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Intensive Care Medicine

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Table of contents

1. The Diagnosis of Sepsis: The Present and The Future
A. S. McLean, B. Tang, S. J. Huang

2. Procalcitonin: Nice to Know, Need to know, or Needs Further Research?
J. -U. Jensen, J. Løken, T. Mohr

3. Diagnostic and Prognostic Value of Hormokines as Biomarkers in Severe Infections
M. Christ-Crain, B. Müller

4. Novel Biomarkers and the Outcome from Critical Illness and Major Surgery
D. Fallaha, G. Hillis, B. H. Cuthbertson

5. Molecular Approaches to Detection of Bacteria in Critical Care Patients
J. L. Flanagan, S. V. Lynch, J. Wiener-Kronish

6. Understanding and Optimizing Outcome in Neonates with Sepsis and Septic Shock
K. N. Haque

7. Effects of Vasoactive Agents on the Gastrointestinal Microcirculation in Septic Shock
J. Pottecher, S. Deruddre, J. Duranteau

8. Hemodynamic Effects of Activated Protein C in Septic Shock
N. Sennoun, O. Desebbe, B. Levy

9. Adrenomedullin in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Dysfunction and Sepsis
C. Ertmer, H. Aken, M. Westphal

10. Antioxidants for the Treatment of Endothelial Dysfunction in Critical Illness
B. Mullan, M. Duffy, D. McAuley

11. Plasma Cortisol: Time to Look Deeper?
J. Cohen, J. Prins, B. Venkatesh

12. Glucose Control and Monitoring in the ICU
C. Block, P. Rogiers

13. Current Concepts of Severe Pneumococcal Community-acquired Pneumonia
M. Luján, C. Muñoz-Almagro, J. Rello

14. Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
M. C. J. Kneyber, F. B. Plötz

15. Pneumocystis Pneumonia in Non-AIDS Immunocompromised Patients
G. Bollée, S. Miranda, E. Azoulay

16. The Role of Neutrophil-Derived Myeloperoxidase in Organ Dysfunction and Sepsis
N. S. MacCallum, G. J. Quinlan, T. W. Evans

17. Are Mitochondria Responsible for Improved Outcomes in Recent Studies?
A. Johnston, T. Whitehouse

18. The Impact of Chronic Disease on Response to Infection
M. C. Reade, E. B. Milbrandt, D. C. Angus

19. Immunomodulatory Effects of General Anesthetics
L. C. Lemaire, T. Poll

20. Critical Illness Stress-induced Immune Suppression
J. A. Carcillo

21. Transcription Factors and Nuclear Cofactors in Muscle Wasting
P. -O. Hasselgren

22. Organ Dysfunction in the ICU: A Clinical Perspective
Y. Sakr, C. Sponholz, K. Reinhart

23. Sphingolipid Metabolism in Systemic Inflammation
H. P. Deigner, E. Gulbins, R. A. Claus

24. Statins in Sepsis and Acute Lung Injury
M. Heijden, A. B. J. Groeneveld, G. P. Nieuw Amerongen

25. Potential Mechanisms by which Statins Modulate the Development of Acute Lung Injury
T. Craig, C. O’Kane, D. McAuley

26. Matrix Metalloproteinases in Acute Lung Injury
G. M. Albaiceta, A. Fueyo

27. The Role of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Lung Injury and Repair
J. Varet, A. B. Millar

28. Cell Regeneration in Lung Injury
Z. Bromberg, C. S. Deutschman, Y. G. Weiss

29. The Extracellular Matrix of the Lung: The Forgotten Friend!
P. Pelosi, P. Severgnini, P. R. Rocco

30. Advances in Translaryngeal Tube Technology
P. J. Young, M. C. Blunt

31. Is One Fixed Level of Assist Sufficient to Mechanically Ventilate Spontaneously Breathing Patients?
C. Sinderby, L. Brander, J. Beck

32. Patient-ventilator Interaction During Non-invasive Ventilation with the Helmet Interface
O. Moerer, C. Sinderby, F. Brunet

33. Dynamic Lung Imaging Techniques in Mechanically Ventilated Patients
I. Cinel, S. Jean, R. P. Dellinger

34. Can We Protect the Lung from Acute Injury?
B. Beck-Schimmer, D. R. Spahn, T. A. Neff

35. Rationale for High-Frequency Oscillation as a Primary Lung-Protective Mode in Patients with ALI/ARDS
H. Quiroz-Martinez, N. D. Ferguson

36. The Role of Protective Ventilation in Cardiac Surgery Patients
D. Gommers, D. Reis Miranda

37. Alveolar Pressure/volume Curves Reflect Regional Lung Mechanics
O. Stenqvist, H. Odenstedt

38. Cardiovascular Surgery in the Aging World
S. Wan, M. J. Underwood

39. Intensive Care Unit Arrhythmias
S. M. Hollenberg

40. Diastolic (Dys)Function in Sepsis
D. J. Sturgess, T. H. Marwick, B. Venkatesh

41. Autonomic Dysfunction: A Relevant Component in Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome
H. Schmidt, U. Müller-Werdan, K. Werdan

42. The Use of Hemodynamic Monitoring to Improve Patient Outcomes
J. Wilson, M. Cecconi, A. Rhodes

43. Using Mathematical Models to Improve the Utility of Quantitative ICU Data
S. Zenker, G. Clermont, M. R. Pinsky

44. The Meaning of Hemodynamic Monitoring in Patients with Shock: Role of Echocardiography
A. Vieillard-Baron

45. Transpulmonary Thermodilution for Advanced Cardiorespiratory Monitoring
F. J. Belda, G. Aguilar, A. Perel

46. Using Heart-Lung Interactions for Functional Hemodynamic Monitoring: Important Factors beyond Preload
J. C. Kubitz, D. A. Reuter

