Tomashefski, Joseph F.

Dail and Hammar’s Pulmonary Pathology

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Table of contents

1. Tissue Procurement, Sampling, and Preparation
Joseph F. Tomashefski

2. Anatomy and Histology of the Lung
Joseph F. Tomashefski, Carol F. Farver

3. Lung Defenses
Les Kobzik

4. Acute Lung Injury
Mary Beth Beasley

5. Aspiration, Bronchial Obstruction, Bronchiectasis, and Related Disorders
Joseph F. Tomashefski, David H. Dail

6. Congenital and Developmental Diseases
J. Thomas Stocker

7. Acquired Nonneoplastic Neonatal and Pediatric Diseases
J. Thomas Stacker, Aliya N. Husain, Louis P. Dehner

8. Bacterial Infections
Washington C. Winn, P. Rocco LaSala, Kevin O. Leslie

9. Tuberculosis and Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Infections
Joseph F. Tomashefski, Carol F. Farver

10. Fungal Infections
Abida K. Haque, Michael R. McGinnis

11. Viral Infections of the Lung
Sherif R. Zaki, Christopher D. Paddock

12. Mycoplasmal, Chlamydial, Rickettsial, and Ehrlichial Pneumonias
David H. Walker

Pneumocystis jiroveci Pneumonia
Abida K. Haque, Patrick A. Adegboyega

14. Parasitic Infections
Gary W. Procop, Aileen M. Marty

15. Asthma and Related Eosinophilic Infiltrates
Donald G. Guinee

16. Histiocytosis and Storage Diseases
Samuel P. Hammar, Timothy C. Allen

17. Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis (Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis)
Roberto Barrios

18. Sarcoidosis
Carol F. Farver

19. Interstitial Pneumonias
Andrew G. Nicholson

20. Collagen Vascular Diseases and Disorders of Connective Tissue
Kelly J. Butnor, Andras Khoor

21. Endogenous Mineralization, Inclusions, and Deposition Disorders
Carol F. Farver, David H. Dail

22. Drug and Radiation Toxicity
Anthony A. Gal

23. Transplantation Pathology
Dani S. Zander

24. Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis
Victor L. Roggli, Philip T. Cagle

25. Pathology of Small Airways
Philip T. Cagle, Victor L. Roggli

26. Pneumoconioses, Mineral and Vegetable
Thomas A. Sporn, Victor L. Roggli

27. Asbestos
Samuel P. Hammar, Ronald F. Dodson

28. Pulmonary Vascular Disease
Steve D. Groshong, Joseph F. Tomashefski, Carlyne D. Cool

29. Vasculitis
William D. Travis

30. Nonneoplastic Pleural Disease
Samuel P. Hammar

31. Forensic Lung Pathology
Michael A. Graham

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