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Digital Enterprise Technology

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Table of contents

1. Digital Manufacturing In The Global Era
Engelbert Westkämper

2. Global Manufacturing – Challenges and Solutions
Hans-Peter Wiendahl

3. Emergent Synthesis Approaches To Biological Manufacturing Systems
Kanji Ueda

4. Reconfigurable Process Plans For Responsive Manufacturing Systems
Hoda A. ElMaraghy

5. Collaborative Networks In Industry Trends and Foundations
Luís M. Camarinha-Matos

SESSION 1.Advanced Factory Design And Modeling

6. A Logistics Framework for Coordinating Supply Chains on Unstable Markets
Péter Egri, József Váncza

7. Federative Factory Data Management An Approach Based Upon Service Oriented Architecture (Soa)
Reiner Anderl, Majid Rezaei

8. Engineering Change Impact Analysis in Production Using VR
Jan C. Aurich, Martin Rößing

9. Virtual Factory Framework: Key Enabler For Future Manufacturing
Paolo Pedrazzoli, Marco Sacco, Anders Jönsson, Claudio R. Boër

10. Reconfigurability Of Manufacturing Systems For Agility Implementation
Goran D. Putnik, Alojzij Sluga

11. Reconfigurability Of Manufacturing Systems For Agility Implementation
Goran D. Putnik, Alojzij Sluga, Peter Butala

12. Self Organization Shop Floor Control
G. Halevi, Pedro Filipe Cunha

13. Logistic- and Cost-Oriented Cross-Company Ramp-Up Planning
Jörg Hüntelmann, Steffen Reinsch, Adriana Märtens

14. Optimization Customized Token-Based Production Control Systems Using Cross-Entropy
Pedro L. González-R, Jose M Framinan, Andreas Dopfer, Rafael Ruiz-Usano

15. Role Of The Information And Knowledge In Digital Enterprise Technology
M. Bossmann, H. Bley, N. Avgoustinov

16. Business Intelligence System For Strategic Decision Making In Machine Tool SMES
Juan Antonio Arrieta, Itziar Ricondo, Nerea Aranguren

17. Production Monitoring Linked to Object Identification and Tracking a Step Towards Real Time Manufacturing In Automotive Plants
Olaf Sauer

18. Modeling Services in Information Systems Architectures
Anacleto Correia, Miguel Mira da Silva

19. Automatic Partitioning Of Problems Through Submodel Decomposition A Promising Technique of Digital Enterprise Technology
Zsolt János Viharos, László Monostori, Zsolt Kemény

SESSION 2.Distributed And Collaborative Design

20. Implementing Digital Enterprise Technologies for Agile Design in The Virtual Enterprise
C. D. W. Lomas, Paul G. Maropoulos, P. C. Matthews

21. Dynamics Of State-Problems and Design Intermediate Objects in Distributed And Collaborative Design Process
Reza Movahed khah, Egon Ostrosi, Olivier Garro

22. An Integrated Design System for Molded Interconnect Devices (3d-Mid)
Yong Zhuo, Christian Alvarez, Klaus Feldmann

23. A Novel Knowledge Management Methodology To Support Collaborative Product Development
Wai M. Cheung, Paul G. Maropoulos

24. Knowledge Engineering Systems For Digital Enterprise Performance Improvement
Alain Bernard, Samar Ammar-Khodja, Alexandre Candlot, Nicolas Perry

25. Collaborative Design in The Assembly Systems
Gordana Ostojic, Vukica Jovanovic, B. Stevanov, S. Stankovski, I. Cosic

26. Fuzzy Product Configuration in Advanced CAD Systems
Egon Ostrosi, M. Ferney

27. An Adaptive Tolerance Model For Collaborative Design
Alex Ballu, Jérome Dufaure, Denis Teissandier

SESSION 3.Process Modeling And Process Planning

28. Cost Estimation and Conceptual Process Planning
Patrick Martin, J. -Y. Dantan, Ali Siadat

29. Semi-Generative Macro-Process Planning For Reconfigurable Manufacturing
Ahmed Azab, Giulio Perusi, Hoda A. ElMaraghy, Jill Urbanic

30. Modeling Manufacturing Cells Using Principles Of Reengineering and Component Clusters
Rafael d'Ávila

31. Constraint Programming Approach to Designing Conflict-Free Schedules for Repetitive Manufacturing Processes
Robert Wójcik

32. The Relevance Of Lean Manufacturing Principles in Diverse Applications and Digital Enterprises
Stephen Davies, Tim Coole, David Osypiw

33. Ontology Supported Adaptive User Interfaces for Structural CAD Design
Carlos Toro, Maite Termenón, Jorge Posada, J. Oyarzun, J. Falcón

34. Rapid Design Of Model-Based Process Chains – A Graph Based Approach
Christian Wagenknecht, Jan C. Aurich

35. An Application of Iso-Gum in the Method for Estimating the Dimensional Errors of Bent Parts
T. H. M. Nguyen, Joost Duflou, J. -P. Kruth

