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Additive Number Theory

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Table of contents

1. Addictive Number Theory
Melvyn B. Nathanson

2. Sum-Product Theorems and Applications
Jean Bourgain

3. Can You Hear the Shape of a Beatty Sequence?
Ron Graham, Kevin O’Bryant

4. Variance of Signals and Their Finite Fourier Transforms
D. V. Chudnovsky, G. V. Chudnovsky, T. Morgan

5. Sparse Sets in Time and Frequency Related to Diophantine Problems and Integrable Systems
D. V. Chudnovsky, G. V. Chudnovsky, T. Morgan

6. Addition Theorems in Acyclic Semigroups
Javier Cilleruelo, Yahya O. Hamidoune, Oriol Serra

7. Small Sumsets in Free Products of
Shalom Eliahou, Cédric Lecouvey

8. A Combinatorial Approach to Sums of Two Squares and Related Problems
Christian Elsholtz

9. A Note on Elkin’s Improvement of Behrend’s Construction
Ben Green, Julia Wolf

10. Distinct Matroid Base Weights and Additive Theory
Y. O. Hamidoune, I. P. Silva

11. The Postage Stamp Problem and Essential Subsets in Integer Bases
Peter Hegarty

12. A Universal Stein-Tomas Restriction Estimate for Measures in Three Dimensions
Alex Iosevich, Svetlana Roudenko

13. On the Exact Order of Asymptotic Bases and Bases for Finite Cyclic Groups
Xingde Jia

14. The Erdős–Turán Problem in Infinite Groups
Sergei V. Konyagin, Vsevolod F. Lev

15. A Tiling Problem and the Frobenius Number
D. Labrousse, J. L. Ramírez Alfonsín

16. Sumsets and the Convex Hull
Máté Matolcsi, Imre Z. Ruzsa

17. Explicit Constructions of Infinite Families of MSTD Sets
Steven J. Miller, Daniel Scheinerman

18. An Inverse Problem in Number Theory and Geometric Group Theory
Melvyn B. Nathanson

19. Cassels Bases
Melvyn B. Nathanson

20. Asymptotics of Weighted Lattice Point Counts Inside Dilating Polygons
Marina Nechayeva, Burton Randol

21. Support Bases of Solutions of a Functional Equation Arising From Multiplication of Quantum Integers and the Twin Primes Conjecture
Lan Nguyen

22. Exponential Sums and Distinct Points on Arcs
Øystein J. Rødseth

23. New Vacca-Type Rational Series for Euler’s Constant γ and Its “Alternating” Analog ln(4/pi)

Jonathan Sondow

24. Mixed Sums of Primes and Other Terms
Zhi-Wei Sun

25. Classes of Permutation Polynomials Based on Cyclotomy and an Additive Analogue
Michael E. Zieve

Keywords: Mathematics, Number Theory, Algebra, Mathematical Logic and Foundations

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