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Genetic Programming Theory and Practice IV

Riolo, Rick - Genetic Programming Theory and Practice IV, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Genetic Programming: Theory and Practice
Terence Soule, Rick L. Riolo, Bill Worzel

2. Genome-Wide Genetic Analysis Using Genetic Programming: The Critical Need for Expert Knowledge
Jason H. Moore, Bill C. White

3. Lifting the Curse of Dimensionality
W. P. Worzel, A. Almal, C. D. MacLean

4. Genetic Programming for Classifying Cancer Data and Controlling Humanoid Robots
Topon Kumar Paul, Hitoshi Iba

5. Boosting Improves Stability and Accuracy of Genetic Programming in Biological Sequence Classification
Pål Saetrom, Olaf René Birkeland, Ola Snøve

6. Orthogonal Evolution of Teams: A Class of Algorithms for Evolving Teams with Inversely Correlated Errors
Terence Soule, Pavankumarreddy Komireddy

7. Multidimensional Tags, Cooperative Populations, and Genetic Programming
Lee Spector, Jon Klein

8. Coevolving Fitness Models for Accelerating Evolution and Reducing Evaluations
Michael D. Schmidt, Hod Lipson

9. Multi-Domain Observations Concerning the Use of Genetic Programming to Automatically Synthesize Human-Competitive Designs for Analog Circuits, Optical Lens Systems, Controllers, Antennas, Mechanical Systems, and Quantum Computing Circuits
John R. Koza, Sameer H. Al-Sakran, Lee W. Jones

10. Robust Pareto Front Genetic Programming Parameter Selection Based on Design of Experiments and Industrial Data
Flor Castillo, Arthur Kordon, Guido Smits

11. Pursuing the Pareto Paradigm: Tournaments, Algorithm Variations and Ordinal Optimization
Mark Kotanchek, Guido Smits, Ekaterina Vladislavleva

12. Applying Genetic Programming to Reservoir History Matching Problem
Tina Yu, Dave Wilkinson, Alexandre Castellini

13. Comparison of Robustness of Three Filter Design Strategies Using Genetic Programming and Bond Graphs
Xiangdong Peng, Erik D. Goodman, Ronald C. Rosenberg

14. Design of Posynomial Models for Mosfets: Symbolic Regression Using Genetic Algorithms
Varun Aggarwal, Una-May O’Reilly

15. Phase Transitions in Genetic Programming Search
Jason M. Daida, Ricky Tang, Michael E. Samples, Matthew J. Byom

16. Efficient Markov Chain Model of Machine Code Program Execution and Halting
Riccardo Poli, William B. Langdon

17. A Re-Examination of a Real World Blood Flow Modeling Problem Using Context-Aware Crossover
Hammad Majeed, Conor Ryan

18. Large-Scale, Time-Constrained Symbolic Regression
Michael F. Korns

19. Stock Selection: An Innovative Application of Genetic Programming Methodology
Ying L. Becker, Peng Fei, Anna M. Lester


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