47. Diagnosis of Central Hypovolemia in a Spontaneously Breathing Patient
N. Airapetian, J. Maizel, M. Slama

48. Assessment of Fluid Responsiveness in Spontaneously Breathing Patients
J. -L. Teboul, B. Lamia, X. Monnet

49. Passive Leg Raising
X. Monnet, C. Richard, J. -L. Teboul

50. Extravascular Lung Water Measurement
B. Maddison, T. Best, R. M. Pearse

51. Fluid Management in Sepsis: Colloids or Crystalloids?
G. Marx, T. Schuerholz, K. Reinhart

52. Balanced Volume Replacement Strategy: Fact or Fiction?
J. Boldt

53. Cystatin C as a Marker of Renal Function in Critically III Patients at Risk for or with Acute Renal Failure
A. A. N. M. Royakkers, M. J. Schultz, P. E. Spronk

54. Adjustment of Antimicrobial Regimen in Critically III Patients Undergoing Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy
D. Kuang, C. Ronco

55. Abdominal Compartment Syndrome
M. L. N. G. Malbrain, N. Regenmortel, M. L. Cheatham

56. Gut Absorption Capacity in the Critically III
M. M. Berger, L. Soguel Alexander, R. L. Chioléro

57. Critical Illness and the Hepatic Microcirculation: A Review
B. Hoven, D. Gommers, J. Bakker

58. The Hepatic Response to Severe Injury
M. G. Jeschke, D. N. Herndon

59. The Management of Liver Trauma
A. B. Cresswell, M. J. Bowles, J. A. Wendon

60. The Pathology and Management of Intracranial Hypertension in Acute Liver Failure
N. Murphy

61. Continuous EEG Monitoring in the ICU
P. Mellado, J. Diedler, T. Steiner

62. The Acute and Chronic Management of Large Cerebral Infarcts
E. M. Manno, A. R. Rabinstein, E. F. M. Wijdicks

63. Cooling Therapies after Neuronal Injury: Direct Brain Cooling and Systemic Hypothermia
P. J. D. Andrews, E. L. Anderson, M. Saxena

64. Non-traumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
J. I. Suarez

65. Promising Concepts in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
A. M. Naidech

66. Nitric Oxide Metabolism after Traumatic Brain Injury
L. Rangel-Castilla, C. S. Robertson

67. Modulation of Blood Pressure in Traumatic Brain Injury
M. Leone, P. Visintini, C. Martin

68. The Delirious Patient in the ICU
K. H. Polderman, A. J. C. Slooter

69. Emergency Room and Acute Care of the Critically III Burned Patient
E. Bittner, L. Grecu, J. A. J. Martyn

70. Early Manipulation of Metabolic Changes due to Severe Burns in Children
W. B. Norbury, M. G. Jeschke, D. N. Herndon

71. Antithrombin in Burn Trauma
P. Enkhbaatar, L. D. Traber, D. L. Traber

72. The Critically III Red Blood Cell
E. Almac, C. Ince

73. Red Blood Cell Transfusion in the Pediatric ICU
J. Lacroix, M. Tucci, F. Gauvin

74. Thrombocytopenia in Intensive Care Patients
M. Levi, J. J. Hofstra, S. Opal

75. Point-of-care Coagulation Monitoring: Current Status of Viscoelastic Techniques
M. T. Ganter, C. K. Hofer

76. Monitoring of Hemostasis in Emergency Medicine
S. Kozek-Langenecker

77. Oral Anticoagulant Overdose and Bleeding Risk
C. J. Wiedermann

78. Insight into the Mechanism of Gender-specific Response to Trauma-hemorrhage
M. A. Choudhry, K. I. Bland, I. H. Chaudry

79. Sex-Related Differences in Response to Global Ischemic Insult and Treatment
J. G. Wigginton, P. E. Pepe, A. H. Idris

80. Influence of Gender on Outcome of Severe Sepsis
C. Adrie, E. Azoulay, J. -F. Timsit

81. The Changing Prognostic Determinants in the Critically III Patient
R. Moreno, B. Jordan, P. Metnitz

82. Chronic Critical Illness
S. L. Camhi, J. E. Nelson

83. To be or not to be ... Vegetative
M. Boly, A. M. Owen, S. Laureys

84. Intermediate Respiratory Care Units
M. Ferrer, A. Torres

85. The Impact of Noise in the Intensive Care Unit
R. J. Pugh, C. Jones, R. D. Griffiths

86. Alarms: Transforming a Nuisance into a Reliable Tool
G. Murias, B. Sales, L. Blanch

87. Ethical and Legal Dilemmas in Accessing Critical Care Services
N. M. Danjoux, L. Hawryluck

88. Emergency Care for the VIP Patient
E. C. Mariano, J. A. McLeod

89. Brain Death: Compliance, Consequences and Care of the Adult Donor
D. J. Powner

90. Update on Avian Influenza for Critical Care Physicians
C. Sandrock

91. Critical Care Pandemic Preparedness Primer
M. D. Christian, S. E. Lapinsky, T. E. Stewart

92. Pathobiology of Blast Injury
A. M. Dennis, P. M. Kochanek

93. Personal Reflections on Emergency Preparedness and the Response to A Major Natural Disaster: Hurricane Katrina
N. E. McSwain

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine

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