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Tribology of Diamond-Like Carbon Films

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Table of contents

1. General Overview on DLC Coatings

1. Classification of Diamond-like Carbons
J. Robertson

2. Non-destructive Characterisation of Carbon Films
Andrea C. Ferrari

3. Mechanical Characterisation and Properties of DLC Films
P. Lemoine, J. P. Quinn, P. D. Maguire, J. A. McLaughlin

4. Residual Stresses in DLC Films and Adhesion to Various Substrates
Y. Pauleau

2. Tribology of DLC Coatings Fundamentals and Experimental Studies

5. Fundamentals of the Tribology of DLC Coatings
J. Fontaine, C. Donnet, A. Erdemir

6. Environmental and Thermal Effects on the Tribological Performance of DLC Coatings
H. Ronkainen, K. Holmberg

7. Third Bodies and Tribochemistry of DLC Coatings
T. W. Scharf, I. L. Singer

8. An Overview of Superlubricity in Diamond-like Carbon Films
A. Erdemir, J. Fontaine, C. Donnet

9. Hard DLC Growth and Inclusion in Nanostructured Wear-protective Coatings
A. A. Voevodin

10. Environmental and Surface Chemical Effects on Tribological Properties of Carbon-based Coatings
F. M. Borodich, Y. -W. Chung, L. M. Keer

11. Triboemission and Triboplasma Generation with DLC Films
K. Nakayama

12. Doping and Alloying Effects on DLC Coatings
J. C. Sánchez-López, A. Fernández

13. Tribology of Carbon Nitride Coatings
K. Adachi, K. Kato

14. Tribology of DLC Films Under Fretting Conditions
R. Wäsche, D. Klaffke

15. Tribology of DLC Films Under Slip-Rolling Conditions
C. Manier, D. Spaltmann, M. Woydt

16. Tribological Behavior of DLC Films in Various Lubrication Regimes
B. Podgornik

3. Applications and Future Trends in DLC's Tribology

17. Industrial Production of DLC Coatings
H. -G. Fuß, M. Frank

18. DLC Films in Mechanical and Manufacturing Industry
C. Héau

19. Wear Resistance of Amorphous DLC and Metal Containing DLC in Industrial Applications
G. J. Kolk

20. DLC Films in Biomedical Applications
R. Hauert

21. Nanotribology of Ultrathin and Hard Amorphous Carbon Films
B. Bhushan

22. Laser Processing of Tribological DLC Films: An Overview
G. Dumitru

23. New Trends in Boundary Lubrication of DLC Coatings
M. I. Bouchet, J. M. Martin

24. Fullerene-like Carbon Nitride: A New Carbon-based Tribological Coating
E. Broitman, J. Neidhardt, L. Hultman

Keywords: Chemistry, Tribology, Corrosion and Coatings, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Operating Procedures, Materials Treatment, Atoms, Molecules, Clusters and Plasmas, Nanotechnology, Mechanical Engineering

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Natural Sciences

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