Ganz, Patricia A.

Cancer Survivorship

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Table of contents

1. Cancer Survivors: A Physician’s Perspective
Patricia A. Ganz

2. Cancer Survivorship: A Nursing Perspective
Susan Leigh

3. Oncology Social Work for Survivorship
Patricia Fobair

4. Survivorship Research: Past, Present, and Future
Julia H. Rowland

5. Surveillance after Primary Therapy
Craig C. Earle

6. Late Effects of Cancer Treatments
Noreen M. Aziz

7. Medical and Psychosocial Issues in Childhood Cancer Survivors
Smita Bhatia, Wendy Landier, Jacqueline Casillas, Lonnie Zeltzer

8. Medical and Psychosocial Issues in Hodgkin’s Disease Survivors
Jon Håvard Loge, Stein Kaasa

9. Medical and Psychosocial Issues in Testicular Cancer Survivors
Sophie D. Fosså, Lois B. Travis, Alvin A. Dahl

10. Medical and Psychosocial Issues in Gynecologic Cancer Survivors
Karen Basen-Engquist, Diane C. Bodurka

11. Medical, Psychosocial, and Health-Related Quality of Life Issues in Breast Cancer Survivors
Julie Lemieux, Louise J. Bordeleau, Pamela J. Goodwin

12. Medical and Psychosocial Issues in Prostate Cancer Survivors
Tracey L. Krupski, Mark S. Litwin

13. Physical and Psychosocial Issues in Lung Cancer Survivors
Linda Sarna, Frederic W. Grannis, Anne Coscarelli

14. Cancer Survivorship Issues in Colorectal Cancer
Clifford Y. Ko, Patricia A. Ganz

15. Medical and Psychosocial Issues in Transplant Survivors
Karen L. Syrjala, Paul Martin, Joachim Deeg, Michael Boeckh

16. Cancer Survivorship Issues in Older Adults
Karim S. Malek, Rebecca A. Silliman

17. Second Malignancies After Radiation Treatment and Chemotherapy for Primary Cancers
Lydia B. Zablotska, Matthew J. Matasar, Alfred I. Neugut

18. Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Cancer Care
Richard P. McQuellon, Suzanne C. Danhauer

19. Reproductive Complications and Sexual Dysfunction in Cancer Survivors
Leslie R. Schover

20. The Employment and Insurance Concerns of Cancer Survivors
Barbara Hoffman

21. Cancer Advocacy
Ellen L. Stovall

22. The Survivorship Care Plan: What, Why, How, and for Whom
Craig C. Earle, Deborah Schrag, Steven H. Woolf, Patricia A. Ganz


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