Forecast Ozone Peaks
Carlo Novara, Marialuisa Volta, Giovanna Finzi

88. Evaluation of MC2 Profile Data During the Pacific2001 Field Study
Bradley J. Snyder, Xin Qiu

Keywords: Environment, Atmospheric Protection/Air Quality Control/Air Pollution, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Environmental Management, Ecotoxicology

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