36. Simulation-Based Production Planning Based on Logistic Monitoring and Risk Management Aspects
Steffen Reinsch, Karim Ouali, Jens Stürmann

37. Simulation Based Organizational Change In Multiple Product Assembly Systems
Aysin Rahimifard, Richard Weston

38. Web Based Multi Agent Platform for Collaborative Manufacturing
Manish Bachlaus, Manoj K Tiwari, Sanjeev Kumar, Aydin Nassehi, Stephen T Newman

39. Contract Negotiation Wizard for VO Creation
Luís M. Camarinha-Matos, Ana Inês Oliveira

40. A Probability-Reactive Order Processing Method Based On The Load-Oriented Order Release (Loor) for Maintenance of Capital Intensive Goods
Bernd Scholz-Reiter, J. Piotrowski

41. Towards Interactive CLP – Based and Project Driven Oriented DSS Design
Robert Wójcik, Izabela Tomczuk-Piróg, Zbigniew Banaszak

42. Applying the Zachman Framework Dimensions to Support Business Process Modeling
Pedro Sousa, Carla Pereira, Rute Vendeirinho, Artur Caetano, José Tribolet

SESSION 4.Enterprise Integration Technologies

43. A Framework to Integrate Manufacturing Information Systems
Li Kuang, James Gao

44. Implementation Of Collaboration Model Within SME's
Adrian Guniš, Ján Šišlák, Štefan Valcuha

45. Framework for a Knowledge Support System for Distributed Collaborative Design Projects
Aurelie Vacher, Daniel Brissaud

46. A Concept for the Configuration of Value Added Networks Based on Quality Capabilities During Ramp-Up
Gisela Lanza, Jörg Ude

47. Dynamic Performance Management In Business Networks Environment
Américo Azevedo, Roberto da Piedade Francisco

48. A Quantified Approach to Tacit Knowledge Management in R&D-Environments through the Use of Document-Based User Profiles
Joris Vertommen, Joost Duflou

49. Innovation Scorecard: A Balanced Scorecard for Measuring the Value Added by Innovation
Nelson Gama, Miguel Mira da Silva, José Ataíde

50. The Emerging Technologies and Standards on BPM and the Socio-Technical Approaches: Contributions to Collaborative Environments
Cláudio Sapateiro, Patrícia Macedo

51. Entropy as a Measurement for the Quality of Demand Forecasting
Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Jan Topi Tervo, Uwe Hinrichs

52. Knowledge–Based and CP–Driven Methodology for Dedicated DSS Design
Zbigniew Banaszak, Izabela Tomczuk-Piróg, Pawel Sitek

53. Perspectives Of Mould Making Industry For Digital Global Manufacturing
Elsa Henriques, Paulo Peças, Pedro Filipe Cunha

54. Generative Planning in a Det Environment
Michael F. Zäh, Markus Wiedemann, Henning Rudolf

55. Organizational Functions And Enterprise Self-Maintenance: A Framework For Integrating Modelling, Monitoring and Learning
David Aveiro, José Tribolet

56. Digital Enterprise Technologies: An Application To Support Globalization And Service Providing in Toolmaking Companies
Luís Mendes, Elsa Henriques, Manuel J. Fonseca, Rui Soares

57. Towards an Out-Of-The-Box Integrated Services Environment
Rodrigo Castelo, Paulo Almeida, Miguel Mira da Silva

SESSION 5.Physical-To-Digital Environment Integrators

58. A Cad Modelling System Automation for Reverse Engineering Applications
Jafar Jamshidi, Antony R. Mileham, Geraint W. Owen

59. Advanced Prototyping With Parametric Prototypes
Reiner Anderl, K. Mecke, L. Klug

60. Ergonomic Evaluation Of Virtual Assembly Tasks
Menelaos Pappas, Vassiliki Karabatsou, Dimitris Mavrikios, George Chryssolouris

61. Capturing Resource Operation Knowledge From Runtime Data For Production Support and Feedback to Development
Astrid von Euler-Chelpin, Torsten Kjellberg

62. Assisting Mould Quotation Through Retrieval Of Similar Data
Manuel J. Fonseca, Elsa Henriques, Alfredo Ferreira, Joaquim Jorge

63. Digital Enterprise Technology Studies Of The Saarinen Arch
Lawrence Wolf, Joseph Huddleston, John Schleicher, Satish Palshikar

SESSION 6.Species – Production System Evolutions

64. Simulation of the Manufacturing Process, Generation of a Model of the Manufactured Parts
Frédéric Vignat, François Villeneuve

65. Uml as a Basis to Model Autonomous Production Systems
Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Jan Kolditz, Torsten Hildebrandt

66. Process Analysis and Flexible Transfer Line Configuration
M. Rigamonti, T. Tolio

67. Sequence Analysis Of Finite Position Machine FPM
Jesus Trujillo, Enrique Baeyens, Zbigniew Pasek

68. Method For Integrated Design Using a Knowledge Formalization
Alexandre Thibault, Ali Siadat, Régis Bigot, Patrick Martin


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