Barratt, Michael R.

Principles of Clinical Medicine for Space Flight

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Table of contents

1. Unique Attributes of Space Medicine

1. Physical and Bioenvironmental Aspects of Human Space Flight
Michael R. Barratt

2. Human Response to Space Flight
Ellen S. Baker, Michael R. Barratt, Mary L. Wear

3. Medical Evaluations and Standards
Gary Gray, Smith L. Johnston

4. Spaceflight Medical Systems
Terrance A. Taddeo, Cheryl W. Armstrong

5. Acute Care
Thomas H. Marshburn

6. Surgical Capabilities
Mark R. Campbell, Roger D. Billica

7. Medical Evacuation and Vehicles for Transport
Smith L. Johnston, Brian A. Arenare, Kieran T. Smart

8. Telemedicine
Scott C. Simmons, Douglas R. Hamilton, P. Vernon McDonald

9. Medical Imaging
Ashot E. Sargsyan

2. Spaceflight Clinical Medicine

10. Space and Entry Motion Sickness
Hernando J. Ortega, Deborah L. Harm

11. Decompression-Related Disorders: Decompression Sickness, Arterial Gas Embolism, and Ebullism Syndrome
William T. Norfleet

12. Decompression-Related Disorders: Pressurization Systems, Barotrauma, and Altitude Sickness
Jonathan B. Clark

13. Renal and Genitourinary Concerns
Jeffrey A. Jones, Robert A. Pietrzyk, Peggy A. Whitson

14. Musculoskeletal Response to Space Flight
Linda C. Shackelford

15. Immunologic Concerns
Clarence F. Sams, Duane L. Pierson

16. Cardiovascular Disorders
Douglas R. Hamilton

17. Neurologic Concerns
Jonathan B. Clark, Kira Bacal

18. Gynecologic and Reproductive Concerns
Richard T. Jennings, Ellen S. Baker

19. Behavioral Health and Performance Support
Christopher F. Flynn

20. Fatigue, Sleep, and Chronotherapy
Lakshmi Putcha, Thomas H. Marshburn

21. Health Effects of Atmospheric Contamination
John T. James

22. Hypoxia, Hypercarbia, and Atmospheric Control
Kira Bacal, George Beck, Michael R. Barratt

23. Radiation Disorders
Jeffrey A. Jones, Fathi Karouia

24. Acoustics Issues
Jonathan B. Clark, Christopher S. Allen

25. Ophthalmologic Concerns
F. Keith Manuel, Thomas H. Mader

26. Dental Concerns
Michael H. Hodapp

27. Spaceflight Metabolism and Nutritional Support
Scott M. Smith, Helen W. Lane

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, General Practice / Family Medicine

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