Li, Yingshu

Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications

Li, Yingshu - Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Network Design and Network Modelling

1. A Taxonomy-based Approach to Design of Large-scale Sensor Networks
Aravind Iyer, Sunil S. Kulkarni, Vivek Mhatre, Catherine P. Rosenberg

2. Algorithms for Robotic Deployment of WSN in Adaptive Sampling Applications
Dan O. Popa, Frank L. Lewis

3. A Scalable Graph Model and Coordination Algorithms for Mobile Sensor Networks
Jindong Tan

II. Network Management

4. Medium Access Control Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
Ali Abu-el Humos, Mihaela Cardei, Bassem Alhalabi, Sam Hsu

5. Topology Control for Wireless Sensor Networks
Yu Wang

6. Boundary Detection for Sensor Networks
Ren-Shiou Liu, Lifeng Sang, Prasun Sinha

7. TPSS: A Time-based Positioning Scheme for Sensor Networks with Short Range Beacons
Fang Liu, Xiuzhen Cheng, Dong Hua, Dechang Chen

8. Wakeup Strategies in Wireless Sensor Networks
Curt Schurgers

9. Time-Synchronization Challenges and Techniques
Weilian Su

10. Location Service, Information Dissemination and Object Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks by Using Quorum Methods
Dan-Dan Liu, Xiao-Hua Jia

11. Maximizing the Lifetime of an Always-On Wireless Sensor Network Application: A Case Study
Santosh Kumar, Anish Arora, Ten H. Lai

III. Data Management

12. Data Management in Sensor Networks
Jinbao Li, Zhipeng Cai, Jianzhong Li

13. Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Kai-Wei Fan, Sha Liu, Prasun Sinha

14. Performance Comparison of Clustering Schemes in Sensor Networks
Yadi Ma, Maggie Cheng

15. Reliable and Efficient Information Forwarding and Traffic Engineering in Wireless Sensor Networks
Fernand S. Cohen, Joshua Goldberg, Jaudelice C. Oliveira

16. Modeling Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks
Bhaskar Krishnamachari

IV. Security

17. A Survey on Sensor Network Security
Xiaojiang Du, Yang Xiao

18. A Passive Approach to Unauthorized Sensor Node Identification
Cherita Corbett, John Copeland, Raheem Beyah


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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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